How to Outsource App Development in the Right Way?

All kind of businesses and services are currently standing on the miracles of an app. Any kind of organization, in order to achieve more public connectivity, relies on a relevant app.


If you too are thinking of launching your own business and eventually building your very own mobile app for that, then outsource the app development, that can actually be a much more affordable option and more efficient for many reasons.



A huge number of businesses have started outsourcing aspects of their jobs to save on resources and time and get service on a more professional level.


It is seen that in 2016, nearly 72% of all businesses worldwide have outsourced their information technology-related needs. And the number is continuously growing very fast.


The best thing about outsourcing is that it can considerably reduce your costs, cutting down the quantity of risk which is involved and create outstanding results.


But running your cell phone app from all over the world surely can be very intimidating.


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Before you embark on this app development journey, it is best to get acquainted with some useful tricks and tips which are very relevant and effective for handling your mobile app’s development and achieving the best possible outcome.


Before you kick start the process you have to know and understand your requirements. You will have to look for a pertinent experience. You are going to have to ask a lot of questions.


Also setting clear expectations and requesting a project brief after collaborating with a partner is a great plan. You will have to always remember that the key is always communication.


Lets’ have a look at some of the key points you should keep in mind before starting outsource your app development.


1) Know and Understand Your Requirements


outsource app development


Before you begin searching for app development choices, you would like to understand what precisely you wish to get out of the app. Knowing what you want will assist you to communicate your needs clearly to the developer.


If you do not understand, it is quite possible for you to end up with an app that does not mix well with your expectations and/or does not work that efficiently. Moreover, the more changes you want, the more you are going to waste your money and your time.


This brings you to some very important questions that you must consider before deciding what are going to be your requirements.

  • Who your customer is?
  • What is the need for the app you want?
  • What’s the conspicuous characteristic of the app?
  • What other characteristics are you going to need?
  • Is the app better of paid or free?
  • What is the monetization strategy going to be of your app?
  • What is better suited for you, a hybrid app or a native app?


2) Picking up the Perfect Development Option


outsource app development


You have to remember that there’s not one option which is going to be perfect for all of the businesses and apps out there. It will all depend on how you require it or want it and obviously how much you can afford.


So, before you decide who it is that you want the app development to outsource, you have to count the cons and pros for all the options.


You can decide to farm out the app development to specialized firms and agencies which generally have expert teams to present you with good results and an approach which is strategy-focused.


Though this option may be comparatively costlier and is most probably not at all apt for medium or small scale businesses which are generally performing or running operations on very tight budgets.


Outsourcing the app development towards an independent or a freelance developer may be a much more economical alternative for small or medium-small businesses.


Furthermore, even if somehow you do succeed in finding a technically enhanced developer, there will be very little chances for you to have any luck with the strategy aspect and market research aspects of the process of app development.


Still, it would be right to say that independent or freelance developers are actually great only if you do not require a very complex, high-end app, or that all you want is decent and usable customization with a technically and visually sound and good product.


Some other options generally include the app being outsourced to foreign developers and firms who uses drop-and-drag building technique to develop mobile apps.


Some foreign developers can actually offer you the most effective solution for your pocket but they may not turn out to be a good mix for your needs and culture.


Without first-hand experience, they might not target the market needs of your society quite rightly, maintaining the quality standards that you aim to achieve.


3) You have to look for Pertinent Experience


outsource app development

Whenever you hire someone for a particular job, the first thing you look at is their ability to do the work. That aspect is best analyzed by finding out more about their experience.


The same thing happens when you outsource a job to a particular developer. The first thing you look at when you hire them is their portfolio.


You will have to remember though that just seeing their usual experience is not going to cut the clutter well enough. You will have to search for the experience which is actually pertinent to the app development process if you want to have a genuinely great product in your hand at the end of the process.


You can look if the developer, who you want to outsource the job to, created any apps which are similar to your app in before or not?


If they don’t have the exact experience as per your required field then find out if they have experience in a similar field or not. It will help you understand if they can manage it or not.


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4) You Will Always Have to Remember That the Main Key Is Communication


outsource app development


You should not even underestimate the power of communication and especially when the thing comes to outsource your app for development.


Remember whenever you are searching to find the perfect developer for your app to hire, you have to search for outstanding communication skills plus responsiveness at the person who is going to do the job.


You can simply go through a simple development process just by making sure that you and the developer both are not frightened to question anything to each other and fix any kind of confusions and also responding to each other.


If you do not communicate very often then it might happen that you are not always in the same chapter as the developer is. That can lead to big-time mess situations, cost problems, conflicts and confusions.


It’s also very important for you to clarify and establish the mediums using which you are planning to communicate in the future with your partner or developer.


For instance, if you are planning using various mediums like a collaborative team effort, then you should email to clarify it with your developer about which channel are you going to use.


Other very common and simple issues include between the clients and developer is that the lack of something called proactive communication.


You should never wait for your partner to ask questions. If you think you need to ask any question or something is not right or there is or maybe any kind of confusion that is going to arise then you must address and clarify the before it becomes a mess.


This can and will help to reduce the amount of time which you would have otherwise wasted by waiting in order to get a relatable question to come up to answer them for the other party to start thinking about solutions regarding it.


You should also never forget about interactive communication which is generally much more useful than addressing communications. You should listen carefully about what your partner or developer wants to say.


You should never just boss them around. You have to make sure that the communication process is generally a two-way conversation, and then you should behave with the developer like a colleague, not a subordinate.


5) You Should Never Back Out on Asking Questions


outsource app development


You should never be frightened of asking relevant questions. Not just in this case but in any case, asking questions is always the right thing.


This is more important in the case of foreign app outsource cases or development relationships where communication is not generally able to flow as it does in proximate cases.


Just remember that if you want to employ someone you should always choose also a responsive person who is always open to having meaningful communication.


When you are interviewing a developer, you should not hire anyone who does not answer the questions you are asking properly.


6) Set the Expectation Perfectly and Clarify Them




This is a very important point especially in the case of outsourcing to an offshore development project.


All you need is to set the expectations as clear as possible in order to make yourself and your partner both understand what you are supposed to do and what you are expected be doing, why and how, when you are doing it.


7) You Should Always Request a Plan Beforehand


You should never think twice to ask your development partner about a project plan before the outsource of the app project.


It is very crucial because it gives you a sense of how much serious your partner is about your app development. The process becomes much more crystal clear to you and you get a sense beforehand so there is no surprise element later.


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If you are serious about outsourcing a job to a developer be it a freelancer or an agency, you first need to believe in his or her skills and achievements.


mobile app development


You have to remember that you both have different mindsets, so have trust in them and they will provide you products accordingly.


Whatever route that you choose to adopt in order to develop your app, at the end of the day, you have to ensure that it is a valuable addition to your overall business goals.


Tips for Developing the Best Healthcare App

App development is pretty big these days and more and more people are getting into it. Almost every industry is dependent on technological advancements for their progression and those who are not are heavily investing in new technologies. One such industry is the healthcare industry.


If you are thinking about making a healthcare app then you must first learn about the healthcare industry in general. You need to learn about all the tips and stats of the industry if you want to involve in the development of best healthcare app.


healthcare app development tips


Many things go into the process of developing a new app. And in this article, we are going to discuss the tips and tricks in healthcare app development.


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The Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry has been investing heavily in developing digital apps which will help the industry develop and achieve new heights.


Among all the other industries, the healthcare industry is utilizing smartphones for app development and they are incorporating more and more digital technology to further their business.

healthcare app development tips

The term health is often used in the medical and healthcare industry to describe the application of mobile phones and other devices in the industry. Healthcare apps are really useful, and they have a lot of benefits.


Healthcare apps are dominating the market as of now and they have become quite popular. There are more than 97,000 apps available on Android and iOS. With these, patients can check their status and order meds online.


Most doctors these days rely on these apps to help them keep a proper record of their patients. Currently, North America is dominating the global health market.


But countries like India and China aren’t far behind either. Europe is also developing rapidly in this regard and the UK and Germany are among the best options for digital healthcare solutions.


Benefits of Healthcare apps


Healthcare apps have immense benefits. The apps are easy to use and as mentioned above almost all doctors and their patients use these apps.


These apps give the user access to many services and features. Earlier if you wanted to book an appointment with the doctor then you either had to physically go to the clinic/hospital and book an appointment or you can call the hospital/ or clinic.


healthcare app development tips


But now you can do that with an app and it’s a lot easier and saves a lot of time. You can even interact with doctors or check your medical reports without physically visiting the hospital. But apart from this, there are any other services provided by these apps.


The apps help the doctors and nurses to collect data with ease and they ensure easy and immediate access in the remote areas. By keeping a record of everything, these apps minimize the risk of incorrect data.


Patients can gain access to their medical record anytime etc. This also provides scope for new business opportunities.


Types of healthcare apps


If you or your company wants to create amazing healthcare apps then you should learn about the types of healthcare apps that are out there. Healthcare apps are used by doctors and patients and this is how the apps can be differentiated.


The apps used by the doctors are best when it concerns medical records. But the apps that the patients use have a wide range of features and services which they can use at their discretion.


healthcare app development tips


But there are many apps which can be used by both doctors and patients. Apps that help you track your weight, lifestyle, mental health are a few such apps. Some apps will let you keep track of your schedule or let you book appointments with doctors.


The apps that let you track your weight is probably the one that’s the most used by the two parties i.e. the doctors and the patients.


These apps also offer many other services and also monitor your heartbeat which is very essential these days. Healthcare apps do not take up much space which is why almost everyone can download and use them.


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Tips for facing Problems That Arise in the Development of  a Healthcare App


Making an app for the healthcare industry can be quite difficult. You have to consider many factors before you start developing such apps.


1) HIPAA Guidelines


The first thing you will have to do is follow the HIPAA guidelines. For those of you who don’t know what HIPPA stands for, it’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.


This protects all the information related to health which can be identified individually. And if you’re wondering why this is important then you should know that this is the only law that checks how is being stored and how it is being shared over an application.

healthcare app development tips


Before you or your company starts developing apps, go through this guideline thoroughly and if you decide to hire a developer then make sure that they know all the laws, and constraints.


But some apps do not have to follow these guidelines, but those apps usually offer general information about health and nothing more.


But this isn’t the only constraint, modern healthcare apps have a tough time integrating with the outdated systems that the hospitals and clinics use.


As a developer, you will have to make an app which can be accessed by both the parties and only then will you be able to develop the best healthcare app.


2) Good UI/UX


Making a good UI/UX is very important.  Most of the apps have a complicated user interface which makes it difficult to use and they also tend to have complex user navigation. After a while, this can get quite annoying hence you should spend a considerable amount of time on the app’s UI.


You will have to make sure that your app’s UI is user-friendly and that it doesn’t consume a lot of battery while running in the background. If you make your UI unique the chances of people downloading your app will increase significantly.


healthcare ui ux


The app developers usually have direct access to the patient’s health records. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a certain level of transparency. Your app needs to have good privacy settings and the terms and conditions should be mentioned.


Otherwise, people might complain, and they can even file a lawsuit against the app if they please. So be careful while creating the app’s privacy settings.


3) Test Your App


Finally, the most important thing that you have to do is test your app. You need to make sure that your app is functioning properly before releasing it because if the app malfunctions then it can give out false or negative information to its users which can have some serious consequences.


The things that you should give priority while checking are the privacy settings, whether it’s following the HIPAA guidelines or not and the authenticity for PII and PHI regulations.


mobile app testing


If your app is a fitness tracker and uses location services, then you should also check whether the services are working properly or not. Make sure to test your app in low connectivity.


If your app uses a scanner then make sure that the scanner works properly. And lastly, your app should be compatible with both Android and IOS. Also, make sure that the app doesn’t take up too much space.


4) Marketing and Monetizing the App


Now that you know how to make the app of your dreams, it’s time for you to focus on how to monetize your app once you are finished developing the app. You can start by creating paid accounts and adding ads to your app.


This way it will be easier for you to earn money. And there are many other options besides this which you can look for on the internet. You will have to promote your app all over social media to get the best response.




Your app needs to reach everyone and as you know the competition is fierce, there are thousands of healthcare apps out there. Therefore, you will have to make sure that your app gets exposure.


If you can then try to make your app unique (as mentioned earlier) or at least add a unique feature to your app that will make people want to download your app.


Consult other developers on how to promote your app and how to sell it to a healthcare company. The more you talk to other developers the more you will be able to understand the industry and make your dream app a success.


The health industry is flourishing as of now and you won’t have to struggle too much to find success. Everyday people are downloading healthcare apps and using them.


New developers and companies are launching apps almost daily. More than 84000 health app developers have launched their apps recently and the numbers just keep growing.


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Final Thoughts


If you’re a young and budding app developer and have decided to make it big in the healthcare industry, then you have made a good choice. The need for technology is ever-growing and soon all of the hospitals will rely on digital tech to get their work done.


mobile app development


And make sure to sell your app to a legit company otherwise your app could be misused by a lot of people. And if you manage to sell it, then be sure to promote it as much as you can and of course, the company will help you with this.


So do not worry too much, and start developing your app. If you follow the above development tips and stats, then you will surely make the best healthcare app.

11 Best Weather Forecast Apps 2021

The weather forecast apps provide all types of weather forecasts and meteorological data. These apps downloaded on to smartphones provide the user with weather conditions in the immediate vicinity as well as around the world.




The apps on the phone ensures that the user is not caught off guard by the vagaries of weather be it sunshine, rain, snow or storms and any other forecast.


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The Android and iOS stores offer many weather forecast apps for smartphones, the best of which are listed below.


1) Accuweather is one of the best weather apps with accurate forecasts. The depth and precision of the data given by the app make it the most widely used app.


AccuWeather - weather forecast apps


It has got instant features that offer on what the weather is at any one moment, hourly forecasts, extended forecasts, radar and Android support. The MinuteCast feature of the app predicts rain on a minute by minute basis.


The detailed radar scans the area for precipitation and clouds over an area. The app can also provide details on solar ultraviolet radiation levels, wind speeds, humidity, visibility, air pressure etc.


AccuWeather - rating - weather forecast apps


Real-time alerts can be sent to the phone when the weather changes. The app looks good with serviceable widgets. Accuweather is free for Android and iOS systems.

Google PlayApp Store



2) 1Weather


1Weather App is one of the most popular and highly-rated weather forecast apps. It comes with the basic features of daily and hourly forecasts and has access to additional information.


1Weather - weather forecast apps


The app tracks weather for up to 12 cities, has support for 25 languages and has Android wear support.


1Weather - rating - weather forecast apps


The free version includes all the features.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Awesome Weather by YoWindow


This is a unique but simple app. It does not have powerful features but covers all the basics. The app looks good but is a bit flashy.


Awesome Weather - weather forecast apps


A finger can be moved across the screen to see the weather at any place during the day. The free version can be downloaded to check out the features.


Awesome Weather - rating - weather forecast apps


The paid version is available at a very reasonable price of $2.99.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Weather Underground


This app is considered as a complete weather app with easy access to weather forecasts whenever required.


Along with the basic weather forecast details it includes features that tell how long a rain shower will last, forecasts wind speeds in your immediate locality for the week ahead.


Weather Underground - weather forecast apps


The app includes a radar map and is packed with useful data like sunrise and sunset times, ski resort weather reports and severe weather alerts.


The apps best feature is the smart forecast tool which will tell you exactly when the weather you desire for outdoor activities like running, hiking, skiing etc is next expected.


Weather Underground - rating - weather forecast apps


It also provides health information such as local epidemic outbreaks, flu outbreaks or pollen alerts. The app has the feature of hyper-local weather. The person weather stations situated at different places report weather closer to the actual locations.


The free version has all the features. The app is free for Android and iOS systems. The yearly subscription of $1.99 per year is very reasonable.

Google PlayApp Store



5) Carrot Weather


Carrot Weather is a comparatively newer app for weather forecast which is straightforward and honest. The app has unique features like witty and sarcastic quotes alongside its weather predictions.


Carrot Weather - weather forecast apps


It has premium fun features including weather widgets. This is in addition to its capability of providing basic forecasts by the hour, day or week, hourly temperatures and wind speeds.


The graphics at the top of the screen giving a glance of the weather for the next few hours is very useful.


Carrot Weather - rating - weather forecast apps


The premium version is priced at $1.99 per month or $3.99 per year. It is free for Android systems.

Google PlayApp Store




gps tracking app


6) Today Weather


Today weather is a functional weather forecast app with a wide range of features for most of the people.


Today Weather - weather forecast apps


The app provides weather forecasts, humidity, severe weather alerts, the actual temperatures and the real feel temperatures.


Today Weather - rating - weather forecast apps


It also has useful information like sunrise and sunset times, moon cycles, air quality index etc. The app is free to download.

Google PlayApp Store




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7) Weather Bug


Weather Bug is a stable app with a large number of features. Though it is one of the older weather forecast apps, the developers have taken care to keep it updated and modern.


WeahterBug - weather forecast apps


The app features forecasts, temperature, radar, alerts. It features 18 varied weather maps and a lightning alert system. The app also provides information on traffic conditions.


WeahterBug - rating - weather forecast apps


The free version is sufficient for most of the people. The app with weather widgets can be purchased for $19.99.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Weather Channel


The Weather Chanel provides the experience of watching TV weather on the phone. It covers all the basic factors in weather forecasting.


Weather Channel - weather forecast apps


Current weather, future forecasts, current temperatures, weather alerts are detailed by the app. It also features breaking news, pollen alerts, and lightning warnings.


Short video forecasts, a summary of upcoming weather conditions in the next few minutes or the next week, expected precipitation and wind speeds are all covered by the Weather Channel.


Weather Channel - rating - weather forecast apps


This detailed app has a high degree of accuracy. It is free to download for Android and iOS systems.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Google Feed


Google Assistant is not a weather app but provides the weather forecast on asking. The current weather and weather alerts are accurate.


Google Feed - weather forecast apps


It does not have a lot of features, likebuilt-in radar and weather widgets, present in other apps.


Google Feed - rating - weather forecast apps


It comes in handy to do quick checks, to receive quick updates and severe weather alerts. This app is free and is pre-installed on most of the Android devices.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Dark Sky


Dark Sky as the name suggests predicts imminent local weather conditions. Using data and algorithms it provides long term forecasts for a range of geographic areas.


Dark Sky - weather forecast apps


It is a straightforward app giving daily and weekly forecast, temperatures, and wind levels. In addition to this, the app also allows exploring weather conditions at specific points in time, in the past or future.


Dark Sky excels in its short term weather predictions and its alerts about the storms approaching. It features better radar and has up to the minute forecasts.


Dark Sky - rating - weather forecast apps


The next shower and the duration of the shower are shown with accuracy. Weather widgets are also available. Dark Sky is charged $3 per year for Android and $4 for iOS. The free premium version offers fewer features.

Google PlayApp Store



11) MyRadar Weather Radar


MyRadar is a simple weather app that shows a weather radar. In addition to the wide range of features, the app includes a hurricane tracker and other features.


MyRadar - weather forecast apps


The app has the ability to play animations to see if the rain is coming or going. The app works best in combination with a normal weather app.


MyRadar - rating - weather forecast apps


It is free to download with the option to buy additional feature.

Google PlayApp Store




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With global warming and the nature playing truant these weather forecast apps have become more of a necessity than a simple phone app. The minute by minute forecasts allows the common man to plan his day.


mobile app development


The detailed in-depth predictions help in dealing with extreme weather conditions which turn severe like storms, tornadoes and floods. Meteorology and weather departments can access a wide range of data, which are accurate and precise, for their perusal.

11 Best Personal Finance Apps 2021

A wide variety of smartphones and mobile apps are easily available now and this has enabled individuals to manage their personal finance in a better manner.


It is no longer a challenging task at all and you avoid wasting paper altogether. All that you are required to do is run a simple app of your choice on your smartphone or tab. The records can be easily stored and backed up digitally.




They can be retrieved as and when required form anywhere. Having said that here is some information about the 11 best personal finance apps that you can consider using:


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1) Mint


The app Mint helps you to organise your expenses so that they do not exceed your income. After downloading the app, you are required to link all of your credit and debit cards to your account on Mint.


Mint - personal finance apps


You can also link your savings, deposit and investment accounts for a comprehensive analysis. In addition to keeping track of your investments, the app provides forecasts on them.


Mint - rating - personal finance apps


Mint analyses your expenses and gives suggestions on saving money. Finally, Mint tracks your bills and even credit history.

Google PlayApp Store



2) You Need A Budget (YNAB)


YNAB can be downloaded on to both Android and iOS devices, which enables you to manage your spending well.


YNAB - personal finance apps


It allows you to employ the four main rules of budgeting: allocation of money for specific purposes, dividing large expenses into smaller ones, dynamically changing the budget depending on the situation, and not spending money as soon as it is received.


YNAB - rating - personal finance apps


All bank accounts and cards can be linked to YNAB and synchronize your account on the app with all your devices. Money transactions are presented as charts and graphs.

Google PlayApp Store



3) PocketGuard


PocketGuard is one of the best personal finance apps, available both on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. If you are a person that likes the minimalistic modern design and want to control expenses, then this app is for you.


Pocket Guard - personal finance apps


You can add all your savings, loans, and investment details on to your PocketGuard account so as to get a clear picture of your financial status. The app analyses your fixed and regular expenses and you can use the information to prepare an expenses budget for one month or six months ahead.


Pocket Guard - rating - personal finance apps


If you set an expense limit for each item, you will receive notifications when you hit a certain level. Invoices are sent directly to the app and all money transfers are protected through special codes to ensure security.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Wally Next


If you are looking for a personal finance app that provides you with a better understanding of your financial status visually, then you must consider Wally Next. This app analyses presents all information related to your personal finance in the form of graphs and diagrams.


Wally Next - personal finance apps


It enables you to become more organised as you can add and manage all your accounts from one Dashboard. Wally Next has the ability to even take into account international payments, currency savings, and other transactions when analysing your wealth.


Wally Next - rating - personal finance apps


The app also allows you to keep track of your past payments and reminds you if there are recurring payments. Auto-payments set up option are also available. Wall Next is available for both iOS and Android phone users.

Google PlayApp Store



5) Spendee Budget and Money Tracker


‘Spendee Budget and Money Tracker’ allows you to not only manage all your credit/debit cards but also your accounts, deposits, and currency savings directly from your iOS or Android device.


Spendee - personal finance apps


The app carries out all analysis through full bank synchronization and allows you to link even your electronic wallets including PayPal and foreign accounts. The good news is that this modern application allows you to track even your cryptocurrency savings.


Spendee - rating - personal finance apps


Total expenses for a month can be easily determined on the closing day and you can set up payment alerts with reminders. It has info graphics capability which enables you to see all data. It also allows you to create separate wallets to allocate funds for special occasions.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Dollarbird


Dollarbird’s unique design and functionality attracts attention immediately. Though it cannot be considered as a standard cost planner, this stylized calendar helps you to record all your costs and expenses.


Dollarbird - personal finance apps


These personal finance apps work on the basis of how frequently you spend money. To keep track of payments, you just have to enter them into this financial calendar. Dollarbird cannot be synchronised with any of your accounts and it keeps all records in the same currency.


Dollarbird - rating - personal finance apps


However, it is very easy to use. Moreover, all expenses can be easily classified quickly. Further, the app’s AI-based system provides smart hints. All data entered into one of your accounts through one device can be accessed from other devices as well.

Google PlayApp Store




mobile app develpment


7) Monefy


Have you ever felt that controlling your spending is difficult? Are your expenses unexpected and spontaneous? Do you want to end the same? Why not give the Monefy app a try on your device?


Monefy - personal finance apps


Apps enable you to keep a comprehensive record of your personal and business finance. You just have to add the details related to the cup of coffee, croissant, or business lunch you had at a café. As the app helps you to track the main expense items, you can quickly make a decision as to how you can reduce it.


Monefy - rating - personal finance apps


You can make use of your DropBox account to synchronize your devices and even add accounts of other people to a list of synchronized devices.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Prism


Prism is designed in such a way that it helps you to control and remind you of your ongoing payments such as utility bills, loans, and mortgages, and rentals.


Prism - personal finance apps


You can pay all of your bills, track your expenses as well as personal finances, and view balances in investment and savings accounts. The smartphone app allows you to track your loan and credit repayment dates, payment history, and the total amount due.


Prism - rating - personal finance apps


On the day of the reminder, you may make all payments for free. You will have to set up the notification system on your own but Prism’s exclusive offers even allow you to save some money.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Albert


If you find it difficult to accurately calculate your budget, then Albert is one of the best personal finance apps for you. The app does not allow you to keep your money idle. It determines as to what your expenses are and how much you can save without any compromise on your interests.


Albert - personal finance apps


The app transfers this amount to the Albert Savings account allocated to you. Albert performs the calculations with the help of patented and specialised algorithms which are highly effective.


Albert - rating - personal finance apps


Your basic finances are not impacted, but you will be able to accumulate an impressive amount over time. As the savings are insured, your funds will be safe. The reserved amount can be withdrawn at any time.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Goodbudget


Goodbudget is designed to remove the confusions associated with budgeting and make the whole process easier for you. The app makes available thematic “envelopes” just as in real life for you to keep apart money for specific needs.


Goodbudget - personal finance apps


The payments can be made only from the specified envelope. This allows you to exercise control over your expenses. The app also allows you to stop spending before the allocated money is completely wiped out.


Goodbudget - rating - personal finance apps


The app’s free version makes available only 10 envelopes. The subscription version enables you to create an unlimited number of envelopes, synchronise up to five devices, and budget expenses in advance.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Acorns


If you believe investing is risky, it is not true. Acorn was developed to reduce the risk of you losing your money. The app invests your funds without any participation from your side. It takes money from the daily purchases you make and it will not be visible when you track your costs.


Acorns - personal finance apps


The amount taken is very small and it does not create any major impact on your overall financial situation. It also allows you to make disposable investments on your own.


Acorns - rating - personal finance apps


All money is insured there is no risk involved. Acorns will show to you that you are not required to have huge amounts for investments.

Google PlayApp Store




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In conclusion, all of these personal finance apps are available for both Android and iOS devices.


mobile app development


Your income and expenses may change every month, but you can keep your finances stable if you enjoy a steady income and have to take care of a few regular expenses.

Business Benefits of Having a Custom Mobile App

The world has moved on from the traditional methods of shopping and availing services. The rules of selling and marketing have changed with everyone having a smartphone.


A shift has also been noticed amongst the buyers online as their likes have shifted from websites to apps. Most of the service providers with successful websites have moved into the application arena due to this transition of choice amongst the customers.



Everything today is fast enough and at their fingertips. With businesses improving their customer support and services, the fear of inefficient credibility is also removed from the customers. With more and more applications being launched, the competition to survive has increased drastically.


To survive in this competition while keeping the cost in control, it is important to adapt to certain sustainable procedures. Getting a custom mobile app can be one of them.


In addition to this custom yet attractive UI designs might serve as an eye-catcher, the application must be able to facilitate engagement. This can be done by adding features that are similar in format yet sets you apart from your peers.


Overall, the aim of your app should be to reach people across a variety of geographical locations and provide a smooth user experience. This will help you get the desired outcome from your applied strategy.


Before you start it is important to know the purpose and the reason for the development of the application. Your team’s approach must align with the vision of the app and the business and should work towards building a model that is the largely customer and cost-friendly


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Businesses with apps are on a different league of their game. So, if you do not have an app for your business, maybe it is time to consider getting one.


Still not convinced,


Let us now take a look at the benefits and reasons of how going for a custom mobile app might be the help you need to reach a new milestone with your business.


1) Increase Your Reach, Be More Visible


People love their smartphones and spend a considerable amount of time on it every day. Having an app gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with your potential as well as your existing customers. With a little change in your marketing strategies, you might land up a lot of customers for your business.


The ever-evolving technology has been giving its users an unmatched experience and comfort. Having an app can help you accomplish that with services and also convert your prospects into hardcore sales figures.


You will be able to offer tech-friendly solutions to your customers and build a relationship with them. This will help you gain a reputation and be a suitable plan in the longer run.

increase your reach - business benefits of custom app

This can also help you connect to people across various geographic locations. You might not be physically present in a particular area but can reach out and extend your services to the people residing there.


This also comes as an amazing opportunity to extend and expand your business. It might be possible that a large number of your customers might be waiting for you to come online.


2) Don’t Just Build a Business, Build a Brand


Now we know that having an app will help you increase your reach and visibility. But with evolving trends, is that enough to keep up with profitable sales?


People might know about you, your services and your business, but why should they come to you? What makes you different from your other competitors? Why should they choose you?


As much as it is necessary for you to reach out to people, it is also crucial to convey the right purpose to them too. There must be something very unique about your brand or something that sets you apart from your peers. Let your customers know that.


brand-awareness - business benefits of custom app


Through a custom app, you can convey a brief of all these benefits while your customers avail your services or business. With this, you can also share your vision, frequently asked questions or anything that you think might help the user arrive at a conclusive decision about your brand.


This will help the users know you better. On the other hand, you would be provided with a smooth user experience which builds trust.


You can connect this to various social media platforms or add content about your services regularly. This way your target audience will also get a glimpse of your business and things that set it apart.


3) A Cost-Friendly and Effective Way of Advertisement


Want your business to reach out to a lot of people and be well-known but do not want to spend on those extravagant billboards or other expensive advertising channels? Well, just get an app.


Building a custom mobile app for your business will not only help your business grow but also benefits on financial front. You can choose from a range of apps based on your needs and funds. There are numerous ways to cut down on the cost of building an application too, if budget is a constraint.


You can go by the traditional means of advertising and spend a lot of money on pamphlets and posters, but it still doesn’t guarantee that your message will reach the right person at the right time.


effective advertising - business benefits of custom app


To put it simply, suppose your business provides services like repairing electronic gadgets. A person receiving your pamphlet might not be looking for the service at the moment.


This doesn’t mean that they will never need it. Having an application and connecting to various social media channels can help you combat this problem. You can connect with people in various locations and they can find you according to their requirements.


android app development


If cost is something that is coming in the way, then there are several methods like hiring freelancers, using features that are strictly useful to your business and following many such methods to cut down on the prices.


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4) Increase the Profits


If you are providing your customers with quality services, your sales will naturally increase. Happy customers might also refer you to others and help you gain more customers.


It is important to note that customer experience should be of utmost priority. This will affect the profit margins of your business. Your services must meet with the changing trends and the demands of the people who you intend to target.


increase profits - business benefits of custom app


Build an application keeping the cost factor in mind and make sure it is compatible. With compatibility, it must perform efficiently on various operating systems. This will help you increase the user experience drastically.


It is a known fact that most people nowadays prefer shopping online. Other service-focused businesses too have expanded in this arena. Thus, an app will not only make you tech-savvy but will also help you keep up with the competition.


5) Build a Connection


Why must you limit your business to just selling and advertising? To stay in the competition for the longer run, you must make sure that your customers are satisfied.


It has been reported that businesses that give priority to this aspect are more likely to get better results. With an app, you can create a channel of communication between you and your target audience.

business benefits of custom app

This channel can then be used as a medium of contact from sending follow up messages to making them aware of your newly added features and services.


This can also serve as the medium for solving customer grievances. Adding such features will help you grow as a business that is customer-friendly, adding up to your credibility.


6) An Efficient Investment


Building an app will certainly increase some of your costs but you need to see it as an investment to your business. With an app, you can engage with the customers 24*7.


Your customers might find you while scrolling through the feed in the middle of the night. This can also open up various other marketing channels. You can connect this to social media platforms and engage with the audience there.


This will also help you get better user feedback which in turn can be used for making better and efficient improvements. The results can improve with not just developing an app but also with your well-planned marketing strategies.


investor - business benefits of custom app


This will also ensure the loyalty of your customers. With loyalty we mean that the customers will come back to you and also refer your services to others. Make sure to build that amount of trust.


The customers will also access the necessary content related to your business increasing your brand awareness. Apps will also enable you to access data of the users so that you can analyse their behaviour better.


Data like email ids might lead you to the email marketing channels wherein you can send follow up, introductory and customized emails.


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Summing Up


It is important to keep up with the evolving technology to stay in the competition in the long term. Market trends along with customer choices have changed.


Most of them now want to get their work done on their smartphone. The crucial thing to note is that there are services that can suffice this growing need.



Understanding customer behaviour and making the necessary changes can help you keep up with this. Also, know that just launching an app might not be the key to success.


It is necessary to promote it and making frequent changes to it. The custom app should align with your business needs as well as serve the needs of your customers’ benefits.


The app must be user-friendly, and the performance must be smooth. Noting the sales and the impact of the custom app and then proceeding further with the improvements will help you get better results and benefits to your business.

How to Build a Personal Finance App

In the times of increased money flows, these have to be effective indeed.   A few years ago, individuals had their methods of accounting income and expenses and managing their finances.


However, today things have been made simpler with the advent of technology. Personal finance apps can be downloaded and used to every according to the individual’s specific situations.


mobile app development


As you know, there are many such personal finance apps. However, you also can make a good one if you want to. For this, you must make sure that the personal finance app that you are going to build is secure, has useful features and is intuitive.


In this article, we attempt to show you how you can build a personal finance app. You can read, understand and then go on to build your finance app. All the best!


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Personal Finance App – What is it?


Mobile finance apps are the rage of this age. These help you to calculate expenses on the go and help to ease out the monetary cycles of individuals.


build a personal finance app


Personal finance apps of today are designed to perform specific tasks, many of which are simple but important. On the whole, they are built to help the user manage his/her financial budget.


Any personal finance app is designed to perform the following functions:

  • Help you to strictly control your finances
  • Keep track of both income and expenditure
  • Make regular payments for different services
  • Design a budget and suggest that you stick within the budget by constantly tracking the savings that you have
  • Help to make money


The app can be designed for small savings and investments at a personal level.  When building an app with these functionalities, it is important for the app creator to hit upon a good idea and infuse it with good UI/UX for the sake of the user.


This should be accompanied by a robust package design for it to become a hit.


Popular Personal Finance Apps


It is estimated that 4 out of every 10 people in the UK regularly use personal finance management apps. Most individuals with busy schedules find it helpful to stay on top of their money by logging into a safe, friendly and simple to use personal finance app to manage their finances.

build a personal finance app

The most used personal finance apps in the world are Mint (over 30 million users), Money Lover (over 1 million users), Level Money, Wally, YNAB, etc.


Personal Finance Apps – Different types


There are two different types of personal finance apps that are classified as follows:

  • Those requiring data to be manually input. These are usually simple applications with minimum complications.
  • Those where the data entry is automated. These apps usually have complex services for automatic data input.


Some important features of Personal Finance Apps


When you build a personal finance app, it is important to have a clear idea about the functions that the app will be able to perform.


The most important features of a personal finance app are as follows:

  • User authorization
  • Creation of personal account with all information about the user; a profile of the user
  • Capability to link all of the financial details such as debit/credit card details, money wallets, mail accounts, etc.
  • The ability of the app to track every financial transaction of the user and store it appropriately
  • Ability to set up daily and monthly budgets
  • Capability to generate different statistical reports for specified periods enabling comparisons of amounts that are spent
  • Creation of expense heads such as food, clothing, petrol, etc.
  • Reminders for paying taxes, fines and other encumbrances
  • Appropriate search options
  • Currency conversions
  • Payment calendar


mobile app development



What are features that make the personal finance app powerful?


There are some features that a personal finance app must-have for extended functionality and cannot function without. The developer must have these features in mind before setting out to build a personal finance app.


1) Security


The security aspects of a personal finance app are of utmost importance. This is a factor that builds the trust of people on you and increased comfort levels with the knowledge that their money data is being protected.


It is vital to use two-factor authentication (verification using two different channels during login), proper encryption of transmitted financial information and making short-term sessions so the period for which the programs run unprotected are minimized.


build a personal finance app


In addition to this, other important points include the usage of appropriate fonts and use of exceptionally secure libraries. These suggestions are not exhaustive and are only some of the recommendations.


With evolving technology, developers have to think of better methods to solve security threats and challenges.


2) Think as users


Start to think as your user does and create the app according to their needs. If you want to target the millennial, then speak in the language they understand and use.


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3) Make it simple


Complicated programs do not impress many people, therefore it is important to keep the personal finance app as simple to use as possible. The app should be such a one that it takes no more than 3 clicks to get the desired job done.


This leads to better user experience. Money management apps allowing the user to make payments through the app should have only an optimum number of screens for executing payments and should carefully conduct all the verifications and enable transactions.


4) UX Design


The design of the app, as mentioned above, should be simple and appealing. You should rope in the services of a UX/UI expert to build a visually pleasing and simple but functional app.


build a personal finance app


5) Customer Support


Customer support 24/7 is of great importance to help your clients with whatever problems they may have. A quick response that is round the clock and in different languages will get you a loyal, global clientele.


6) Responsiveness


With evolving technology, there are more devices that house finance management apps. Therefore, your app should be one that works on multiple platforms (Android &iOS).


Moreover, the app should be comfortably used on different devices with varying screen sizes. All these should be taken into account during the app development process.


Market Strategy


Finally, you should understand that reaching your finance app to the clients is not a very easy job either. You have to be very clear about how you are going to deliver the app to the users in the market.


build a personal finance app



This go-to-market stage involves defining the value, exploring the various market channels, and creating a detailed interaction map separately for each of the channels.


Cost of the App


The pricing of the personal-finance app should include the costs incurred during the development stage, design stage and marketing stage.


How You Can Draw More Users


Today, some ways to draw more users to your app could be one of the following:

  • Provide expenses analytics and pictorially depict amount spent on individual expense heads.
  • Show the cheapest vendor for products or services that are usually purchased by the app user
  • Scan receipts and enlists the figures to the appropriate expense head


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In case you have decided to build a personal finance app, be sure there is a lot of hard work ahead which will bring its rewards. It is vital to arrange the workflow so that you complete the project.


mobile app development


It is also important to build an app that recognizes the users’ pain points and helps to sort out these issues in a simple manner.


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How to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost?

In this rapidly transforming digital world, the face of branding and marketing has totally changed. Businesses have moved a long way from distributing pamphlets about their services, trying to reach their target audience.


mobile app development


With the advent of newer updates and versions of the present technology, branding has become more efficient. Now, businesses have incorporated ways to improve their customer relations. This is done by making a direct connection with them, discussing with them about their brand and building a medium of trust.


In such times, mobile apps have taken the market by storm. Almost every brand has or is working towards building an app of its own. With data such as this,


Mobile App usage


mobile apps not only offer a medium to provide their services but also to create brand awareness and a reputed name among the target audience. This also makes the competition fierce.


In a scenario like this, investing in an app that is appealing to the target consumer base that masterfully showcases the benefits of the business at the same time is a must. But maintaining your finances while having a well-functioning app can be one huge task.


If you are someone new to this field working with or as a developer, then you must keep a lookout for certain additional factors adding up to reduce cost of the mobile app development.


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It is important to note that mobile app development takes a lot of effort and one should never compromise with the quality while trying to reduce the cost. Want to soar high with your business but tight on budget?


Here’s taking a look at a few tips and tricks to reduce your mobile app development cost.


1) Know What You Need


Sit down with your team and discuss. Take note of what exactly you need out of the app, what your motive is, what is the target audience. Prepare an outline of the structure of the app and the features that will benefit your business.


Do not add or remove features in order to follow the trends. Know the features that are necessary and prioritize them. It is crucial to pay attention to even the smallest details. Let the developers know about the company and the vision.


Figure out a rough idea about the application and things that will set it apart from the competitors. The application should be user-friendly, and a proper sequence must be maintained.


Adding more features definitely shoots the price up. Thus, evaluating the ones that are well suited for the business keeping in mind the budget can be useful.


One can also carry out extensive market research and seek advice from experts to find out the kinds of applications before starting the actual work.


2) Keep A Check on the UI/UX Designs Costs


A better UI will undoubtedly enhance and provide a better user experience. But customization of designs might increase your expenses to a decent extent.


To save up on some money you can adhere to the standard designs. Remember, you can always keep on updating the application with new features even after the launch of the app. Heavy capital should also not be invested in the application at the testing stage.


You can add features and make the app user-friendly as and when you receive feedback from your customers.


3) Try Outsourcing


If you do not have a fancy budget to get a team of developers in your office, then this option can be the best for you. However, never try to compromise with the quality in order to save money.


Basically, outsourcing is a method by which you can hire developers from across the globe through various mobile app development outsourcing companies or mediums. This gives you the flexibility to work with a diversely talented group of developers on rates suitable to your business.


Depending on the developer you can either choose to pay them on the basis of the number of hours they work or a lump-sum project-based payment.


development cost


Outsourcing will help you save some capital that would have otherwise used to pay the monthly fixed salaries of your full- time employees.


4) Consider the Default Templates


Developing an application right from scratch can turn out to be costly and time taking. To reduce some of the load from your capital, you can proceed with the ready made templates already available.


You can also find this range of pre-built features at a very low rate. You can begin with the templates that work the best for you.


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5) Keep in Mind the Costs after the Product Launch


Launching your final product doesn’t necessarily mean that all your work is done. Bugs may arise afterwards which require alteration in the design of the application.


You might also need some of the developers back on board to fix some of these problems. Hiring a freelancer at an initial stage of development can create a problem with their availability. This might add up to your costs.


android app development


Updating and adding features in an application is a common thing in the applications market. Many apps have at least two to three updates in a month. This is done so as to enhance the experience of the user by working from the feedback received.


Each of these updates will definitely notch up your business to the next level but will also add up on your costs.


6) Minimum Viable Product


Minimum Viable Product or MVP is basically the pre-mature stage of your application. A basic structure of the application is developed and launched.


Build app with MVP

Rather than waiting and investing in advanced features at an initial development stage, MVP can help a business focus on the ultimate necessities.


They can add features and updates as and when the initial rounds of feedbacks are received from the target audience. This feedback and reaction of the people can help you focus on user-friendly features other than investing in the ones you thought would work.


7) Compatibility of The Application


Based on the compatibility of the application on various platforms, mobile applications are divided into two categories- Native and Hybrid. A native app is confined to a specific platform or device whereas a hybrid app is a more compatible option and works on all operating systems.


Depending on this classification the cost of development differs in both the types. A native app is said to provide smooth user experience, but the cost of its development is usually high.


This type of application is built from scratch and is focused on a particular platform. This means that if you wish to develop both iOS and Android friendly native apps, you will be charged twice.


A hybrid app, on the other hand, is built for multiple platforms. The quality might be different from that of the native app since this is built for different platforms at the same time.


However, the cost involved in development is a one-time investment. It is important to choose between the two types based on the business needs and the target audience.


8) Build A Team, Divide the Tasks


Working smartly and efficiently is always better than spending hours at work with little productivity. As a business which is looking at growth opportunities, your team should be diverse, flexible and responsible for the work they do.


Divide the tasks accordingly among the team but most importantly, look for a supervisor. A person to keep a check on the progress of the work is a must. This check is necessary at each step of the work.


The supervisor can keep up the deadlines and maintain the workflow, keeping the quality in check. Errors in work can cause loss of time.


Sometimes the entire project needs to be redone to fix a mistake. This process will ensure the quality of the work done at each step leaving little room for confusion and errors.


9) Maintain A Good Relationship with The Developers


Last but not least, maintain a good relationship with your co-workers. Developers usually work under immense pressure. This leads them to make more mistakes. To get great and effective results you need to have some patience.


Keep deadlines that are flexible to your plan. Regularly contact the developers even after the work is done. Bugs and technical glitches might arise at any time, even after the work has been done. Having a good contact might save you accruing an additional expense like hiring a new developer.


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Final Thoughts


Mobile application development can be the most crucial part of your branding strategy. However, if you follow a clear approach and adhere to it, you can build a brand without withdrawing a lot of your capital.


mobile app development


Management of the data and the information and utilising them to bring out the necessary outputs is a skill you need to hone. If the application is appealing and serves its purpose to your audience, then you might get a head start with the initial profits.


Keep a note of the places that did not perform according to your expectations and the ones that exceeded them. Enhance the features that worked and try eliminating the ones that didn’t. Reduce the cost of mobile app development wouldn’t be a difficult task if you keep your eyes on the details.