How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like eBay

The rapidly evolving technology has considerably changed the way we look and consume things around us. With smartphones in almost every hand, every possible human need is addressed and available at our fingertips.


It has taken over almost all aspects of life and e-commerce is just one of them. People love shopping from the comfort of their homes. Businesses too have developed safe channels for its users that enable ease and comfort of usage as well as security.


ecommerce app development


It is estimated that 42% of smartphone prefer shopping online and are planning to use more of it in the coming year. Thus, if you have a business that involves selling and buying, you must get an app.


About 53% of smartphone users make their online purchases from apps that are specific to a certain company. This provides them with a sense of reliability on your product while you can focus on building a brand for yourself.


It can put you ahead in the existing market competition and help you climb the success ladder.


If you are planning to build to an e-commerce platform like that, then the eBay application can be a great example for you. It is one of the leaders amongst its peers and has users from across the globe.


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Let’s have a look at the features and factors influencing the development cost when comes to develop an app like eBay.


What Does eBay Do?

cost to develop an app like ebay

eBay is an e-commerce platform that enables its users to make purchases from the biggest marketplace online. eBay has made shopping easy for its customers. It is budget-friendly and has a wide variety of products available for different audiences.


The users have also the ease of making instant payments through their cards or any other online channel and the product is delivered to their doorstep. It is available on almost all operating systems including iOS and Android.


The e-commerce platform has great deals and offers to attract customers. They have the latest items available for their users and the recommendations based on their shopping history keep the users engaged.


The prices are affordable, and it keeps the users updated about any latest feature, alerts, and offers. The users can not only buy but also sell items online through the channel. The customers can list and sell the items using their already created account.


Regular notifications keep the customers coming back to them. It also lets them keep track of their orders and purchases. The customers can also write their feedback on the products or the delivery through the platform.


Whether it is selling, purchasing or reading reviews, eBay provides a one-stop solution to all the needs of their customers.


Things You Need to Keep in Mind


cost to develop an app like ebay


Developing an application like eBay means that you have to deal with a huge amount of data. This data can be used in several ways to develop and improve the application regularly.


Thus, it is important to have structured data that lets you use the user data while segregating the useless ones. Data is an integral part of any e-commerce platform.


This can help to develop algorithms that can be suitable for the need of the customers which in turn can get you more users on board.


Usually, an app like eBay has a system architecture that can be divided into four parts, namely the back-end part, the front-end part, database servers, and application compatibility.


Developing an application is only one part, elaborate research and efforts will ultimately make the app successful.


If budget is not a problem for you, then you can focus on the nativity of the application. A native application is suitable and compatible with the operating system it has been programmed for.


If your developers’ team have programmed the application for iOS, then they can’t use the same code while developing it for android. A separate code is required for each platform.


Hosting and Domain:


cost to develop an app like ebay


It is necessary to have an attractive domain name for your website. An attractive logo that speaks for your brand is necessary. The next step can be getting a website script.


You can choose from the various CMS solutions like WordPress available. Custom PHP scripts are also commonly used for e-commerce platforms.


Site Design:


cost to develop an app like ebay


This can be one of the most important cost deciding factors for your application. It is thus crucial for you to discuss the important factors and carry out a design outline with your team.


If you are looking to save up on some capital, it is advisable to keep the features simple and customized according to your needs. This can be done by some market research, observing trends, knowing your audience and prioritising the features keeping in mind your budget accordingly.


One can also save up by using readymade templates already available. A wide range of pre-built features is available at a very low rate.


An attractive, customised UI/UX design is like a cherry on the pie but it is important to note that heavy customizations will increase your expenses to some extent.


Payment Gateway:


cost to develop an app like ebay


One of the most important things to consider while developing an e-commerce application is to create a secure payment gateway. This gateway must provide complete security to the users and a smooth transaction from your side.


Logistic Support:

cost to develop an app like ebay

However, this is probably the last step of the developmental process but is a crucial one. The products purchased by the customers must reach the customers on time and at the right location.


For this, you might need to tie-up with logistics groups that can help the smooth transitioning of your business. Better customer experience will help you build a good reputation among your market.


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How Much Will the cost to Develop an app like eBay?


The cost to develop an app like eBay will depend on the features you want in there and the number of developers on your team. Here are some factors that can affect your expenses on developing an application like eBay.


android app development


App Development Team:

cost to develop an app like ebay

The cost to develop an app like eBay depends on the number of hours that the developers spend on building the app. For e-commerce applications, a native mode of app is preferred as it provides smooth functioning and better user-experience.


This requires more time and effort of your team and will naturally increase the cost. It also depends on whether you want to hire freelancers or get a developer’s team.


However, for a long-term benefit, a developer’s team is suggested as you would need to fix bugs and update features accordingly.


Application Design:

cost to develop an app like ebay

The UX/UI design of your application can be a deciding factor for developmental prices. It is important to have a well-categorised application and attractive graphics can be a win-win.


But these will also shoot up the costs of developing the app. You can also start with the basic and default features available and improve them after customer feedback.


Tips on Managing the Developmental Costs


Start with The Basics:


cost to develop an app like ebay


Before you kick start your business, you need to evaluate and assess the needs of your business as well as predict the feedback of your customers. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a basic layout of the app.


A simple logo and UI designs and an interface that provides a decent customer experience. As and when the business becomes profitable, you can add in features and customizations to improve the app.


Engaging Content for Loyal Customers:


engaging content


Now that you have your store, it is necessary to have regular customers. To keep your customers engaged and keep coming to your site, it is important to send out regular reminders.


You can achieve this through communication channels like email and text messages. These updates can be about offers, tracking down orders and other updates about features.


However, no customer likes spam. Make sure your reminders are customized and at regular intervals.


Know Your Market:

know your market

Before you start, it is necessary to go through extensive market research as it will help you understand your competitors.


To stay ahead of them, you can try and find the existing problems and focus on fixing them. You have to make a statement with your brand and focus on the things that set it apart from others.


Customer Support:


customer support


It is the customers that will make your product and business success. Set up customer support that assists them with their orders and requirements and resolves their issues quickly.


This will help you build trust among your people. A good customer support system indicates the reliability of the product and will keep you ahead of your competitors.


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Final Thoughts


A platform like eBay provides a series of buying and selling a solution to its customers. While it has features that make it best in class, it is important to understand that success doesn’t come instantly.


It sometimes can be a series of trial and error methods. One can always start with the basic features and update them regularly keeping the customer feedback in mind.


app idea


Above all, know and understand your niche audience. You can always look up to experts in the fields and seek their advice or refer your market research.


If you are low on budget, you can always consider getting basic features and designs for your application. Try to develop an app that speaks for a brand like eBay and is clear with things that set it apart from other factors like cost.


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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Just Eat?

With an influx of modern technology into smartphones and mobile applications, our lifestyles have changed over the years. Starting from socializing, shopping, managing finances to ordering and getting food at our doorsteps – mobile applications are bringing the entire universe into our hands, making every “impossible” thing possible.


food delivery apps uk


A few years ago, people used to dream to get delicious, mouth-watering food delivered at their doorsteps. It was beyond everyone’s imagination that ordering your favourite food without moving an inch from the sofa and receiving it within a few minutes would ever be possible.


The market for food delivery industry is in its boom these days. According to the MCA report, nearly 60% of the entire proportion of UK adults is actively using food delivery services, ordering at least two meals per month on an average.


The report also found that in 2018 UK food delivery market was worth £8.1 – up 13.4% per year. However, per the same MCA survey, conducted in 2018, the market will be worth nearly £9.8 billion by the next three years (2021).


There are multiple on-demand food delivery platforms in the UK at this moment. Just Eat is one of them. A recent press release report of the company reveals that they have already served more than 500 million orders only in the UK.


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Apart from a successful website, Just Eat owns a mobile application for both the Android and iOS users.


If you are also dreaming to develop an app that works like Just Eat, but do not have much idea on the approximate budget and benefits, then scroll down to reveal the secret about the cost:


Let’s Know More About Just Eat


just eat


Just Eat is one such rapidly growing online food delivery service chain that performs as a mediator between various restaurants and the customers. This platform was first introduced in Denmark back in 2001.


Since then Just Eat has spread its wings globally and has reached multiple countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy and others.


As per Just Eat Annual report 2018, this leading online food delivery platform has already achieved annual revenue of more than £779.5 million.


This app allows its customers to choose their nearest takeaway restaurants from the given list, order their favourite food, paying online and then selecting the delivery or pick-up option to get the food at hand.


Just Eat mobile app has spread a hug network all around the world enlisting more than 30,000 eateries in the team.


Some of the key features of this app include:


  • Exploring multiple restaurants before choosing the right one
  • Push notifications on placing orders
  • Easy online payment facilities
  • Order tracking
  • Real-time rider location tracker
  • Customer rating and review options
  • Social media sharing
  • General settings with lots of customizable options
  • Admin dashboard
  • Online card payments or PayPal


How Do Food Ordering Apps Help in Business Growth?


It is highly advisable to set up a food ordering app if you already into the food business industry to boost business growth and drawing more customers.


But before doing that, you need to be a 100% knowledgeable on how the app flow process works in case of online food delivery. Check out this infographic which should give you a fair idea.

cost to develop a food delivery app

The primary benefits that can expand your food delivery business are as follows:


  • Scalable Business Model: Scaling a business model becomes easier if you add food delivery app to your restaurant business.
  • Smooth Ordering: Food ordering apps can reduce the unfortunate cases of misunderstanding what the customers are ordering over the phone calls.
  • Better Customer Service: You can serve your customers and understand their needs with the help of a food ordering and delivery app.
  • 24*7 Support: Physical restaurants often get closed by the night while virtual restaurants give 24*7 customer support, allowing the customers to place an order for food at any time of their choice.
  • Reaching More People: Food ordering apps usually follow a set of digital marketing strategies that can make your brand in popular on various media platforms. And thus, you can get more customers ensuring business revenue within a short time.


The Things to Keep In Mind While Developing Own Food Delivery App


Investing your time and attention in building an impressive app interface is not enough in case you are planning to develop a successful food delivery app like Just Eat.


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There are few things to remember and understand before getting into the process of processing the app.


  • The Location: A good geo-location always helps the customers to take away their orders from the nearby outlets. Also, it can help you to evaluate the delivery charges for delivering the food at the user’s doorstep.
  • Updating the Complete Menu: When it comes to food, the first thing one looks for is a complete menu. While developing the app you need to focus on updating the complete menu of food that you offer along with their prices and pictures to engage the users.
  • Location Tracker: A navigation tracker can save both the delivery person and the customer to avoid the hassle. Sometimes finding the location of the restaurants or the delivery address becomes troublesome; hence an effective navigation tracker – Google maps – is necessary. 
  • Quick Ordering: Going through the long-listed menu is not always what the users want. A quick ordering feature can let them quickly choose from their past orders or from the listed popular food that is available in a particular restaurant.
  • Tracking Food: Now who wants to wait for a long after ordering food? Let your customers updated about their food processing with the help of an inbuilt food tracker that will also include the location of the person who is coming for the delivery.
  • Scheduled Delivery: This unique option helps the users to place an order for their food in advance and schedule their preferred delivery time. For example, the user can order his dinner sitting at this office desk and receive the delivery on his way back from office or directly at his doorstep.
  • SMS Notification/Push Notifications: Enabling the SMS notification is another impressive way to update your customers about the status of their food order along with the details of the delivery person or the restaurant.
  • Online Payment: People these days, prefer not to pay by cash but cards. Therefore, you need to keep in mind to make your online payment system smooth, fast and hassle-free for the users.
  • Social Media Integration: In this era of social media, everyone likes to showcase their activities in forms of status to others. Direct social media login can help your app to reach more people and also help you to keep updating about the on-going affairs.
  • Custom Search: Custom searching option on the mobile app allows the users to customize their preferred location, find out the favourite restaurant by name or by the popular cuisine. This can save the user’s time when they are in a rush.
  • Rewarding for Loyalty: Rewarding gift coupons, special offers or points to your loyal users or customers can help in building a long-term business-customer relation.




Cost To Develop A Successful Mobile App Like Just Eat


It is a new-age trend to expand a business online. Several mobile apps dedicated to a particular business act as a catalyst and engage more users or customers easily in today’s world.


Studies found that the food delivery industry UK have taken an incredible rise as the concept of online food delivery stepped into the market.


The total market estimation was to be 6.2 billion British pounds in 2017. Developing an outstanding food delivery app like Just Eat is like adding a new feather of glory to your crown (business).

cost to develop an app like just eat

However, the cost to develop a food delivery app like Just Eat usually varies depending on multiple factors, as follows:


  • Functionality: The budget for building an app firstly depends on the purpose and functionality of the app. If you want to make the app with lots of features and functions instead of a simple straightforward app, then the cost will increase.
  • Smartphone Platforms: App development cost varies depending on the mobile platforms – whether you are looking forward to making the app especially for the iOS or Android users or for both the OS users.
  • App Design: If you are looking to develop a stunning and impressive design like Just Eat with complex ideas your app building cost might rise high.
  • Using Visual Objects: The budget can also increase in case you want to use complex visual effects to make the app more engaging for its users.
  • Maintenance Plans: Your responsibilities do not end once the development process is over. You need to regularly maintain the app ensuring smooth customer service and this might cost an entire technical support team.


Now, you can’t reach the destination with a strong team working shoulder to shoulder. The core members required for this entire expedition include:


  • UX/UI Developers: These experienced professionals will help you in making a sleek and smart app interface that will easily impress the app users.
  • Android/iOS Developers: Apart from the clean interface, performance is necessary. So, Android/iOS developers are going to help and improve the performance of the app on various mobile platforms. 
  • Backend Developers: They are the web programmers who will take care of the “server-side” ensuring a smooth running server. They will also help you in maintaining data using their analytical minds. 
  • Project Manager: Project managers will be responsible for planning and executing of the entire project and for delivering the project within the specified time-frame.
  • Strong QA Team: Apart from all of them, a strong quality assurance team is required for the testing of the app before and after the app development to ensure a smooth and faster performance.


However, the estimation to develop a on-demand food delivery app like Just Eat ranges between $15,000- $20,000 on an average, which might rise to $30,000 and more in some cases depending on the above-mentioned factors.


The charges for such app development also depend on the country and location of the app developers. As per recent market studies, the US-based app developers charge around $300 per hour, the European developers might charge nearly $200 per hour while the Indian based developers charge around $100 per hour.


Also, the app development cost for the iOS will be a little cheaper and the entire process will also be faster as compared to app development for Android OS.


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Wrapping Up


Are you already into the food delivery industry and still do not own a delivery app like Just Eat? Well, you are then swimming the current. These days, a huge number of restaurants and food outlets are either collaborating with on-demand food delivery apps or developing their own.


app concept


Food delivery apps do not only make it easy for the customers to find the best eateries around them but also make the business digital.


Last but not least, in this age of high-end smartphones and mobile applications, it will be a worthy decision to invest your hard-earned money to develop a food delivery app like Just Eat, because its cost is affordable and as we all know it is always better late than never.


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10 Best Calculator Apps For 2021

Calculator Apps perform tasks beyond the basic four fundamental arithmetic operations. The apps, developed for mobile and other hand-held devices, can be used by a wide cross-section of people ranging from students to professional, traders to housewives.


quality apps


The apps come with mind-boggling features which can be applied to any field like education, business, trade, finance, health, etc.


The user’s needs determine the features required and the app to be downloaded. The commonly used calculator apps are suggested here.


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1) Calculator (by Google)


This app is a well-designed app that can handle basic math tasks.  It cannot perform complex functions. But it is the simplest and safest app.


Calculator Google - calculator apps


The only major function it can do is change decimal to fractions. It does not provide history or graphing.


Calculator Google - rating - calculator apps


The app is totally free and is dependable.

Google PlayApp Store



2) ClevCalc


This app allows one to handle all calculations necessary for everyday life. The general calculator function supports the four fundamental arithmetic operations.


ClevCalc - calculator apps


The app automatically converts units, currency, time and decimals. The app helps calculate prices and discounts; VAT and savings; loan installments.


ClevCalc - rating - calculator apps


Expenses like fuel costs and efficiency can be calculated. Health indexes, college GPAs can also be tabulated. It is the most convenient app covering all facets of daily life.

Google PlayApp Store



3) All-in-One Calculator


This app serves as a multi-calculator and converter. It has 75 calculators and unit converters, scientific calculator and 40 themes packed in and can be used by students, professionals and the common persons.


All in One - calculator apps


The app performs algebraic operations, solves equations and tabulates statistics. Geometrical functions relating to area, perimeter and volume can be done with ease.


All in One - rating - calculator apps


The unit converter helps in conversion of various parameters like length, speed, area, volume, power, time, currency. Financial calculations can be done.  It is a free app that comes in handy throughout the day for multiple uses.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Calculator Plus Free


This app on the phone with its intuitive design and simplicity eliminates the need for a hand-held calculator. The app memorizes the calculations and can be reviewed at any time later.


calculator Plus Free - calculator apps


It pin points the stages in a calculation indicating the different functions performed. The backspace key help in erasing an error and the swipe keys lead you to advanced math functions.


calculator Plus Free - rating - calculator apps


This app saves time and effort. The app is ideal for activities like shopping, calculating bank balances and taxes, and doing homework. The calculator retains the information even when there is a pause in operation doing away with the need to key in details again.

Google PlayApp Store




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5) RealCalc Scientific Calculator


This calculator is the most popular scientific calculator in use. It is designed to look exactly like the real hand-held instrument. The app supports, in addition to the standard scientific functions, binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations.


RealCalc - calculator apps


The app also provides memories, result history and unit conversions. Traditional algebraic, geometric and trigonometric functions are included.


RealCalc - rating - calculator apps


Extra features including fractions, degrees, constants, minutes, seconds and a home screen widget in present. A 12 digit display with an extended internal precision of 32 digits can be operated on landscape mode.

Google PlayApp Store






6) Calc


Calc is a popular app for Android. It is not a scientific calculator app but can perform functions beyond the ones in basic calculators. The features include the basic functions of arithmetic operations.


Calc - calculator apps


The app features calculation history, memory keys and gesture controls. The customization features and themes make it a recommendable app.


Calc - rating


The app is suggested to be a good stock calculator app. The app has a free and paid version, both of which are similar. The paid version eliminates the ads.

Google PlayApp Store



7) Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus


The app is a scientific graphing calculator integrated with algebra. This app was developed for educational purposes. The app replaces bulky calculator since it can work on any Android phone or tablet.


Graphing calculator - calculator apps


The app provides access to nine work spaces to do different problems. 3D graphics represent the data in a detailed and better manner. Functions and expressions can be used for future use.


Graphing calculator - rating - calculator apps


This app is student specific.  There is a free version and a paid version with extra features.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Desmos Graphing Calculator


This app is the best alternative to a graphing calculator. It suits the requirements of academics. The calculator performs all the basic functions of a calculator like all other apps.


Desmos Graphing Calculator - calculator apps


It has a whole gamut of scientific calculator options also. In addition to this, the app can do graphs, statistics and tables. Graphs are interactive and allow sharing of data.


Desmos Graphing Calculator - rating - calculator apps


Tables and statistics can be customized. The app is completely free and is an excellent mobile graphing app.

Google PlayApp Store



9) HiPER Calc Pro


This app is one of the best calculator apps suited for educational purposes. The app, along with the built-in scientific calculator, has features like a random number generator.


Hiper Calc Pro - calculator apps


The built-in converter aids in conversion of over 200 units. The app soles permutations and combinations.


Hiper Calc Pro - rating - calculator apps


The app is free to download from Google play store. The paid version offers approximation up to 100 decimals and 9 digits of exponents.

Google PlayApp Store



 10) MyScript Calculator 2


This app turns handwriting into digital and numerical text. This is a To-go application when one is in a hurry. By writing on the screen of the mobile, equations, long divisions or square roots can be solved instantly which might take longer on a scientific calculator.


Myscript - calculator apps


The digital results will be displayed on the screen. A range to mathematical operations can be performed by this app.


Myscript - rating - calculator apps


The app is free to download. It is very convenient and simple to use and the handwriting aspect makes it interesting.

Google PlayApp Store




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The calculator apps are supported by both Android and iOS platforms. Most of the mobile devices come with an in-built calculator which is suitable for basic operations.


app idea


Extra features and functions will require the user to download app suited to his needs.


Most of the calculator apps are available to download from Google Play Store. Free versions do provide ample functions. Paid versions help to avoid ads and procure more features.

Top 10 eCommerce Marketing Trends To Implement in Your Business

The world is now more connected globally than it was before. In such markets, it is very common for people to get confused between trends of eCommerce marketing and fads.


One of the preliminary things about fads which one needs to understand is that it is temporary; much like twitter trends which start and ends very quickly. On the other hand, in the case of genuine trends for eCommerce, the effects are long-lasting.


mobile app development


It is even possible for one to ignore fads, not risking the entire platform. One of the main tasks for businesses today is to analyze and differentiate between fads and trends carefully.


In the Ecommerce industry, trends can arise from multiple sources. For example, customer’s demands, what they are buying most, what are they talking about and how are they responding to promotional and marketing schemes.


Ecommerce Marketing Trends have emerged in the last few years, especially in the last decade with a very far-reaching influence. Various mega eCommerce platforms like Alibaba, Walmart and Amazon have seriously benefitted from these kinds of trends.


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In this article, we are going to discuss the various kind of ecommerce marketing trends which are going to impact the market in 2019 and which will benefit your business if you implement them.


1) Automation of Marketing


ecommerce marketing trends


According to Laymen “marketing automation means automating email marketing and scheduling social media posts.” However, the automation of marketing has become an unstoppable trend nowadays. Its areas include shopping carts which are easy to access and customized pages of landing.


Proper implementation of automated marketing can lead your business towards a path of sending perfect responses to the customers, project related items and new products with accordance to the history of the viewer, target customers automatically to fulfill sale’s aims and to customize the store offerings to the consumers.


2) Let the voice search take the lead


ecommerce marketing trends


Contents of eCommerce platforms should be optimized to fit in voice searching mode. New Google guidelines clearly state that more textual content must be included in voice searching contents.


While it may be great for pictures and other such things, but the websites are not going to get many advantages from it. Therefore, buttons which are voice-enabled are more likely to catch the public eye. Surely it will increase the eCommerce stores’ numbers.


Various Ecommerce giants have their own Ecommerce software which has voice search enabled options that also helps the customers to order with a voice command.


3) Renewal of B&M Models


ecommerce marketing trends


In the year 2007, the B&M model’s market crashed but surprisingly enough after 12 years it is set to make a splash again in the market in 2019. They are predicted to come back not just ordinarily but with a bang. These stores give digital marketing experience very smoothly.


The industry of real estates is a good example. If a customer goes to a real estate market or shop and sees a virtual reality or projected advertisement which is in 3D, he or she will be immediately attracted to that product.


In 2016, Cadillac used virtual reality software at a car expo for a product demo. Other automobile giants such as Toyota, Audi, and Mercedes were also using similar kinds of virtual reality apps. This makes the product much more appealing and interesting to the buyers.


4) Advertising in a programmatic and contextual manner


ecommerce marketing trends


Programmatic and contextual ads will see a spike this year. The social media websites are already redesigning to feed these trends.


The trend which is labelled as advertising in a programmatic manner uses sets of data in order to decide what the consumers or target audience is demanding.


Then advertisements are shown to the audience who are chosen solely on the basis of how they are consuming things. In simple words, it is completely about attracting the apt audience to the apt ad at the apt moment.


If we compare it to the basic efforts of retargeting, the Ecommerce business owner has a more suitable probability of reaching out to a bigger audience just by the usage of this kind of programmatic advertising.


Even if we look at videos, the AI-powered ads with context which easily mixes with the other contents are the most current Ecommerce marketing trends. To explain, in a set of a bar, an advertisement for a brand of wine will be seen as less interfering and has more chance to sell much more.


For example, if we look at Facebook, it allows the advertisers to choose their audience. You can aim at them with apt ads for them which are more appealing and relevant for them. This naturally results in a good margin of profit in the future.


So, for these reasons, the programmatic and contextual advertising is expected to see a spike in the trending list this year.


5) Usage of Artificial Intelligence


ecommerce marketing trends


Customer differentiation and id of various patterns which are based on the customer’s browsing trends and history and on cookies pose huge challenges for the Ecommerce businesses as far as the automation process and the store personalization is concerned.


The artificial intelligence algorithms are now trusted as the option to handle such problems. According to the Business Insider, the retailers that have taken personalization approaches are seeing a spike of 6% to 10% in their sales gains.


Actually, the bang on the accuracy of the data provided is totally influenced by the size and quality of the given data. This makes hardships for little e-commerce platforms if you do not have a huge number of data.


On the other hand, these small businesses can partner up with a third party which provides it away to work bypassing this restriction.



It signifies that more companies will get into tools which are Artificial Intelligence-powered in order to create more personalized suggestions for each customer.


So, in a way, this year is going to be the year of AI interfaces no matter what and these tools of Artificial intelligence is surely going to enhance the buying experience for the viewers.


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6) Using Personal Assistants Through the Chatbots


ecommerce marketing trends


Chatbots have taken the market by a storm for a while now. But if we consider the spike of neural networks, we will understand that artificial intelligence powered chatbots are set to see a spike again.


The Artificial Intelligence-powered Chatbots can help to increase user engagement in the website by giving all the relevant and available suggestions to them. Their increase can reach even upto$1.25 billion by the year 2025.


The year 2019 will see the chatbots being sold at a much cheaper price and them becoming much smarter and more available. For instance, the Starbucks chain allows each user to place the orders over voice commands with no problem.


They also inform the users about the total cost of their order and they also keep them updated about the remaining time of arrival the order.


These are all possible by the usage of chatbots that are implemented with the website.


7) Enhancing Shipping Varieties with The Integration of Technology


ecommerce marketing trends


The logistics and shipping are one area that has been stagnated in the last few years. The Small improvements in the area, more like free shipping did take place but nothing much extraordinary worth mentioning until the year 2013 has happened when the concept of same-day delivery has become mainstream.


However, on the other hand, things started to look better in this area. Amazon started to research with drones to do deliveries in the US.


With the integration of Google Maps, these drones were able to find out the quickest route towards the delivery location. These ecommerce marketing trends will see a spike as the technological advancements happen.


Whether we believe it or not, after some years down the line the delivery drones are going to become a viable option. And that day Shipping is going to become a lot more efficient and much cooler.


8) Cell phone Commerce


cell phone commerce

The retailer who operates online from all over the world states that mobile transactions are increasing each year. Especially in the holiday seasons.


So, in case you do not have an online site which is responsive to mobile phones, it is highly recommended to make it responsive as soon as possible.


In contemporary times, people are much more exposed and habituated to mobile phones compared to the past than they are attached to their PCs.


9) Amplified Reality for Visualization of Product


Amplified Reality


The product before buying is actually a mystery to the customer. No matter how much he or she knows about that product, it will always be a matter of surprise.


Therefore, it becomes very appealing for the customers of the Ecommerce sites to arrange an amplified reality for the buyers or consumers so that they can visualize their product before actually buying them or ordering them.


This also creates a certain kind of trust and credibility between the consumers. In 2016, Cadillac used a virtual reality software at a car expo for a product demo.


Other automobile giants such as Toyota, Audi, and Mercedes were also using that kind of virtual reality app. This makes the product much more appealing and interesting to the buyers.


10) Snapping While Doing the Shopping


image shopping


Image shopping is going to become one of the newest ecommerce marketing trends this year. Users will want to just move their camera to a product, and they are going to want to buy that.


CamFinder is one of the many apps who do this thing already and many more are expected to pop up this year.


For instance, the app Pinterest has already launched its own camera which interprets and recognizes the images in order to give an exact product description.


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Look Forward to eCommerce Future Trends


The world around us is changing rapidly. And in 2019, Ecommerce is expected to hit greater heights of success with new technologies.


mobile app development


It is time for everyone to convincingly embrace the trends that are aligned with your business. The aim to ensure that it brings value addition to your end users. With better user experience, your sales will skyrocket too.

10 Best Email Apps For Android 2021

Android-based hand-held devices are most widely used by people of all ages. The devices are equipped with various apps that make life simpler.


mobile app development


Most of the apps carry the basic functions of creating and sending messages. It is the additional features that the app provides that helps in deciding on which app to be used.


The user has to initially list out the purpose of his email use before choosing an app. The user has to decide whether his requirement is in organizing a to-do list, scheduling an event or aiming at increasing security and privacy.


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Some of the email apps that are popularly used in android devices are mentioned.


1) Gmail


Google’s free email app Gmail is one of the most popular Android apps for email. Gmail sorts and organizes the inbox most efficiently which puts the app above par.


Gmail - email apps for android


This app is packed with features like marking messages as important, applying labels and moving them into folders. The inbox messages are sorted under labels like Promotion, Social, Groups, Forums etc.


The design reduces screen clutter, shows attachments and linked documents in the preview text. Switching between multiple accounts is very simple.


Gmail’s confidential mode offers extra security and privacy. The users can set an expiration date for the message, set a password code for the email or revoke access to the message at any time.


Gmail - rating - email apps for android


Gmail is free for accounts with 15GB storage. Monthly user fee is charges for more inbox storage and security controls. Gmail comes pre-installed on most devices.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Outlook


Outlook is considered to be the best email app for integrating your calendar. The mobile version consists of basic functions of composing messages, organizing inboxes and searching for options.


Outlook - email apps for android


The calendar function prompts the user to select the date and time to share the email messages with the recipient. A click on the ‘convert to event’ icon will create a calendar invite based on the recipient’s reply of a preferred time.


The app also syncs events from Facebook, Evernote, and Meetup. There is no other email client that can match Outlook in editing or updating the calendar from the inbox.


Outlook - rating - email apps for android


Outlook is free for personal use. Commercial users are required to subscribe to the service.

Google PlayApp Store



3) BlueMail


BlueMail is not very different from the competitors Gmail and Outlook. The settings menu makes the app stand apart.


Blue Mail - email apps for android


The numerous design options helps in segregating read and unread messages, resetting unread icon badge each time the app is opened, notifying do not disturb hours, blocking emails from an address or domain.


The default light and dark themes allow automatic switch between them at all times of the day. The theme can be customized with a colour picker.


Blue Mail - rating - email apps for android


BlueMail offers extra amount of control over email usage. It is one of the best android apps for detailed customization in email.

Google PlayApp Store



 4) ProtonMail


This android app focuses on security and privacy.  The app gives importance to security features like password-protected messages and the function to render an email unreadable a few hours after it is sent.


Proton Mail - email apps for android


The app is very simple to use. Any window opened does not contain more than five buttons which makes it functionally very basic. Due to the security features, the recipient has to open each email received in new tabs outside inboxes.


Whether the app is used on mobiles or desktops, the servers have no way to read the emails sent as the message contents are encrypted from the moment it is sent till when the recipient decrypts the message.


Proton Mail - rating - email apps for android


An account on ProtonMail can be created within few minutes and it comes with all the security features included in a paid plan. Paid plans can be opted for greater inbox storage, custom domain and unlimited messages.

Google PlayApp Store



5) Missive


This app is useful for teams with shared inboxes. Missive streamlines messages on shared inboxes enabling everyone to know the status of the email.


Missive - email apps for android


Shared inboxes are created to provide responses to customer requests in the most simple and quickest manner. This app provides a chat feature which enables discussion of an email internally before replying to the sender.


Alternatively, the person who has to respond can be assigned the task and the other users can be informed that the matter is closed.




The app menu can filter inboxes by categories such as ‘Assigned’, ‘Closed’, ‘Assigned to others’. The Preference menu offers inbox organization, message notifications and team collaboration. Replies can be co-authored and multiple users can edit messages from their devices.


Missive - rating - email apps for android


The free app is for the use of teams of five or less and will have restricted search history. Paid plans include longer and detailed search histories.

Google PlayApp Store




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 6) Edison Mail


This android app is for newsletter users. Edison Mail automatically segregates messages pertaining to Packages, Travel, Bills and Receipts, Entertainment. The app even reformats messages to show only pertinent information.


Email Edison - email apps for android


Edison’s automatic labelling function though better than Gmail, the latter scores higher because of its categorization under social and promotion labels. The app makes up for this deficiency with the consolidation feature.


All the newsletters are consolidated into a scrollable list, marked with an X to unsubscribe and a star to include the sender in the Favourites menu.


The additional feature of security monitors internet databases used to sell and trade personal information. A read receipt blocker prevents the sender from knowing when the message has been opened by the recipient.


Email Edison - rating - email apps for android


This app is speedy and easy to use. These email android apps are completely free.

Google PlayApp Store



 7) Maildroid


Maildroid is a feature-rich app. The app interface is easy to use and navigate. The app has all the standard features of an email app like compose, delete, view, archive etc. This app has the option of saving the mail for later viewing even when offline.


Maildroid - email apps for android


It provides the choice to delete the mail from the device or the server or both. Emails can be encrypted with its built-in capability.


The ‘what you see is what you get’ feature is an advantage when composing designer emails from mobile devices. You can have multiple accounts and can switch between accounts with ease.


The app is free in the Google Play store and is ad-supported. Purchasing the app helps to remove the ads.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Spark Email


Spark Email is a new email app launched in early 2019. The app has a friendly user interface.


Spark Email - email apps for android


Apart from the basic functions of the inbox organization, the app has the additional features of sending emails later, email snoozing, sending reminders, pinning emails, and undoing sent mail. Each email address can be viewed separately or together in the inbox.


Spark Email - rating - email apps for android


The app is new and has its shortcomings, which are being worked on. The app comes free of cost.

Google PlayApp Store



9) TypeApp Email


TypeApp is a good and relatively simple android app. The user interface is similar to that of Bluemail.


TypeApp - email apps for android


The app provides support for all email services and inboxes. Features like push notifications, calendar and contact syncs, group mail service, and wireless printing support arevery useful.


TypeApp - rating - email apps for android


An added advantage is the customization feature including dark modes and themes. The basic version is free. Monthly subscriptions are available for advanced options.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Q Mail


Q  Mail app features scheduling of sending messages created at a later time. More than one message can be added to the queue. Mail folders can be switched.


QMail - email apps for android


The app can be synced with the mobile device and can be used without an internet connection. Email queue, their priority and history can be viewed.


QMail - rating - email apps for android


The app comes free of cost.

Google PlayApp Store




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Sending an email is the most effective way of accomplishing your communication goal. Whether you are a student or working professional or a business owner, email plays a crucial role in day to day life.


mobile app development


Depending on your purposes, the email you send will differ. An appropriate email app will help you in communicating the right way. In this list of best email apps for the android devices, you can find your suitable app.

11 Best Productivity Apps 2021

Smartphones help everyone in being more productive. They act like tiny computers, which connects to the web and allow us to do work using them. Several apps have been developed to aid productivity and various functions of work and life.




Productivity apps help to keep business to run smoothly and efficiently. The best productivity apps help one to get in touch with colleagues, provide updates on work progress and send documents instantly.


These Productivity Apps can be selected based on one’s requirements and ease of use.


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1) Google Drive


Google Drive is an amazing productivity app available on mobile devices. It is the most commonly used productivity app as it works well.


Google Drive - productivity apps


The app, with its Google documents, sheets, and slides, caters to the normal office requirements. It provides a storage facility in Google Drive. A PDF reader from Google and Google Keep Notes makes it a simple effective note-taking app.


Google Drive - rating - productivity apps


The app is free for storage of 15GB and paid for storage capacity above that.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Google Keep Notes


This app works on iOS and android platforms and integrates with Google Drive and Google Docs. The interface is simple and visually appealing.


Google Keep - productivity apps


The app supports all types of notes you would like to take. To-do lists, images, text, voice, maps and drawings can be done with ease. Web pages to be remembered can be noted. Keep notes converts voice notes to text.


Notes can be color-coded based on the most often read or on project types. The app uses labels to sort notes. The interface is similar to a cork board covered with different coloured notes. Scrolling through you can locate a note without going through folders.


Google Keep - rating - productivity apps


The app transfers notes to Google Docs, set up pop-up reminders based on time and date, allows for sharing notes.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Microsoft Apps


Microsoft apps include numerous apps that boost productivity. OneDrive, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote are some of them.


Microsoft Apps - productivity apps


These set of apps all work together to give a cohesive experience. Apps like Microsoft Remote Desktop allow you to dial into a Windows PC from an android phone.


Microsoft Apps - rating - productivity apps


Since all the apps are supported by Windows, mobile and desktop functions can be merged.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Evernote


Evernote has been a very popular app for many years. Evernote is a powerful note-taking app.


Evernote - productivity apps


The app captures any type of audio, text, picture and image. The app allows cross-device syncing. Organizational and collaboration functions are excellent.


Evernote - rating - productivity apps


Evernote converts photos into text, save them and makes the text searchable using optical recognition technology. This works for both typed and handwritten text.


The app is free and needs to be paid only if notes have to be synced with other devices.

Google PlayApp Store



5) WPS Office


This is an all-in-one complete free office suite app integrating all office word processor functions like Word, PDF, Memo, Spreadsheet, Presentation, etc. It is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive and Adobe.


WPS Office - productivity apps


The app enables office word processing to be done on-the-go on mobiles, tablets and other portable devices. One can create, edit, view, share office documents or while traveling or out of office. Presentations with layouts, animation and special effects can be made.


WPS Office - rating - productivity apps


The app supports document encryption and allows for recovery of deleted documents within 30 days.

Google PlayApp Store




mobile app development


6) Dropbox


This app is the most reliable for file backups and file syncing. This function helps one to access important documents at all times.


Dropbox - productivity apps


Documents can be saved offline eliminating the need for an internet connection to retrieve them. Photo and videos from the phone are automatically backed up in Dropbox.


Dropbox - rating - productivity apps


The basic version of the app is free. Paid plans exist for the extra features required.

Google PlayApp Store




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This free app makes your phone take up any task and perform it autonomously. The app makes schedules that tell various apps to perform tasks at varied times.


IFTTT - productivity apps


This app is a must when using smart lights and other IoT devices. Instagram photos can be auto-saved to Dropbox.


IFTTT - rating


The app does come with pre-made recipes for tasks. The app is powerful but it takes time to learn the various functions and adapt it to one’s needs.

Google PlayApp Store



8) TickTick


This app organizes tasks, chores, to-do lists, work details with ease.  TickTick comes with a calendar, reminder notifications, widgets and custom-made tasks with repeat functions.


TickTick - productivity apps


Tasks between colleagues at work or chores between household members can be shared.


TickTick - rating - productivity apps


The app allows cross-device syncing. With its simple controls and clean interface, it is definitely one of the best productivity apps.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Trello


This app is supported by Google Drive, Dropbox and Android Wear systems.  This productivity app is a great task manager. It helps one to be organized at work and at home.


Trello - productivity apps


Boards are created to help in keeping the various projects organized. The app permits one to work on each task, on the board, one at a time.The app allows for team collaboration either with colleagues at work or family at home.


Trello - rating - productivity apps


The app is entirely free and hence makes it a great productivity app for those working on a budget.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Lucidchart


This app helps in creating diagrams and flowcharts by anyone who needs to produce visuals. The app is compatible withiOS and Android platforms. The app is easy to use.


Lucidchart - productivity apps


Diagrams are created using a set of pre-made shapes designed for specific visuals such as flow charts, organization charts, room diagrams, family trees etc.


Lucidchart - rating - productivity apps


This app is popular as professional diagrams for work or personal use can be created. The app is very simple to use and has a basic free version.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Asana


This app is mainly used for team-based task management supported by iOS and Android systems.


Asana - productivity apps


The work management app contains a lot of information. The design of the app makes it easy to view what is required on the small mobile screen.


Asana - rating - productivity apps


The app allows keeping abreast with the team’s work while traveling or offsite. The status of all tasks assigned to the team members can be viewed. Teammates can view the progress of each other’s work. Further tasks can be assigned even when offsite.


The app can also be used for managing work in progress. Asana is considered one of the best apps for helping productivity.

Google PlayApp Store




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Final Thoughts


Always Remember what Steve Jobs said once “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else life start making your own”.


mobile app development


You can’t change what happened and can’t go back in time. So utilize time in a better way. Success always depends upon time management . Hope these productivity apps should help you in leading a successful professional as well as personal life.


13 Best Travel Apps 2021

Smart-phones and their apps are ruling the roost when it comes to vacation and planning one’s next jaunt. Be it a one day trip or a month-long holiday, including short hops on business, these travel apps provide practical, picturesque details of destinations providing the user with a multitude of choices.


gps tracking apps


Every app vies with each other in providing the logistics to make travel as smooth as possible with little or no stress for the traveller.


The travel apps support all the functions, right from reserving air or train tickets, hotel bookings, locating tours, providing guides and different language dictionaries and helping to get about locally.


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These are some of the user-friendly apps best suited for travel in the UK.


1) Tripadvisor


This is a standard and a must app for travellers. Locations can be searched for and maps can be downloaded to use offline with the Tripadvisor App.


tripadvisor - best travel apps


The app can help in finding hotels and booking accommodation, finding restaurants and reserving tables, locating places of interest and entry details. Facilities like convenience stores, drug outlets, hospitals close by to your location can also be searched.


tripadvisor - rating - best travel apps


Photos can be uploaded and experiences can be shared instantly. Tripadvisor with a whole host of functions is a highly reliable and recommended app.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Tripadvisor Offline City Guides


This app helps to know better about the place and its activities with its traveller reviews, maps and photos. It helps in getting the best of airfares, hotels and restaurants with ease.


trip-advisor-city-guide - best travel apps


This app can be used offline using GPS wherever necessary thus conserving battery power. The information and interactive maps enable one to choose the different attractions or eateries suited to a particular budget.


Self-guided city tours provide cultural information and eliminate the need for a guided tour.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Tripit


Tripit organizes travel plans in an easy to access and simple way. When all the email confirmations for reservations are forwarded to the app, it automatically details an overview of the trip giving the confirmations, tickets, hotel booking, car rental reservations and driving directions.


Triplt - best travel apps


All travel documents and itineraries are put together in one place before one arrives at the destination. The trip plans can be shared with anyone who needs to know the travel plans.


Triplt - rating - best travel apps


Detailed maps of destinations can be accessed even when offline.

Google PlayApp Store



 4) Google trips


This app offers maps, guides, customized tours and show restaurants and places to see that are close to the hotel.


google trip - best travel apps


Google trips access all the travel information from the Gmail account and stores it offline. This can be accessed with or without Wi-Fi.


The travel apps destination based features serve as a guide book with all the various reservations. This frees the traveller from having to search through the mail for bookings done and carrying a guide book.

Google PlayApp Store



5) National Trust


The app on the phone details close to 600 must-see places in the UK.  The beauty of the countryside and the coastlines of England, Wales and Northern Ireland can be discovered through this app. Locations can be searched by postcode.


National Trust - best travel apps


The app acts as a guide to the historic monuments and buildings under the National Trust throughout the UK.


National Trust - rating - best travel apps


The app sends regular alerts about the events held by the trust all through the year.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Travelzoo


This app excels in finding the best deals available locally from hotels and restaurants across the UK.


Travelzoo - best travel apps


These travel apps are experts in finding package deals to destinations, weekend getaways at rock bottom prices for group tours as well as and individuals.


Travelzoo - rating - best travel apps


This money-saving app caters to millions of users providing the best travel, entertainment, food and spa deals. The app sends frequent alerts on the best offers available in a particular area.

Google PlayApp Store




app development


7) Wiffinity


Wiffinity is basically an app that enables one to access Wi-Fi while traveling. The app helps in staying connected to the internet through hundreds of hotspots around the world.


Wiffinity - best travel apps


Internet is essential to make travel easy and smooth. The app is a free Wi-Fi locator. The app can navigate the wi-fi hotspots offline using the Wi-Fi location map.


Wiffinity - rating - best travel apps


The app can be used offline to download maps without internet connectivity. It is easy to use and free of charge.

Google PlayApp Store



8) ViaMichelin GPS navigation and traffic


This app optimizes the route based on traffic conditions. It keeps track of the real traffic and assists you in reaching the destination at the right time.


ViaMichelin - best travel apps


Once your position is established on the interactive map, the app guides you to your destination. This user-friendly app comes in handy when wandering around unfamiliar lanes and streets.


ViaMichelin - rating - best travel apps


The GPS navigation system integrated with voice guidance and 3D Michelin mapping provides real-time information on normal traffic, slow-downs and hazardous zones.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Around Me


This app identifies your location using GPS and then helps you in getting to the nearest theatre, restaurant, supermarket, bank or gas station around you.


AroundMe - best travel apps


Any place you desire can be located on the map. The app provides the route to the desired place from where you are. This information can be mailed to anyone who requires the route.


AroundMe - rating - best travel apps


The app is easy to use. It is accurate and is of immense use to find out about the surroundings quickly.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Skyscanner Train Travel App


It is an easy app to use with no charges for bookings done through the app. The app permits you to save the card details, making the process of buying tickets hassle-free.




The app provides the fastest route and the cheapest times to travel.


Skyscanner - rating


It offers money-saving options on group bookings for more than three people. It has 24/7 free customer support.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Roadtrippers


Roadtrippers lets you plan your driving route and book hotels on the way.




This free app is very helpful in finding interesting places off-the-beaten-track which one could visit on the way.


Roadtrippers - rating


Places can be bookmarked, if required, for repeated visits. It locates restaurants and coffee shops on your route.

Google PlayApp Store



12) CityMapper London


This app combines all the transportation options into one map. With the various routes and associated data, it will advise you on how to make the journey, the duration of travel and how much it would cost.




It will provide you with the subway routes as well as the bus, Uber, cycle and walking routes.


Citymapper - rating


The app features real-time disruptions on the routes which enables one to avoid them thus saving on travel time.

Google PlayApp Store



13) CityMap2Go


This is a very popular app used by travellers around the world.




The app allows the search of places of interest by category.


Citymaps - rating


The app gives detailed area maps and they can be shared among friends who are traveling together. The app works offline.

Google PlayApp Store




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When it comes to travel, lot of things come to people’s mind like hotel booking, travel destination, hiring cabs and restaurants. Nowadays, most of them use mobile apps for their preferred services.


mobile app development


If you are planning for a vacation in UK with your family or friends, you can relay on these best travel apps. These apps are available on both Android & iOS.

13 Best Free Movie Apps 2021

Streaming movies for free may sound pirated and illegal. But in reality, there is a whole gamut of free and legal streaming content on the internet. In UK, Movies and TV shows can be watched free on the multitude of movie apps.


mobile app development


Most free movie viewing apps do not store their content on the device being used – they merely stream them over the internet, meaning you need to be online whilst viewing. This can be via a “Net Pack” or “Hot-Spot” or “Wi-Fi” connection.


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Some of the best free movie streaming apps in UK are here to check out.


1) Sony Crackle


Sony Crackle is one of the free movie apps that is available on Google play store and can be downloaded on mobiles. One can choose from a variety of TV shows, hit titles and range of genres.


Sony Crackle - free movie apps


They have the best collection of free movies, old classics as wells as the new hit movies. The streaming is smooth and easy to use. The free movies are ad-supported.


Sony Crackle - rating - free movie apps


The app allows you to watch TV series for free online. The large library from Sony production house and the trust in Sony makes this app recommendable.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Freeflix HQ


This app is free and offers free movies, anime, TV shows. Freeflix hosts a network of live TV channels and Sports channels in addition to the free movies.


FreeFlix - free movie apps


The app is ad-supported. It is simple to navigate. The video quality is good.


The built-in video player and subtitle support make the app attractive.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Pluto TV


Pluto TV is another option for free movie apps. It offers hundreds of TV channels; TV shows on-demand, and a multitude of movies. It is similar to other apps in that one gets video content in exchange for watching advertisements.


Pluto - free movie apps


The app is equipped with 17 curated movie stations for genres like horror, romance, comedy, etc. It is very simple to use inspite of the numerous features.


Pluto - rating - free movie apps


In addition to the free media content streamed, Pluto has free TV channels. Subtitles are available for all the free movies.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Popcornflix


This app is a free movie app for movie content. The app has a cache of 700 movies with news films being added on.


Popcornflix - free movie apps


Movies are of good quality. It allows streaming of TV series and original shows for free. They have a section dedicated to children.


Popcornflix - rating - free movie apps


While the streaming quality is just average there are issues related to buffering. The app works to the satisfaction of the user.

Google PlayApp Store



5) SnagFilms


Snagfilms is a service for free streaming of movies and documentaries. The app features more than 5000 movies and shows. This player is simple and the movies are of high quality.


Snagfilms - free movie apps


There is a variety of content in addition to TV programs to watch. The catalogue is aimed at classics and indie films.


Snagfilms - rating - free movie apps


Hence the new releases cannot be expected.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Tubi TV


This app is comparatively new and free for movies and TV shows. It claims to be a 100% all-in-one type streaming service with advertisements.


Tubi - free movie apps


A variety of genres from various places around the world can be accessed. The app offers a wide content range offering something for everybody, kids and adults. Comedy, drama, horror, classics, anime, TV series and games can be enjoyed.


Tubi - rating - free movie apps


Tubi TV maintains a catalogue of free movies and TV shows sorted by genre and are difficult to find elsewhere. Movies are of high quality and all films have subtitles. It is an excellent upcoming app and is highly recommended.

Google PlayApp Store




mobile app development


7) Yidio


Yidio is one of the free movie apps in UK that can be used to search for streamed content. You cannot watch any content on this app.


Yidio - free movie apps


You can search for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Showtime and or 300 other services to find movies you want to watch.


Yidio - rating - free movie apps


The catalogue is huge and includes a lot of paid services. Yidio is an efficient app in managing the movies and finding free movies.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Roku


There are platforms like set-top boxes, smart TVs, etc. that have apps with free content.


Roku - free movie apps


Roku channel offers free movies and TV shows along with its content on Roku devices.


Roku - rating - free movie apps


These free movie apps do not exist on Google Play and can be always explored for free streaming content.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Kodi


Kodi is a free media app for Android systems. It is not an online streaming app but you can watch movies which are stored on Kodisite.


Kodi - free movie apps


Local video and audio playback is supported. It comes with unique identification to control the app. The app can run plug-ins that deliver free media content.


Kodi - rating - free movie apps


The app works by storing files in the Kodi repository. The user can download this file easily in the duration of a minute.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Vudu


Vudu has the biggest collection of free movies. The catalogue can be browsed but you have to sign in to watch the movies.


Vudu - free movie apps


Registration is free. The ‘Free’ tab and ‘Free with ads’ tab allows you to spot the free movies with ease.


Vudu - rating - free movie apps


Vudu offers the best HD streaming with sound from Dolby. The app has a simple interface for access. Vudu categorizes movies on different genres for kids and adults.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Streamio


Streamio is a free streaming service and a content aggregator. The app combines several elements.




It has a search feature which can be linked to YouTube, Netflix, and the like. The app can be synced with video-on-demand services.


Stremio - rating


The wide range of streaming channels and cross-platform clients give Streamio the advantage over other free movie apps.

Google PlayApp Store



12) Viewster


Viewster is similar to YouTube but is a free movie app. The finding of movies based on genres is made easy. The media player gives you good quality and subtitles.




Viewster has a comment section for each free movie, reactions to the movies and a movie blog built into the app signing into the app permits one to personalize it detailing the history, preferences, and interests.


Viewster - rating


It can be password protected with parental control options.

Google PlayApp Store



13) Bigstar Movies


This app is a free movie app for independent movies, foreign films, short films, documentaries and award winning movies.




Acclaimed art movies can be watched for free. It is simple to use. The tab sorts movies by genre and helps in creating a playlist.


Bigstar - rating


The app is ridden with video ads and banner ads and they appear too often spoiling the viewing. Mainstream movies will not be available for viewing on this app.

Google PlayApp Store




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There are innumerable free movie apps available in UK to access the free and real mix of content online. Most of the free content is ad-supported.


Free movies can be viewed similar to a television, sitting through limited commercials. However, the movies are of good quality and the content original.


mobile app development


A word of caution though – “free movie or streaming” apps are notorious for cyber data pilfering and the onus is always on the user to check for proper security and privacy concerns first.


Make sure to as certain that the sites you are visiting are not breaking any copyright laws. In case of any doubt, use a certified and known VPN service prior to entering such dicey sites.