13 Best Free Movie Apps 2021

Wednesday September 4, 2019

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Streaming movies for free may sound pirated and illegal. But in reality, there is a whole gamut of free and legal streaming content on the internet. In UK, Movies and TV shows can be watched free on the multitude of movie apps.


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Most free movie viewing apps do not store their content on the device being used – they merely stream them over the internet, meaning you need to be online whilst viewing. This can be via a “Net Pack” or “Hot-Spot” or “Wi-Fi” connection.


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Some of the best free movie streaming apps in UK are here to check out.


1) Sony Crackle


Sony Crackle is one of the free movie apps that is available on Google play store and can be downloaded on mobiles. One can choose from a variety of TV shows, hit titles and range of genres.


Sony Crackle - free movie apps


They have the best collection of free movies, old classics as wells as the new hit movies. The streaming is smooth and easy to use. The free movies are ad-supported.


Sony Crackle - rating - free movie apps


The app allows you to watch TV series for free online. The large library from Sony production house and the trust in Sony makes this app recommendable.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Freeflix HQ


This app is free and offers free movies, anime, TV shows. Freeflix hosts a network of live TV channels and Sports channels in addition to the free movies.


FreeFlix - free movie apps


The app is ad-supported. It is simple to navigate. The video quality is good.


The built-in video player and subtitle support make the app attractive.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Pluto TV


Pluto TV is another option for free movie apps. It offers hundreds of TV channels; TV shows on-demand, and a multitude of movies. It is similar to other apps in that one gets video content in exchange for watching advertisements.


Pluto - free movie apps


The app is equipped with 17 curated movie stations for genres like horror, romance, comedy, etc. It is very simple to use inspite of the numerous features.


Pluto - rating - free movie apps


In addition to the free media content streamed, Pluto has free TV channels. Subtitles are available for all the free movies.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Popcornflix


This app is a free movie app for movie content. The app has a cache of 700 movies with news films being added on.


Popcornflix - free movie apps


Movies are of good quality. It allows streaming of TV series and original shows for free. They have a section dedicated to children.


Popcornflix - rating - free movie apps


While the streaming quality is just average there are issues related to buffering. The app works to the satisfaction of the user.

Google PlayApp Store



5) SnagFilms


Snagfilms is a service for free streaming of movies and documentaries. The app features more than 5000 movies and shows. This player is simple and the movies are of high quality.


Snagfilms - free movie apps


There is a variety of content in addition to TV programs to watch. The catalogue is aimed at classics and indie films.


Snagfilms - rating - free movie apps


Hence the new releases cannot be expected.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Tubi TV


This app is comparatively new and free for movies and TV shows. It claims to be a 100% all-in-one type streaming service with advertisements.


Tubi - free movie apps


A variety of genres from various places around the world can be accessed. The app offers a wide content range offering something for everybody, kids and adults. Comedy, drama, horror, classics, anime, TV series and games can be enjoyed.


Tubi - rating - free movie apps


Tubi TV maintains a catalogue of free movies and TV shows sorted by genre and are difficult to find elsewhere. Movies are of high quality and all films have subtitles. It is an excellent upcoming app and is highly recommended.

Google PlayApp Store




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7) Yidio


Yidio is one of the free movie apps in UK that can be used to search for streamed content. You cannot watch any content on this app.


Yidio - free movie apps


You can search for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Showtime and or 300 other services to find movies you want to watch.


Yidio - rating - free movie apps


The catalogue is huge and includes a lot of paid services. Yidio is an efficient app in managing the movies and finding free movies.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Roku


There are platforms like set-top boxes, smart TVs, etc. that have apps with free content.


Roku - free movie apps


Roku channel offers free movies and TV shows along with its content on Roku devices.


Roku - rating - free movie apps


These free movie apps do not exist on Google Play and can be always explored for free streaming content.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Kodi


Kodi is a free media app for Android systems. It is not an online streaming app but you can watch movies which are stored on Kodisite.


Kodi - free movie apps


Local video and audio playback is supported. It comes with unique identification to control the app. The app can run plug-ins that deliver free media content.


Kodi - rating - free movie apps


The app works by storing files in the Kodi repository. The user can download this file easily in the duration of a minute.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Vudu


Vudu has the biggest collection of free movies. The catalogue can be browsed but you have to sign in to watch the movies.


Vudu - free movie apps


Registration is free. The ‘Free’ tab and ‘Free with ads’ tab allows you to spot the free movies with ease.


Vudu - rating - free movie apps


Vudu offers the best HD streaming with sound from Dolby. The app has a simple interface for access. Vudu categorizes movies on different genres for kids and adults.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Streamio


Streamio is a free streaming service and a content aggregator. The app combines several elements.




It has a search feature which can be linked to YouTube, Netflix, and the like. The app can be synced with video-on-demand services.


Stremio - rating


The wide range of streaming channels and cross-platform clients give Streamio the advantage over other free movie apps.

Google PlayApp Store



12) Viewster


Viewster is similar to YouTube but is a free movie app. The finding of movies based on genres is made easy. The media player gives you good quality and subtitles.




Viewster has a comment section for each free movie, reactions to the movies and a movie blog built into the app signing into the app permits one to personalize it detailing the history, preferences, and interests.


Viewster - rating


It can be password protected with parental control options.

Google PlayApp Store



13) Bigstar Movies


This app is a free movie app for independent movies, foreign films, short films, documentaries and award winning movies.




Acclaimed art movies can be watched for free. It is simple to use. The tab sorts movies by genre and helps in creating a playlist.


Bigstar - rating


The app is ridden with video ads and banner ads and they appear too often spoiling the viewing. Mainstream movies will not be available for viewing on this app.

Google PlayApp Store




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There are innumerable free movie apps available in UK to access the free and real mix of content online. Most of the free content is ad-supported.


Free movies can be viewed similar to a television, sitting through limited commercials. However, the movies are of good quality and the content original.


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A word of caution though – “free movie or streaming” apps are notorious for cyber data pilfering and the onus is always on the user to check for proper security and privacy concerns first.


Make sure to as certain that the sites you are visiting are not breaking any copyright laws. In case of any doubt, use a certified and known VPN service prior to entering such dicey sites.


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