11 Best Personal Safety Apps

Monday June 10, 2019

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Crimes are happening at any time with anybody, be it men, women or young ones. There are always concerns of safety when you walk down the street or travel alone through untrusted zones especially at night.


Although you can’t avoid your all night-out plans, thankfully there is your smartphone technology that can come to your rescue in the moment of emergency assistance. With powerful, handy apps, your smartphone becomes more than just a means of texting and chatting.


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You can use personal safety apps for iPhone and Android devices to send text messages and alerts to your guardian and friends about your dangerous situation or wrongdoings.


These personal safety apps are designed to respond immediately and inform your contacts about your surrounding along with location details.


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Described below are our handpicked top 13 best personal safety apps for you to try:


1) Family Locator [Android]


Family Locator is the best personal safety app for 2019 and deserves to be on the top. It allows users to easily locate and connect with their family no matter how far they are.


Family Locator - personal safety apps


This app helps simplify staying connected with important people in your life especially at the time of emergency or threat. It allows you to create social element by creating your private group so that you can regularly chat with them.


Family Locator - rating


You can track real time location of your closed ones and receive alerts when they arrive and leave the preferred destination. Also, it helps you locate your stolen and lost phones.

Google Play




2) bSafe [Android/iOS]


bSafe is another best personal safety app for Android/iPhone that can be used by men and women equally. In a situation of peril, bSafe offers vital features like automatic video and audio recording, voice alarm activation and live streaming.


bsafe - personal safety apps


You have to set the SOS button using your voice even when you mobile is hidden in your pocket or purse. When activated, the audio alarm will be sent to your protectors and guardians who then will receive your location.


bsafe - rating


Its live streaming feature enables them to see and hear everything going on at your location. With its unique Follow me feature that lets your family member or friend follow you home via map inside the phone.

Google PlayApp Store




3) Life360 Family Locator [Android/iOS]


Life360’s Family Locator is quite handy for Family members who are worried about the safety and well-being of their kids. It lets you daily check-in on your young kids to ensure they are on track with their daily routine.


The app can be downloaded to the smartphone of your family members with Place alerts so that they can know whether or not their child comes home or ends up at soccer practice from after school.


life360 - personal safety apps


You can also remain informed of family member’s location. Its free version means designating two places for alerts for two days. Its paid app Life360Plus lets you choose 100 places with unlimited alerts.


life360 - rating


Moreover, you can also look to Life360Driver Protect that provides crash detection, roadside assistance, emergency response and driving behavior updates.

Google PlayApp Store




4) SOSmate [Android]


SOSmate has the credibility of being seen as a quick action safety app for Android. It also comes with an SOS power button that can be activated for providing emergency sounds and alerts like Police siren or whistler.


SoSmate - personal safety apps


You press the power button 7 times and the app pops up a small Emergency button on the lock screen double tapping which you can activate the panic option.




As a result, the police siren blows and your location is also sent to the guardians. You can customize the widget that contains panic button and whistle sound. Make sure WiFi or Data connection is kept on or your guardian won’t receive any email for assistance.

Google Play




5) Sprint Family Locator [Android,iOS]


Android’s one more amazing Family Locator app, Sprint uses GPS sensing to find out the location of your family member’s phone. You can locate any phone as long as it has sprint family plan which is all you need for precise real-time tracking and ensuring personal safety.


Sprint - personal safety apps


The app is also a great resort for finding your stolen or lost mobile device. You can also opt for using computer website sfl.sprint.com to detect the location of your family member.


Sprint - rating


The app is so reliable it automatically sends the message if your family member is not found in the said location.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Presence: Video Security [Android,iOS]


Presence is built to work on iPhone and addresses concerns of your personal safety perfectly. It allows you to re-purpose your existing iPhone and tablets to function as a home security solution by means of video security.


Presence - personal safety apps


You will be notified by the app via alerts when it notices abnormal motions inside your home.


Presence - rating


You also have an option to include your family, roommates or friends for receiving alerts.

Google PlayApp Store




7) BEWARE [Android]


Beware is a sharp personal safety app aimed at generating emergency SOS alerts when you find yourself in unhealthy or dangerous situations.


BEWARE - personal safety apps


It comes with many helpful features to enhance personal safety when you feel unsafe. All you need to do is to set alert, and the next time you sense the danger it gets activated.


BEWARE also comes with a geo fence to create a defined single location or a route fence. It automatically generates alerts as soon as you leave the fence.

Google Play




8) Shake2Safety [Android]


Shake2Safety is an effective personal safety app, and like many other apps it works by pressing power button four times. But you can also get the alerts by shaking your device which comes handy in emergency situations.


Shake2Safety - personal safety apps


It works even on locked screens or when there is no internet connection. It exempts you from registration process and allows you to send text to your guardian in predicament. You can even share pictures with them with location details or record and share audio in potentially dangerous times.

Google Play




9) Emergency Alert for Wear [Android]


Emergency Alert is a unique app that works on your Android wear devices. It makes your Android wear useful in situations of fear and threat.


Emergency alert - personal safety apps


This stunning personal safety app can be easily downloaded from Play Store on your Android smartphone and then enable it on your Wearable device.


To configure the app and get started, you can enter your contact number and emergency message and you are all set.

Google Play




10) Family Locator and GPS Tracker [iOS]


This app works to ensure the safety of your family members and children. The family tracker app is designed for iPhone users and leverages GPS to track the location of your members.


Family Locator - personal safety apps


It is a best emergency alert app for the safety of kids. Like many personal safety app, Family Locator and GPS tracker helps keep an eye on the current location your family members.


Family Locator - rating


You can also share messages with them. You will receive alerts on whether or not your kids leave school or if they have stepped into an unfamiliar, unsafe zone. It sends you SOS alert with exact location.

App Store




11) Chilla: Personal safety with Scream detection [Android]


Chilla best targets women safety and works by detecting scream even if your phone is kept in purse or pocket. Once activated, this smart and sensible app sends SMS and location as well as Email with audio recording to predefined guardian.


Chilla - personal safety apps


The app also automatically initiates a call to respective guardian in emergencies. Chilla is also useful at times when you sense a heart attack and sends victim’s location and recording to a concerned person immediately.

Google Play



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You always need a trustworthy companion with you all the time, someone who provides reliable support.


Mentioned above are top 13 best personal safety apps that have been chosen considering the safety and assurance it offers to people who often travel alone or find themselves in unpredictable emergency.


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These incredible personal safety mobile apps can be your active support and help you connect with your guardian and send them alert messages in threatening situations without wasting a moment.


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