10 Best Free Stock Trading Apps UK

Friday March 22, 2019

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Maximum returns and minimum risk for financiers are the investment, two important objectives. Keeping in mind the investment strategy (debt or equity) investment has become an important option for today’s financier.


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Regardless of whether you have a well-managed portfolio, both the risks and returns have been created but information on the securities market basics is very important.


But in UK, free stock trading apps will prove very useful for understanding the maximum returns and minimum risk whine.


Let’s discuss the best free 10 Stock Trading Apps that are very much popular in the UK:


Acorns Stock Market Simulator
Motif Explorer SigFig
Yahoo Finance Bloomberg
Fidelity Investment CNBC
Benznga WealthFront App


1. Acorns


Acorns is one of the best free stock trading apps in UK that you install on your mobile device. And not just the mobile app is absolutely free, but there is no minimum initial deposit requirement. You can fund your account in a traditional way, such as a lump sum or automatic recurring deposit.


  • Acorns facilitate you to choose from one of five investment portfolios
  • Each portfolio includes only the different allocation of six Index-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • This not only eliminates the need for personal security selection, but it also results in lower transaction costs


Acorns - stock trading apps uk


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2. Stock Market Simulator


It is one of the influential free stock trading apps in UK that makes it simple to engage yourself in the stock trading market.


  • To begin with, you are given 25,000$ which can be used to trade more than 50,000 real-time stocks.
  • In addition to regular stocks, you can also explore and experiment with Exchange Traded Funds, bonds, and digital money such as Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and so forth.
  • Stock Market Simulator incorporates potent tools similar to order stops features and edges to simulate stock trading
  • In your portfolio, the stock trading app shows weekly and month cyclic graphs so that you will get an improved report of the overall trading act.


Stock Market Simulator - stock trading apps uk


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3. Motif Explorer


Instead of offering a bundle of different stocks, Exchange Traded Funds and other related resources, this leading stock market app classifies assets into dissimilar small investment ranges, made around a rigorous niche in the trade market.


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  • There are more than 150 wisely made min investments for the new financier, however, you can also create your own motif if you would like to take a new investment mode.
  • Each investment that you create costs 9.95 US dollars. Even if this amount may sound overpriced, which is more, important to think that 9.95 dollars are purchasing around 30 stocks and Exchange Trade Funds for you!


Motif Explorer - stock trading apps uk


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4. SigFig


Not like other financing apps, SigFig facilitates you to manage 100% of your investments in the Stock Exchange.


  • After signing up, this stock market app offers you a tailored investment strategy to get high returns. In addition, if you are not able to do your work, you just have to pay $10 per month in order to handle your account.
  • Another feature that makes SigFig different from other stock market app. It guides new financier to understand better about investments by tracing their returns and keeping them aware of current stock updates and research.
  • However other stock market apps may simply follow as much return as possible, this stock market app advises you on investments from side to side education in addition.


SigFig - stock trading apps uk


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5. Yahoo Finance


In this stock market app you can easily track specific stocks, just add them to a watch list in order to get quotes and customized news regarding the businesses.


  • Flip your phone into landscape mode to look at full-screen graphs. These give a lot of data regarding stocks and even facilitates you to check completely different choices.
  • The past pursuit of the market, the stock app will even give data on exchanges, commodities, equities, bonds, and markets. Users also can follow more than one hundred completely different crypto currencies, as well as the foremost well-known: Bitcoin.
  • All of your personal stock data will synchronize between multiple devices


Yahoo Finance - stock trading apps uk


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6. Bloomberg


This stock market app offers lots of info for an open-ware stock app. and though you can’t invest directly from the app, nor can the app handle your cash for you, its lots of out there data which will assist you to take a position.


  • The app offers current news each throughout the market similarly as news on the market and current finances and incorporates a platform that’s easy to use.
  • Though this stock market app is free of cost and simple to use and offers various data similarly as customization choices it will have some setbacks. The app has various news and information, however, it is not endless.


Bloomberg - stock trading apps uk


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7. Fidelity Investment


From this stock market mobile app you can manage your profile and watch lists; investigation; and trade stocks, ETFs, and many more.


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  • Furthermore along with news, here and now quotes, videos, and innovative charting, you can every time be on top of the stock market.
  • You can access the personalized feed for both IOS and Android platform an industry-first, vibrant experience with well-timed and pertinent portfolio, market information in addition to made-to-order updates and custom-made content


Fidelity Investment - stock trading apps uk


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CNBC is very much similar to Bloomberg stock app, it provides day-to-day news coverage with stock market quotes on demand, videos and watches complete CNBC programs.


  • If you can’t notice the time in your day to watch television or read a newspaper to urge the news related to investment, the CNBC is the best-suited app.
  • The app has drawn positive reviews from existing users, with a single power-driven user the app is “Simple to navigate. Quick, dependable access to all or any the news and stats of interest to Pine Tree State. A nice way to begin the day, and continue your investments.”


CNBC - stock trading apps uk


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9. Benznga


This stock market app is very different from CNBC, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance, as it doesn’t only supply stock market news.


  • Instead, Benzinga is more similar to a social media app for financing. Not only does it feature current market tweets and the ability to share articles and news on social media, but its focus is also more on day-to-day affairs in the market, as opposed to the market as a whole.
  • This stock market app makes itself prides by providing real-time information, in addition, to prompt stock quotes, trading news and related news


Benzinga - stock trading apps uk


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10. Wealthfront App


It provides a good option for a new financier searching for a somewhat more hands-off method for trading.

  • This stock market app will take your minimum security of 500 US dollar and invest it for you for free with the proviso that your account balance is below 10,000 US dollar.
  • Once the balance reaches 10,000 US dollar, nevertheless, you are charged 0.25% of the returns worth of management of a year.


wealthfront - stock trading apps uk


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