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10 Best Business Apps in the UK

Tuesday March 12, 2019

The number of users working around a smartphone for businesses and development has been rising tremendously from the last decade. The capacity of smartphone and the functions it can do has grown from ever beginning and we are almost switching mobiles and apps for our everyday tasks.

Similarly, it is also possible to even run a business through this emerging technology. With the smartphone users estimated to hit around 2.5 billion by next year, one can find an app for everything a business could ever require for its development and management.

A multitude of apps are available from administration to management and accounting, they are a great pro for small to large businesses. These apps can help to streamline the tasks and processes through improving productivity and efficiency.

While there are plenty of useful apps, this article will help you with a list of apps which can boost business productivity, organization, and management related issues in the UK.

Apps for business organization and productivity purposes

1. Returns reminder

This app helps to send alerts to the phone when VAT, Corporation tax or house filings are due or late. All that one needs to do is set reminders of frequency required and despite all the several other tasks you may be struck with, this app will never fail to remind you about the harsh penalties you may get and the due dates you need to fulfill.


  • Reminds you about due dates for filing taxes
  • Reminds you about house filings
  • Simple yet solution to problems
  • Frequency can be set according to custom requirements

Download : Android, iOS

2. Evernote

This is one of the widely used apps across the app. It helps to organize the work and notes and to share with others.


  • Helps to effortlessly organize work and notes
  • Notes can be a variety of forms such as photos, sketches or PDF
  • Can be synced with devices
  • Can create memos and agendas including presentations
  • Handy and simple to use

Download : Android, iOS

3. Clear

Clear is one of the easiest and simplest apps to get oneself more organized. It helps to offer organized to do lists and mesh with your phone’s framework.


  • Meshes with phone’s framework and helps to easily give out on tasks to do
  • Send push notifications
  • Reminders as set by intervals
  • No free Should be purchased by onetime payment

Download : iOS

Apps For Accounting and Payment Related

1. Sage – Accounting

This app helps to reduce time spent on administrative works around the business. It helps improve efficiency by organizing all the accounting related tasks at one go.


  • Create invoices, quotes, and expenses in the app itself
  • Can manage stock levels and create records
  • Can also compare performance once a week or month or quarterly
  • Can track money and payments records

Download : Android, iOS

2. Pay Pal

Pay pal is another widely used app globally to manage several transactions and account history in the business world.


  • Can help create and send invoices
  • Manage sales and tracking account activity
  • Check sales trend monthly or yearly
  • Can transfer through mobile directly to customers through their information, including overseas
  • No need to queue at the bank can move the money to a linked bank account

Download : Android, iOS

Communication apps

1. Slack

This app helps team communication-making day to day communication easy and simple. It is one of the most used and recommended apps for group communications and project-related discussions.


  • Conversations among groups and teams
  • Conversations can be organized according to projects or activities, as required
  • Can be integrated with Dropbox, google drive, and others
  • Can do one to one calls
  • Can send messages to individual or groups and search up to ten thousands of messages in the record

Download : Android, iOS

2. Microsoft teams

This is another popular app which helps in discussing and organizing with the teamwork. It helps organize team files and meetings along with discussions at a single go.


  • Can collate conversations, files, apps, and meetings at a single place
  • Can do chat privately with other members or in groups
  • Video conference facilities with HD video and audio
  • Can manage team project editing and sharing
  • Can search in team chats and conversations quickly

Download : Android, iOS

Apps For Marketing and CRM

1. Sales force

This app is very useful to run your business from your pocket. You can sell and close deals on the go and helps to combine CRM, business procedures and decision making.


  • Live updates of reports and dashboards
  • Informed decision making on the go
  • Integrates chatter to connect with team members
  • View and create conversations, manage them

Download : Android, iOS

2. Pipe drive

Pipe drive is a popular CRM app to manage small teams in order to give control over sales results. It is highly rated and good at managing small interactions and group projects.


  • Allows to access contacts and deal history
  • Create to-dos
  • Create tasks and take meeting notes
  • Logging phone calls
  • Track progress of over 75000 companies
  • Sales reporting and forecast deals and revenue
  • Identify opportunities for development

Download : Android, iOS

Google apps for small businesses

Google has a variety of apps useful for varied purposes and one such for small business also exists. It is free to use and is widely used for several purposes around the globe.


  • It has all – from word processing to spreadsheets
  • Free to use
  • Information in the google app held in the cloud
  • Synced regularly, can start a document on phone and edit at the computer
  • Easily accessible database when on the move
  • Cloud-based app, won’t lose even if mobile or computer malfunctions
  • Adjust settings for sharing and collaboration by others

Given above the popular apps useful for business in 2019. With wide-ranging competition for businesses around the globe, these apps are widely helpful to help in organizing, management, and development.

They help set daily reminders and collaborate with others in group work projects. With the onset of digital technology and app interface, these apps are no less in making our lives easier and better organized.


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