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10 Best Online Free Dating Apps in the UK [2019]

Monday March 11, 2019

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Navigating around for online dating is totally a thing right now at present-day era. There are several options offered by several best free dating apps available online in UK.


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This singles who are actively seeking the partners have several preferences and hence these apps are developed to be accessible and serving interests of several such individuals.


After trying and testing out several  free online dating apps, these are the best and most seek free apps in the market for dating in UK.




Be it for quick meet up or slow and blossoming romance, these free online dating apps in UK are what you may need right now with several new features inbuilt within them.


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1. Tinder

Tinder - free dating apps


Tinder is well known by many and popular among youth for its endless possibilities. It is one of the most sought and used apps, in fact, saturated apps. The age of tinder has changed the way we date.


tinder - free dating apps


  • Gives a whole lot of options
  • Mostly used and popular app
  • Easy to use
  • Several opportunities
  • Established base in several countries


Download : Android, iOS


2. Bumble

Bumble - free dating apps


Bumble is also one of the most popular free dating apps in many countries, especially the UK. It is best for putting yourself out there and looking for opportunities.


Wipes out the traditional culture of men making move, and makes women meet their guys.


bumble - free dating apps


  • With over forty million users, it is well known to make valuable connections
  • Female users can make contact with matched male users
  • Seen as feminist matchmaking
  • If the person also swipes for you, the conversation can begin
  • Location based dating app


Download : Android, iOS


3. Hinge

Hinge - free dating apps

The hinge is well known to tell more about the witty and fun side of the partner. It showcases the sarcasm and this feature makes you effortlessly fall in love with the app.


hinge - free dating apps


  • Can customize the profile to key bits of personal information as one wishes
  • Witty and fun
  • Helps you find real relationships as well
  • For those who want to get off the normal dating apps
  • Requires subscription for the ‘real’ relationships


Download : Android, iOS


4. Happn

Happn - free dating apps


Happn is a real-time dating app which makes you access the person you want to date without feeling like a stalker. It helps meet persons when you cross paths with them in real life.


happn - free dating apps


  • Location-based search
  • Users can chat if both like each other
  • Often used for hook-ups
  • Fifty million users and counting, hence you can easily cross path with people you met in real life as well
  • If you cross someone’s path, their profile will be added on top of the feed


Download : Android, iOS




5. Wingman

Wingman - free dating apps

Wingman helps our friends to find a date for us! Surprised, yes this is the deal. You can let your buddy take the zone and select a mate for you.


wingman - free dating apps


  • Friends choosing the partner
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Can screen potential dates and then decide


Download : Android, iOS


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6. Pickable

Pickable - free dating apps

Pickable is one of the best free dating apps in UK to those who seek privacy in their lives. You only chose to reveal to themselves whom are you get into interested at a later stage.


pickable - free dating apps


  • Those who like private life
  • Can let others check pictures only if you choose
  • Can browse anonymously
  • Can reveal yourself after you are comfortable or interested
  • No requirement to fill up age or name or profile


Download : Android, iOS


7. Badoo

Badoo - free dating apps


Badoo is here for those who like to look into their favorite celebs. One of the largest dating community, you can literally find everyone and anyone in here. It is one of the biggest free online dating apps in the UK.




  • 190 countries and 47 languages
  • Launched in 2009, much before the Tinder age
  • Facial recognition feature, upload picture of someone you like and you can match up to similar interests
  • Can make both dates and friends
  • Over 400,000 people in the platform
  • Most widely used app in several countries


Download : Android, iOS


8. Coffee meets Bagel


coffee meets bagel


This app is for those who are patient and are seeking for the only one. It is one of its kind in providing users who are interested in serious dating.


coffee meets


  • Can link up through hobbies, education or age
  • Quality matches every day
  • Authentic connections
  • Emphasis on user profiles
  • Dating app which most women enjoy using


Download : Android, iOS


9. Chappy




Chappy is a free online dating app for that gay man who are patiently waiting for the one. It is a new gating app which made news due to its unique nature.




  • Offers Right services
  • Safe space for gay dating
  • Verify users through facebook
  • Personal scale for users interests


Download : Android, iOS


10. Huggle

Huggle - free dating apps


Huggle, founded by two females help match people as per locations tagged on other social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.




  • Connects people based on common place
  • Discover those who go to similar places or restaurants
  • Same taste in travel and lifestyle
  • Those with mutual interest can join together


Download : Android, iOS


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Given above are the top and best-rated free dating apps available in the UK. These apps are quite known and prominent for the easy interface and a wide number of users in different countries.


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They are established to serve the tastes and preferences of several users. While some free dating apps in UK serve for light-minded hook-ups, there are others who make you meet prospective serious individuals with similar tastes and lifestyle.

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