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Social & entertainment industry has been incredibly revolutionized with the ever-growing popularity of smartphones. Digitization and latest innovations have completely changed the trend of the emerging entertainment ecosystem. From digital gaming to interactive videos, real-time broadcast of radio channels, live TV everything has been transformed in this sector & it becomes one of the most challenging industries when it comes to delivering innovative ideas.

According to reports, over 685B hours was spent globally on social apps in 2018which has a wider user engagement particularly between Gen Z (age 16-24).While, the time spent on social networking and messaging apps grew year-over-year, the video has become an expected feature for social media apps. Whether it’s live streaming, video-calling or short-form videos, apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Line, WhatsApp have topped the list.


Promotes social interaction
Helps in seeking information
Provides entertainment
Express thoughts & opinions
Higher conversion rates
Better customer satisfaction
Easy connectivity
Increase brand awareness


Social and Entertainment

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Social and Entertainment

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Social and Entertainment

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