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About the App

RVU is a cross-platform rating and review app designed as a social media platform that can gather reviews from existing users as well as new users. With plenty of categories to list on the app, it is also available for business owners.

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Scope of project:

RVU App (Android + iOS)

Web admin panel (Web only)

Timeline: 3 months


Java & Swift

Feature List:

  • Create/ Edit Profile
  • Create reviews
  • Select preferences/ categories
  • Get instant notifications
  • Set bio and basic information
  • Manage media files like images or videos
  • Has security & necessary privacy settings
  • Users can express their opinions freely
  • Share experiences with others
  • Helps business owners to improve their performance & service 


RVU is a rating and reviewing application designed for both Android & iOS app. Here users can rate and review services. Basically, there are total 15 categories and sub-categories on which the user can rate from 5, 4,3,2,1 using stars or thumbs down actions or even give comments. Product categories include airlines, entertainment, books, people, sports, furniture, technology, TV shows etc.

It is a platform where users can express their opinions freely, share experiences and also collect valuable information from people they know or don’t know.

As a useful indication that helps the business owner to improve their service and performance, RVU is intended to be a user-friendly app and therefore all its features are designed to achieve this goal.

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