10 Best Free Hotel Booking Apps in UK 2021

Wednesday March 13, 2019

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With smart phone use firmly entrenched in the travel industries, companies in  UK now focusing more on best free hotel booking apps to make it easier for customers to navigate through the sales funnel.


In fact, in many cases, booking or buying via an app is much cheaper as companies have special offers just for app based bookings-and purchases.


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The travel industry in UK has finally caught up to the fact that free hotel booking apps are the way to go – hotels have optimized their websites to accommodate customer needs.


Considering that more than 80% of internet users now use their phones to make bookings, just about 30% of properties implement a mobile app strategy.


That said, here is a look at the list the best free apps for hotel bookings in the UK.


10 Best Free Hotel Booking Apps in the UK


Booking.com eBookers Travel
Kayak.com Hotels.com
Hotel Tonight Skyscanner Hotels
Travelocity Laterooms
Conrad Concierge Hotel Priceline


1. Booking.com


This is the best known and most used among the best free hotel booking apps and has taken not only UK but also Europe by storm.


Not only a front runner in the travel game, this platform is available for use on both the iOS and Android platforms.


A recent change in their policy blocks sharing of customer information such as email ids and contact numbers with hotels listed on their app preventing any direct contact between the two parties.


It is quickly being recognized as the perfect yet formidable digital marketplace to advertise and offer their rooms to prospective guests from all over the globe.


booking - hotel booking apps


Key Features User can search and find the best possible deals at the best rates.

  • Offers flexibility of adding, cancelling days, and also has the option of checking-in online
  • To make browsing simpler, the app syncs searches with one’s online browser.
  • Provides additional features such as travel guides, destinations to explore, secret deals, etc.


Download : Android, iOS


2. eBookers Travel


This app’s slogan “the world in your pocket” embodies what the app can do for a traveler.


Available as a free service on both the Android and iOS platforms, the app has been designed so that it can pretty much do everything in terms or booking your travel.


Offering consumers, the option to search for hotels across the world, the app offers exclusive promotions, bonuses and a mechanism to keep track of multiple bookings.


ebookers' travel - hotel booking apps


It offers some standalone features that sets it apart from its competition:

  • You can access your e-bookers itineraries stored in the app – even without a data connection.
  • You can check the status of your flight with one-tap access.
  • You get the option to book last minute travel with smart search feature where you can potentially save up to 65% off hotels with mobile only deals.


Download : Android, iOS


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3. Kayak.com


Kayak.com is a travel search and booking engine with a difference. Unlike its competitors like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz, Kayak is not in the business of selling travel directly.


In fact, it functions as a neutral platform when the user requests information about a flight or hotel and returns hundreds of searches from across travel sites.


With an advanced algorithm in place, Kayak looks through prices and itineraries of over 550 airlines and 85,000+ hotels.


Kayak - hotel booking apps


The user can use this information and book directly with the service provider. Here are some of Kayak.com’s USPs:

  • The app’s interface is cleaner and friendlier, with a simple and minimalistic design
  • The app permits the user to search for the same booking on competitor travel sites – a great way to compare prices, inclusions and exclusions prior to making the final booking.
  • Add on features include a customized packing list, currency converter and the airline directory.
  • The app is present not only on popular channels like iOS and Android but also have a Windows and Kindle Fire versions too.


Download : Android, iOS


4. Hotels.com


As another stalwart in the booking industry, hotels.com app has over 70 million downloads and a rating of 4.5+ on both Google play and iTunes app stores.


Developed in collaboration with EPAM Systems Inc, it was recognized as one of the best apps for airlines, hotels, travel search engines, destinations, cruises, travel advice or car rentals in 2018 by Appy Awards.


Hotels com - hotel booking apps


Just like any other app in the travel domain, hotels.com too allows the user to find hotels through comprehensive sort and filter options and geo-location features.


Extra features that makes all the difference to the user includes:

  • Comparing hotels by advanced sorting functions like features and prices, exploring app only deals and booking hotels as last minute as 5am for the same night is available on the app.
  • Post booking features include –in-stay functionality, keyless entry using mobile key technology allows hotels.com travelers to check-in, check-out and access room entry without a physical keycard
  • For iOs users, the app introduced a Siri shortcut that has made life for holidaymakers much easier. Now travelers can check their hotels details on the go by simply using the voice feature.
  • Exclusive offers such as “Deals for Tonight”, “Secret Price” may possibly offer up to 50% savings. Another fantastic that users can take advantage of is “”Collect 10 Nights, Get 1 Free” feature.


Download : Android, iOS


5. Hotel Tonight


This booking app is another highly rated app for both Android, Windows and iOS platforms and perfect for those in to holiday planning at the last minute.


Concentrating on commerce, the app is feature rich, thus creating fierce competition in the travel and hospitality segment.


Hotel Tonight - hotel booking apps


Focusing on making the customer experience more streamlines, the app has rolled out the following features:

  • The app lets the user book between a 100 to 14 days in advance, but the some of the best deals are available last minute which offers going live at noon each day.
  • It’s ‘Daily Drop’ feature is the highlight of a traveler’s day which basically allows the user to unlock secret deals and book within a 15 minute window before it disappears.
  • Users have a choice of hotels to book from – Basic, Solid, Charming, Hip, Luxe, and Highroller.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. Skyscanner hotels


Skyscanner’s 3 in 1 Android and iOs app has just make hotel bookings, flight comparison, searching for car hire deals a breeze.


This site’s app recently reached the top of Google’s searches for cheap escapes. The UI is attractive and offers pictures of rooms in hotels chosen by the customer.


sky scanner - hotel booking apps


Some app features that makes it one of the best hotel booking apps to have on your smartphone are:

  • An awesome feature is the Price Alert function specifically if you have planned the holiday and are committed to make a booking. Whenever there is a drop in the price of a hotel, you get an email alert straight away.
  • The app shows the users all platforms and their respective prices for the hotel that the user is wanting to book. This is because the cheapest option is not necessarily the best.
  • If you wish to book a last minute weekend trip, then look for the Weekend Getaways feature, perfect to book quick holidays, last minute.


Download : Android, iOS


7. Travelocity


One of the first to get into the app space, Travelocity has constantly endeavoured to better is offerings to its mobile users over the years.


Bu streamlining all aspects of the holiday planning business, the app’s objective is to move its users quickly through the booking process, through a more visual experience.


Along with hotel, flight bookings, car rentals, the app also allows the user to book activities at the holiday destination.




Here are the features that will make you love the Travelocity app:

  • The app offers a ‘customer first guarantee’ where the user is able to connect with the service team in three easy steps.
  • Special member discounts are available that rewards the user for their loyalty towards the brand.
  • Users get updated hotel recommendations on the home screen which makes booking your hotel a very tempting thought, especially when you check the app daily.


With access to over 300,000 hotels, the Travelocity mobile app surprises its users with ‘Top Secret Deals’ that offers mystery hotels at heavy discounted price points.


Download : Android, iOS


8. Laterooms


Again, one of the early adopters of the mobile app culture, the app boasts access to over 200,000 properties worldwide. However, its niche lies in offering deals on UK hotels, more than any other hotel booking apps in the travel and hospitality sector.

late rooms

Welcoming spontaneity, the app is still considered to be‘the destination’ to book late stays, be it for a leisurely visitor a business tour. Here’s why the Laterooms app is a specialist in last minute travel bookings:

  • Users can book their travel even on the day of their arrival based on 1.2 trusted hotel guest reviews available on their mobile app.
  • Featuring app only hotel rates is a huge attraction for users getting better deals on this platform.
  • The app also has an auto-card scanning facility that makes the payment process even more seamless.


Download : Android, iOS


9. Conrad Concierge Hotel:


As a niche entry, this app denotes everything luxurious and also a brand that has kept up with technology.


A brand spin off from Hilton, the Conrad group of hotels offers its customers the best luxury available, across its properties around the globe.


Available on both both iOs and Android platform, users can make reservations and even order room service at its restaurants anywhere in the world via this mobile app.


hilton honours


The app’s top features are:

  • The app allows quick room bookings and reservations on any of its properties, worldwide.
  • It also offers guests a choice of personalized itineraries, which is an added benefit to app users. Curated by trusted travel authority, NilouMotamed, these recommended itineraries offer prospective holidaymakers with exciting and appropriate ideas on what to do in any of Conrad’s locations.


With this, the Conrad Concierge Hotel app has set new standards in luxury travel booking.


Download : Android, iOS


10. Priceline


This is one of the best free hotel booking apps which has the best layout making it the easiest to navigate. Just like any other hotel booking platform, Priceline too offers the everyday functionalities – search, pick a hotel, and confirm your reservation.




However, there are a few extra features that can help its users find great rates like:

  • location-based feature that recommends relevant hotel listings comparing it with the user’s destination.


Since navigability plays a crucial role in UX, and the ability to name your own price (price mentioned by customer and non-refundable booking), this is an app that is widely used.


It sounds a bit gimmicky, but many travelers have saved a lot of money by using this app.


Download : Android, iOS


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Closing Thought:


Businesses of every stripe are spending a lot of money on iOS app development as well as Android App development to make sure that they reach the widest possible customer base.


As a customer, it is your responsibility to make a booking as early as possible.  Free hotel booking apps make it easier for you to find the right room in the UK you want to visit – but doing it as far in advance as possible is essential.


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It would also pay to check if there are any extra costs involved with bookings, which could eventually result in higher prices overall. Do check which meals are included with the price of the room as it will lower overall trip costs.


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