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How to Create an App Like edX

If you are looking for university-level online programs, edX is bound to pop up in your internet search results.  ...

Wednesday March 11, 2020

How to Create an App Like Spotify?

The Spotify Story   The Spotify application was officially launched in 2008. Since then, it has become one of the...

Wednesday February 5, 2020

How to Create an App like Snapchat?

Just like everyone else, you must love to express and communicate your feelings emotionally. And Snapchat offers that emotional outlet....

Thursday November 28, 2019

How to Create an App like Tinder?

Nowadays, it is very easy to create a mobile app like Tinder. In order to create a Tinder-like app for...

Tuesday November 19, 2019

How to Build a Personal Finance App

In the times of increased money flows, these have to be effective indeed.   A few years ago, individuals had their...

Tuesday August 6, 2019


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