10 Best Mobile Banking Apps in the UK 2021

Wednesday April 17, 2019

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With rapid evolution in mobile technology, mobile banking has jumped quickly from being a hot trend to a decent necessity of modern times. With increased number of millennials in UK expecting to access banking services through mobile banking apps, mobile app development is set on the rise.


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As the digital interactions with banks are rapidly transforming the way we bank, the need for physically meeting banks professionals and reps are surprisingly eliminated.


However, choosing the best mobile banking app to conduct banking operations is tedious job.


To help you down the road, the blog here brings up the top 10 best mobile banking apps in UK that are picked based on the range of functions and the level of service satisfaction they offer.


Consider the following list of mobile banking apps UK.


Barclays Mobile Banking App Natwest Mobile Banking App
Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking App The Halifax Banking App
Santander Banking App Royal Bank of Scotland App
HSBC Banking App Nationwide Banking App
TSB App Monzo Banking App


1. Barclays Mobile Banking App


Barclays Mobile Banking App holds the reputation as one of the most sought-after banking services with over 5 million installs. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Barclays mobile app is graced with 4.6 stars rating by its users.


It offers a few impressively stunning features along with fundamentally essential banking tools to help account holders carry out their everyday banking operations.


The users who own rooted devices will not be able to interact with Barclays app since the app doesn’t support rooted devices. Like many other mobile banking apps, Barclays app also allows users to check their current balance, access account details, send or receive money and earn rewards.


Barclays - Mobile Banking Apps


A few noteworthy features are:
  • Account overview and access
  • Payments and transfers
  • Loan and cash rewards
  • Tips and directions
  • Branch locator
  • Security


Google PlayApp Store




2. NatWest Mobile Banking App


NatWest Mobile banking app prides itself on being an award-winning app for two years. British Banking awards has entitled the NatWest banking app as ‘Best Banking App’ in 2017 and 2018 which is a rare honor.


Users have also appreciated the app’s intuitive banking services, giving the app a million downloads and 4+ ratings in the app stores.


It is available for both iOS and Android and delivers utmost simplicity of use and security coupled with incredible features.


It helps users stay on top of the banking activities by letting them manage their account, check their existing balance and conduct transactions.


NatWest - Mobile Banking Apps


The prominent features that make NatWest a gem among mobile banking apps are:
  • Account Overview & Quick Access
  • Payments
  • Get Cash
  • Branch Locator
  • Security


Google PlayApp Store




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3. Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking app


Lloyd mobile banking app is also quite special as Forrester rated it as a top Mobile Banking service in 2017. Having been honored as a Mobile Banking Benchmark, Lloyd Bank Mobile Banking app has earned a million downloads and 4+  average ratings in the app stores. This also works on both Android and iOS.


What makes it compelling is its ease of use, fast response and phenomenal security and safety of user details ensured with built-in security technology.




The app is regarded best for its usability and effortless functionality mixed with best customer experience.


Lloyds Bank - Mobile Banking Apps


Here are some of its main features:
  • Account overview
  • Payments and transfer
  • Branch and ATM finder
  • Security


Google PlayApp Store




4. The Halifax banking App


With 4.4 average rating in the app store and more than a million downloads, The Halifax stands tall among mobile banking apps in UK and deserves a spot on the list.


Its unique features, simple and intuitive design and user-friendly attributes add true value for bank customers. Available for Android and iOS platforms, the Halifax banking app boasts its cheque deposit, a feature that sets it apart from closet contenders.


Again, this app also allows you to perform all the basic functions of mobile banking. Like other apps, the Halifax Mobile banking app does not work on rooted or jail broken devices.


The Halifax - Mobile Banking Apps


Its main features and functions can be summed as.
  • Easy access and overview
  • Deposits, payments and transfers
  • High Security


Google PlayApp Store




5. Santander Banking App


The list of best mobile banking apps in UK is incomplete without respectable inclusion of Santander Banking app.

The app has registers a million downloads and has received ratings of 4.1 on the app store. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.


Santander Banking App is impressively optimized for making money management a breeze for customers. Its ‘bill splitting’ tool adds tremendous glory to the original app.


The support for multiple accounts, smart finance tracking and other gems make Santander Mobile banking app worthy of our attention.


Santander Bank US - Mobile Banking Apps


Below are the main features of the app:
  • Easy access and overview of multiple accounts
  • Deposits, payments and transfers
  • Bill splitting
  • Branch and ATM locator
  • Security


Google PlayApp Store




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6. Royal Bank of Scotland App


Royal Bank of Scotland mobile banking app is designed to make banking a fast and secure experience for users.


Loaded with handy set of features, the app enables convenient banking with a built-in security technology keeping your account details safe.


It also offers outstanding features like money transfer between accounts, making payments and fingerprint login.


The best among all is its ability to even let visually impaired people access the same app as used by normal-sighted people.


The Royal Bank of Scotland app basks in positive reputation that emerges from the leading 4.5 ratings in the app store and registers a million downloads.


Royal Bank of Scotland - Mobile Banking Apps


The app’s main features include:
  • Access and overview
  • Payments and transfers
  • Branch Locators and Get Cash


Google PlayApp Store




7. HSBC Banking App


The fact that HSBC Banking app has received over 5 million downloads aptly compensates for its slightly unimpressive rating on the app store.


Undoubtedly, the bank has ample customer base and offers all the basic banking functions in the mobile app.


mobile app development


Just as other mobile banking apps do, this one also allows customers to access their account details and perform transactions smoothly.


To be eligible for using the app, customers should register for Personal Internet Banking. Registered users are free to avail all the functionalities on its online banking platform.


HSBC - Mobile Banking Apps


The main features of the HSBC Banking App include:
  • Easy Account access and overview
  • Payments and transfers
  • Branch and ATM locator
  • Security


Google PlayApp Store




8. Nationwide Banking App


Nationwide Banking app is another reliable resort for all your basic and intermediate banking needs. Along with basic utility, the app is also much improved with fresh updates, now allowing customers to access account details and manage multiple accounts.


The number of downloads has hit over one million with average rating of 3.9 in the app store.


Notably enough, Nationwide Bank has two mobile banking apps, one for banking and another for insurance policies management that also enables bills payment, rate quotes updates and local agent location. Both are available for iOS and Android.


Nationwide - Mobile Banking Apps


Its general features are:
  • Access and overview
  • Payments and transfers
  • Other features


Google PlayApp Store




9. TSB App


TSB app is built with easy-to-use features and user-friendly interface, creating a sophisticated appeal for bank customers. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, it has received 500, 000 downloads already in the Play Store. TSB app is still improving with fine updates from its developers in its early stage.


The frequent updates are released to improve existing features. TSB app will not work on rooted devices.


TSB - Mobile Banking Apps


Some of its top features are:
  • Easy access and account overview
  • Payments and fund transfers
  • Converter and locator


Google PlayApp Store




10. Monzo Banking App


Freely available on both Android and iOS, Monzo is the only bank with exclusively digital, mobile-only banking solution in the United Kingdom.


Quite unique among peer mobile banking apps for this streak, the app received more than 100,000 downloads and ratings of 4.2 on the app store.


Monzo Bank users are allowed to open a current account and can officially own a sort code, account number and aMonzo debit card.


Customers can use their Monzo card to pay anywhere in the world as long as they accept Mastercard. Bank transfer is made easy with standing orders and direct debits.


Upon making a payment, you receive instant notification. If you lose Monzo card, you can easily freeze it. The bank also allows for a salary account.


Monzo Bank - Mobile banking apps


Prominent features of Monzo banking app are:
  • Current account and salary account
  • Payments and transfers
  • Protection against card loss
  • Free international debit card payments


Google PlayApp Store




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The list above describes 10 best mobile banking apps used widely all over UK.


Essential and handy, they all assist account holders in controlling and managing their finance efficiently while also monitoring their transactions precisely.


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From viewing account balance and latest statements to making payments and transfers, each mobile banking app has unique potential for offering quality and functionality. You are free to install the one that suits your personal financial requirements.


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