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Tuesday October 15, 2019

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There is a rage in the restaurant food service market across the world, and UK is also touched by this trendy ripple. As for the whole world, the food service & delivery market has hit the mark with 10% growth as NDP suggests in its industry expertise.


With video streaming and additional enticing features in special restaurant apps, actual restaurant visits have increased merely by 1%. Thus, the total revenue registered by food delivery market in 2018 escalates to $6.478m with annual growth expected to be over 16% by 2022.


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The reason behind these incredible bouncing figures in food market is millions of people placing high volume of online meal orders through free restaurant mobile apps in UK and all over the world.


A bounty of smartphones apps help you find the best restaurants or eateries in any city especially when you are on a holiday with family or a business trip.


No matter if you are a startup wanting to launch a restaurant app or a traveler looking for best food experience in UK, this article will have you informed on the 10 best free food service and restaurant apps popular in UK.


Dojo HappyCow
TimeOut OpenTable
Deliveroo Yelp
TripAdvisor Zomato
Just Eat Foodhub


1) Dojo


It is a well-managed and carefully designed restaurant app built to help   those who are looking for easiest ways to find their favorite place that  offers the most delectable food.


Dojo - restaurant apps


It displays restaurants and eateries suited for families, couples, friends and other millennials; nothing here is random. Impressively trending and lively, Dojo uniquely offers the hot, cool and everything you have never heard of or experienced before.


Special features:
  • Interesting menus and reliable food variety
  • Surprise dishes and authentic cuisines
  • Most reliable restaurant reviews


Delivero - rating - restaurant apps


For people who prefer interesting cuisines and dishes, Dojo offers fascinating surprises and some really worthwhile food varieties that are sure to delight your pallets and satiate cravings. The restaurant reviews posted is another snappy element you’ll fall for.

Google PlayApp Store



2) HappyCow


This app is dedicated to pure vegans who still prefer meals that are more interesting and savory than just plain pasta with tomato and cheese.


Happy Cow - restaurant apps


Though, the app has slightly offbeat – almost unappealing layout design – it still manages to impress customers with its mouth-watering content.


Best features:
  • Location-specific user features
  • Wide range of veggie options
  • Vegan-exclusive healthy content


Happy Cow - rating - restaurant apps


You can easily search for vegetarian-exclusive restaurants or places that have veggie options. You can also get to see all the genuine reviews from the entire rising vegan community that has embraced HappyCow for veggie options.

Google PlayApp Store




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3) TimeOut


By advising you on great spots for nights out, the app serve numerous cities across the globe and posts reviews and score on restaurants from its customers.


Time Out - restaurant apps


The app is built to keep you updated on finest and most interesting places to dine and enjoy yourself and lets you book tables at your favorite restaurants.


Outstanding features:
  • Review-based restaurant finder
  • Best for nights out
  • In-app Table Booking system


Time Out - rating - restaurant apps


It keeps you connected to the latest trends in food and restaurants. The app is not just recommended to find local restaurants and cafes, but also the best resort for you in case you have urge to indulge in something before or after dining.

Google PlayApp Store



4) OpenTable


This is an ideal app for booking tables at your favorite restaurants. It offers premium services so you will possibly bypass handful of eateries that do not rely on OpenTable system for their bookings.


Open Table - restaurant apps


It emphasizes specific tastes and allows you to search places with table booking available at desired time. Since OpenTable has in place the close connection to its restaurants, the menus you browse through are as accurate as restaurant’s own menus.


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Unique features:
  • Premium restaurant booking services
  • Best for organizing pleasant evenings
  • Accurate restaurant menus


Open Table - rating - restaurant apps


Though it may not appear like the best resort for detailed reviews about each restaurant, OpenTable still makes for a good app if you wish to plan your evening at a great restaurant of your choice.

Google PlayApp Store



5) Deliveroo


This app delivers food even from the fanciest restaurants around you to enhance your experience. It takes care of entire food transportation service and ensures consistency by hiring agile, dynamic riders familiar with the city.


Delivero - restaurant apps


Considerable features:
  • Fastest food delivery
  • Signature transportation riders
  • Offers good-quality food


Delivero - rating - restaurant apps


Google PlayApp Store




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6) Yelp


Yelp emerges as an all-time highly recommendable – and trusted alternative – for finding best places to go especially for avid locals. At the core of Yelp mechanism is the concept of seeking advice from user reviews.


Yelp - restaurant apps


To gain clarity about nitty gritty of searched restaurants, the app also offers a link to restaurant’s main menu page along with ratings and candid reviews – whether the restaurant is truly worth visiting or not.


Unique features:
  • Link to restaurant’s menu web page
  • Review-based system of finding places
  • Blog-style content
  • Weekly rankings from trusted Yelp users


Yelp - rating - restaurant apps


There is a blog-style section contributed by elite Yelp users that makes it stand out from other similar free restaurant apps in UK. These reviews generate dynamic weekly rankings for top restaurants.

Google PlayApp Store



7) TripAdvisor


It is a most commonly used free restaurant apps in UK.  It displays high-volume of reviews of restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs and more all across the world.


Tripadvisor - restaurant apps


Reviews expressed here are based on experiences that vary from user to user, so you are likely to learn about some lousy experiences of some actual users.


You can also download listings of places in big cities of another country during holidays which comes handy for saving roaming charges. All you need to do is to enter the city name in its search par and find the download link for the city.


Tripadvisor - rating - restaurant apps


Unique features:
  • Review-based system
  • Wide range of restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc
  • Holiday listings of cities in another country
  • Blog

Google PlayApp Store



8) Zomato


It is a great restaurant finder app that has fair user base. The range of restaurants offered in Zomato is still impressive along with good user reviews.


Zomato - restaurant apps


Best features:
  • Wide range of menus
  • Easy and effortless restaurant finding
  • Considerable user reviews
  • Evocative food photos


Zomato - rating - restaurant apps


Zomato has done a great job in serving users with awesome menus and actual photos of dishes. Even small restaurants in obscure places have a good chance of being discovered via Zomato and increasing their customers.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Just Eat


This global food delivery company aims to create a largest community around the world for food. It has made its mark for regular takeaways and quick food delivery. Its winning charm is its really fast delivery and customer service.


just eat - restaurant apps


Best features:
  • Fast food delivery
  • Good for takeaways
  • Diverse option for pickup and delivery


Zomato - rating - restaurant apps


Google PlayApp Store



10) Foodhub


This app offers takeaways and meals from restaurant without charging any commissions or service charges on orders placed.


Foodhub - restaurant apps


Due to its less demanding nature and stunning deals, Foodhub app floats to the eyes of both businesses and customers as a compelling restaurant and food delivery app.


Unique features:
  • Commission-free food service
  • Offers takeaways and restaurant quality
  • Economical for businesses and customers
  • Wide range of location-based food spots


Foodhub - rating - restaurant apps


Google PlayApp Store




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These are the most recommendable best free restaurant food apps currently popular in UK. Each offers something unique to satiate your food cravings while also providing reliable delivery services.


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If you are in UK and want to indulge in the large range of food options, these free restaurant apps are sure to lead you on to a right choice.


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