11 Best Trivia Apps in the UK 2021

Tuesday April 23, 2019

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Are you fond of showcasing yourself as a smart individual with smart answers? Do you fancy people taking you for a know-all guy? Or have you ever imagined participating in one of those popular game shows?


Well, today’s much celebrated trivia apps in UK can let you be one. To get the answers right, you can join the world of some of the fantastic trivia/quiz game apps popularly used in the UK.


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These apps effortlessly provide a stage where all the trivia lovers can use everyday intelligence to brag about how good you are.


They all present you with hundreds of brain-testing questions, leaderboards and, sometimes, live matches and money payouts.


So for those who think they are a buff any niche, described here are 11 best trivia apps in the UK 2021.


1. HQ Trivia and Words


HQ has richly transformed the world of online trivia into a neat and highly attractive game experience. It holds live daily trivia contests on weekdays at 9 p.m. and the app continues to expand its themes by encompassing “Words”, Sports trivia and more.


HQ Words consumes players as they keep guessing the words and phrases. Each game has 12 MCQ and players get 10 seconds to answer each trivia question. Players can also have a chance to win some daily cash prize.


HQ - Trivia & Words


Answer all of them correctly and you can encase your share of the prize at stake. HQ has recently started awarding points to victors instead of cash.


Live contests, open trivia questions and real money payouts make HQ Trivia a worthwhile consideration as the best trivia app in UK.


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2. Jeopardy World Tour


Jeopardy World Tour is an advanced take on the classic trivia game show for mobile players. The game has players participating in a solo play offline or competing with each other in head-to-head matches where they face MCQ questions across a wide variety of categories and difficulty levels.


Jeopardy World Tour


Players can get power-ups to boost each round by removing false answers or increasing the time limit for answers. You can challenge your friends in matches, go up against online strangers and strive to score big on online leader boards.


Or simply amuse yourself and enjoy your competitive self, playing a few rounds of trivia questions.


Google Play - best trivia appsApp Store - best trivia apps


3. Quizup


QuizUp features diverse categories of trivia questions and game participants to compete with worldwide. Its sharp, slick and exquisite interface makes the app highly spectacular.




Once you choose your game category, the app quickly pits you against gamers worldwide. Game rounds work on faster-the-better mantra where players wanting to register better score must answer the multiple choice questions quickly.


Apart from variety and presentation, QuizUp also has social features in place as it allows you to play against your friends, chat with players and discuss game content.


Google Play - best trivia appsApp Store - best trivia apps


4. Trivia Burst


Glorified as the best trivia game on Android and having 500,000+ online players, Trivia Burst is bursting with terrific 25 categories that host over 50,000 quiz questions.


It has also won ADDY award for being the best in trivia in 2010. Like QuizUp, if played on Facebook, Trivia Burst players can challenge their friends to an exciting trivia/quiz session.


Trivia Burst


Compete with them and attain highest scores in the quiz game to display and brag about it to the world.


Gamers have leader boards to track their scores seized in every category and can unlock higher-level stages as they progress in each milestone and acquire necessary points.


You can also choose to submit your own questions for others players to see and be popular.


Google Play - best trivia appsApp Store - best trivia apps


5. Quiz Explorer


Quiz Explorer is for those who are both adventurous and witty enough to assist Quizington and his brave entourage as they go on an adventure and attempt to discover the uncanny source of Nile.


Be a part of this thrilling journey and, as you travel from Europe in 19th century to Africa, answer hundreds of fantastic trivia questions. Eventually you can get a chance to unlock treasure and trophies and solve the big mystery by piecing together the ancient world map.


Quiz Explorer


You can also meet new characters or use wonderful power-ups to help you on the journey. The game absorbs you in with 1000+ MCQ trivia questions across diverse categories, quest triumphs, journey across unfamiliar lands and other achievements.


Google Play - best trivia apps


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6. British Quiz


British Quiz is your witty entertainment pastime you need every time you wish to kill 5-10 minutes with a pub quiz game.


Covering many different categories such as entertainment, films, geography, history, literature, lifestyle, sports and general knowledge, the app contains thousands of professionally selected quality trivial questions, and none of them are ever repeated.


This means the question appears only once so that you have a fair and equal opportunity to play and win in the game.


British Quiz


The clever structure of multiple choice answers is built to create an impression that all of them can be the real answer. The game has “play with friends” mode to share the quiz with maximum 8 teams for your next quiz night at local pub or home with friends.


Players can keep track of scores via score card and leaderboard with highest score gets a gold, silver or bronze positions.


Google Play - best trivia apps


7. Fleetwit


Another brain-challenger game for trivia lovers, Fleetwit appeals most to the ingenious, smart nerds who can outwit others to win “brain races”.


The game app features live real-time plays – called brain races – where participants must solve puzzles and answers questions precisely and rapidly.



To pique your interest, you have a wide variety of free races to take part in, with a choice to earn credits which you can later use to play in brain races of higher level.


Participants can also earn credits through certain in-app actions. Winners will score and gain prizes in form of cash or gift certificate. To make the battle of wits more exciting, the game has released a novel update where you can even challenge celebrities, too.


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8. Trivia 360


Trivia 360 has expansive game categories, each offering thousands of juiciest trivia questions to keep you hooked. With minimum distractions, Trivia 360 triggers questions that have several forms such as multiple choices, true or false and identification trivia.


Trivia 360


Participants will select a question category and submit or rate questions. They can also view leaderboards. Towards the end of rounds appears advertising which may repel certain group of users who expect uninterrupted, fluid experience.


For such users, there is an in-app purchase option to remove ads.


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9. Psych!


Welcome to the game of zaniest answers that you can concoct to trick your friends and score some jolly good points. Psych! contains silly-looking questions like: What in the world is a mumpsimus?


The game resembles the theme of party games such as Balderdash. You can come up with weird and amusing yet credible answers to these questions and bring home the trophy.




Each player secretly contributes funny, unique answers and eventually the submissions are displayed on the screen. Players then figure out the correct one from the lot.


You earn a point if your answers match with somebody else or he/she chooses your submission. Additional trivia question packs and ad-free experience can be unlocked with In-app purchases.


Google Play - best trivia appsApp Store


10. Millionaire Trivia


Did you ever fancy playing a classic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Well, Millionaire Trivia app represents its mobile version where the game show experience is recreated on your mobile touch screen.


Millionaire Trivia


Just like the original game, a pair of players attempt to answer trivial questions that go tougher as the game progress. Classic lifelines such as Ask The Audience, 50:50 and call an Expert are there for help.


Instead of PayPal cashouts, Players win points and leaderboard spot with coins and mystery boxes working as free-to-play elements. In a brief leisure, the app turns out to be an enjoyable trivia experience.


Google PlayApp Store


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11. Popcorn Trivia


Do you feel you are a movie connoisseur? If yes, Popcorn Trivia will let you test your expert wits and taste in movies. Popcorn Trivia is fun, free-to-play movie trivia game filled with interesting trivia quiz across various movies and genres.


Popcorn Trivia


Right answers will win you popcorn with which you can customize your avatar. You can also use popcorn for premium question packs in a popular TV series. The app has both single-player and multiplayer modes along with score boards and stat checker.


Google PlayApp Store




Whether you’re a pop culture doyen, sports fiend, a history aficionado, or a movie buff, there is always something for every trivia lover in these 11 trivia apps in UK.


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These trivia apps are selected in the list since they are among the most favorite in the UK in 2021. So go ahead and try your knowledge for answering the diverse trivia questions and participate in live games to win the glorious prizes


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