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Tuesday November 5, 2019

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The app market for streaming movies and TV channel shows is crawling with numerous options. There are so many in the space, and it is not that easy to pick the one that matches close to your viewing tastes.




The U.K media landscape is also gaining quite a momentum as a bunch of private entertainment channels and providers, including long-standing BBC, are also diving in the pool to deliver the best streaming service of UK fans.


To tell you about what TV apps are worthy of attention in UK, we have put together the list of best free 10 TV apps in UK. You can download them either from online stores or using the specific web links.


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Let’s check what all have entered the list of best free 10 TV apps in UK and have power to immerse you in.


1) BBC iPlayer


The oldest and most viewed, BBC forms the foundation of UK TV media and its BBC iPlayer is one of the unsurprisingly highly watched best TV channel streaming apps in UK.


BBC iplayer - tv apps


It appeals to UK audience with the most diverse set of content while treating them with 12 BBC channels. Its entertainment world essentially offers immersive documentaries, kids’ shows on CBBC and CBeebies and movies. You do need a TV license though to enjoy all its rich offerings.


BBC iplayer - rating - tv apps



  • Diverse and inclusive collection of content
  • Free, but with license fees
  • Offers 12 BBC channels
  • iPlayer Kids for children
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offline download capability

Google PlayApp Store





It is impossible not to talk about NOW TV UK while listing the best free live TV streaming apps popular across UK. Also quite popular in the United States and Canada, the app lets you browse through 9 categories of channels and from 10 countries.


Now TV - tv apps


There are many happy users who love its elegant and eye-catching UI. It provides over 150 channels for movies, entertainment, documentaries and Kids. The tv app is free though its paid tier charging £3.99 relieves you from ads and allows you to watch in any country.


Now TV - rating - tv apps



  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Browse through 9 TV streaming Categories
  • 150+ channels from 10 countries
  • Excellent Chromecast support
  • Stunning buffering speed
  • Watch later with Video scheduling
  • You can play it in an external video player

Google PlayApp Store



3) Netflix


Netflix streaming app is as good as it gets. After its sensational launch, Netflix has become equally popular in UK as it is everywhere else on the strength of its diverse, gripping content.


Netflix - tv apps


UK Netflix is typically designed for UK shows although its general license allows you to relish all of its Hollywood movies and US TV. Netflix UK nonetheless is one phenomenal app to satiate your lust for TV streaming entertainment.


Netflix - rating - tv apps


Some of the famous Netflix originals you can access in HD are Mindhunter, Stranger Things, Glow, Crown, Bojack Horseman, etc. Subscription fees start from £8.99 a month.



  • Simple and easy-to-access UI and controls
  • Incredible range of TV content
  • Flexible pricing
  • Ad-free streaming experience
  • Chromecast support
  • Watch later option

Google PlayApp Store



4) Amazon Prime


The online retail giant Amazon’s Amazon Prime Video has achieved quite a milestone in the U.K. premium TV streaming service. Tough rival to Netflix, Prime offers both standalone subscription at £5.99 a month and its whole Amazon Prime package at £7.99 a month along with yearly packages.


Amazon Prime - tv apps


Prime flourishes with numerous fresh movies, blockbusters and latest TV shows with amazing Prime Originals. An unlikeable repulsive factor is its hassling UI that doesn’t give comfort finding your favorite content.


Amazon Prime - rating - tv apps



  • Comfortable subscription packages
  • More affordable than Netflix
  • Offline download
  • Watch later
  • Multi-device support

Google PlayApp Store




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MUBI is another sought-after alternative for wonderful classic movies available in over 190 countries, including UK. Being a rich source of TV entertainment, MUBI is packed with great many choices of films at £9.99 a month.


MUBI - tv apps


You can also download to watch them offline as well as go social to share your favorite content. MUBI Go, its premium extension, is also a great destination for watching hand-picked movie experience with a weekly cinema ticket for a little higher monthly price.


MUBI - rating - tv apps



  • Amazing source of classic cinema
  • Available in 190+ countries
  • Offline viewing
  • Social sharing
  • MUBI Go offers weekly ticket to handpicked movies

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Sky Go


Sky Go app ends up in the list of free tv apps for its ability to offer great content to live TV streamers in UK. Sky Go app is exclusively built to serve existing subscribers of Sky TV giving them access to the range of Sky TV contents.


Sky Go - tv apps


Users who have subscribed for Sky Cinema and Sky Sports bundles are eligible for exploring the wide selection of live sports events and movies. The original app is free with ads and restrictive viewing. However, paying £5.00 a month lets you explore everything with Sky Go Extra.


Sky Go - rating - tv apps



  • Great streaming contents
  • View on up to 4 devices with Sky Go Extra
  • Awesome Sky Cinema and Sky Sports bundles
  • Offline downloads

Google PlayApp Store



7) BFI player


BFI player explores the unique edge of UK cinema, taking audience to the journey of U.K. indie and cult classic movies. This British Film Institute is not for Android app users as it can be streamed using Chrome web browser.


BFI Player - tv apps


It ends up on this list on the strength of its dedicated UK-exclusive live streaming experience. You subscribe to its £4.99 a month package and get on the tip of your finger access to its wealth of 300+ carefully crafted classic cinemas.


BFI Player - rating - tv apps



  • Best for classic indie/cult movies
  • Over 300+ well-crafted masterpieces
  • UK-exclusive streaming service
  • Built by British Film Institute

Google PlayApp Store



8) Eurosport Player


Dedicated to your sports cravings, Eurosport player is a free tv app where you can watch live sports events on the go in UK. The sports it covers are Grand Tour Cycling, Grand Slam Tennis, Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and more.


Eurosport Player - tv apps


Apart from the usual, you can also access some bonus channels, on-demand sports videos, highlights and news. It supports Apple tvOS, tablet, smartphones and Chromecast.


Eurosport Player - rating - tv apps



  • Access to live streaming of Eurosport 1 & 2
  • On-demand actions on the go
  • Video clips for highlights, news, interviews, etc
  • Save your favorite sports to stay tuned to live actions
  • 7-day Program listing of upcoming sports events
  • Watch on Chromecast

Google PlayApp Store



9) Disney Life


As Disney Life kept young ones and little souls entertained before Disney Plus finally trundled in to lift the bar. The app is built to amuse die-hard Disney lovers who can stream classic Disney movies, Disney shows, and favorite Disney music tracks.


Disney life - tv apps


The app allows users to use the app on as many as 10 registered devices and watch it on up to four screens at times. The app has slick UI and smart parental controls. It costs only £4.99 a month which is not so extortionate.


Disney life - rating - tv apps



  • Impressive range of Disney movies and shows
  • Usable on 10 registered devices
  • Exquisite UI design
  • Watch in on 4 screens at the same time

Google PlayApp Store



10) ITV Hub


Being UK’s one of popular TV channels, ITV Hub app offers reality slices served with on-demand streaming and catch-up content. ITV Hub app suits for those  who are fond of watching reality shows, series and drama.


ITV HUB - tv apps


Electrifying and truly entertaining, the app presents great mix of soaps and documentaries. It doesn’t require you subscribe with a TV license if it is not live.


It does punctuate your entertainment with some ads which can be eliminated with its paid tier  for £3.99. The paid version also enables viewing it abroad.


Disney life - rating - tv apps



  • Designed to bring reality TV
  • On-demand videos and catch-ups
  • License-free viewing
  • Chromecast support

Google PlayApp Store




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Live streaming Technology is here to change the way you imbibe everyday entertainment. These best free 10 cool TV apps in UK are a great way to indulge in streaming visuals for those who want on-the-go TV experience.


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By bringing the variety of entertainment at the touch of your finger, these apps are enough to make your day or help you unwind in the evening. Pick your favorite from the list of best free tv apps and download on your device to explore digitally advanced TV world.


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