11 Best Weather Forecast Apps 2021

Thursday August 22, 2019

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The weather forecast apps provide all types of weather forecasts and meteorological data. These apps downloaded on to smartphones provide the user with weather conditions in the immediate vicinity as well as around the world.




The apps on the phone ensures that the user is not caught off guard by the vagaries of weather be it sunshine, rain, snow or storms and any other forecast.


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The Android and iOS stores offer many weather forecast apps for smartphones, the best of which are listed below.


1) Accuweather


Accuweather.com is one of the best weather apps with accurate forecasts. The depth and precision of the data given by the app make it the most widely used app.


AccuWeather - weather forecast apps


It has got instant features that offer on what the weather is at any one moment, hourly forecasts, extended forecasts, radar and Android support. The MinuteCast feature of the app predicts rain on a minute by minute basis.


The detailed radar scans the area for precipitation and clouds over an area. The app can also provide details on solar ultraviolet radiation levels, wind speeds, humidity, visibility, air pressure etc.


AccuWeather - rating - weather forecast apps


Real-time alerts can be sent to the phone when the weather changes. The app looks good with serviceable widgets. Accuweather is free for Android and iOS systems.

Google PlayApp Store



2) 1Weather


1Weather App is one of the most popular and highly-rated weather forecast apps. It comes with the basic features of daily and hourly forecasts and has access to additional information.


1Weather - weather forecast apps


The app tracks weather for up to 12 cities, has support for 25 languages and has Android wear support.


1Weather - rating - weather forecast apps


The free version includes all the features.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Awesome Weather by YoWindow


This is a unique but simple app. It does not have powerful features but covers all the basics. The app looks good but is a bit flashy.


Awesome Weather - weather forecast apps


A finger can be moved across the screen to see the weather at any place during the day. The free version can be downloaded to check out the features.


Awesome Weather - rating - weather forecast apps


The paid version is available at a very reasonable price of $2.99.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Weather Underground


This app is considered as a complete weather app with easy access to weather forecasts whenever required.


Along with the basic weather forecast details it includes features that tell how long a rain shower will last, forecasts wind speeds in your immediate locality for the week ahead.


Weather Underground - weather forecast apps


The app includes a radar map and is packed with useful data like sunrise and sunset times, ski resort weather reports and severe weather alerts.


The apps best feature is the smart forecast tool which will tell you exactly when the weather you desire for outdoor activities like running, hiking, skiing etc is next expected.


Weather Underground - rating - weather forecast apps


It also provides health information such as local epidemic outbreaks, flu outbreaks or pollen alerts. The app has the feature of hyper-local weather. The person weather stations situated at different places report weather closer to the actual locations.


The free version has all the features. The app is free for Android and iOS systems. The yearly subscription of $1.99 per year is very reasonable.

Google PlayApp Store



5) Carrot Weather


Carrot Weather is a comparatively newer app for weather forecast which is straightforward and honest. The app has unique features like witty and sarcastic quotes alongside its weather predictions.


Carrot Weather - weather forecast apps


It has premium fun features including weather widgets. This is in addition to its capability of providing basic forecasts by the hour, day or week, hourly temperatures and wind speeds.


The graphics at the top of the screen giving a glance of the weather for the next few hours is very useful.


Carrot Weather - rating - weather forecast apps


The premium version is priced at $1.99 per month or $3.99 per year. It is free for Android systems.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Today Weather


Today weather is a functional weather forecast app with a wide range of features for most of the people.


Today Weather - weather forecast apps


The app provides weather forecasts, humidity, severe weather alerts, the actual temperatures and the real feel temperatures.


Today Weather - rating - weather forecast apps


It also has useful information like sunrise and sunset times, moon cycles, air quality index etc. The app is free to download.

Google PlayApp Store




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7) Weather Bug


Weather Bug is a stable app with a large number of features. Though it is one of the older weather forecast apps, the developers have taken care to keep it updated and modern.


WeahterBug - weather forecast apps


The app features forecasts, temperature, radar, alerts. It features 18 varied weather maps and a lightning alert system. The app also provides information on traffic conditions.


WeahterBug - rating - weather forecast apps


The free version is sufficient for most of the people. The app with weather widgets can be purchased for $19.99.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Weather Channel


The Weather Chanel provides the experience of watching TV weather on the phone. It covers all the basic factors in weather forecasting.


Weather Channel - weather forecast apps


Current weather, future forecasts, current temperatures, weather alerts are detailed by the app. It also features breaking news, pollen alerts, and lightning warnings.


Short video forecasts, a summary of upcoming weather conditions in the next few minutes or the next week, expected precipitation and wind speeds are all covered by the Weather Channel.


Weather Channel - rating - weather forecast apps


This detailed app has a high degree of accuracy. It is free to download for Android and iOS systems.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Google Feed


Google Assistant is not a weather app but provides the weather forecast on asking. The current weather and weather alerts are accurate.


Google Feed - weather forecast apps


It does not have a lot of features, likebuilt-in radar and weather widgets, present in other apps.


Google Feed - rating - weather forecast apps


It comes in handy to do quick checks, to receive quick updates and severe weather alerts. This app is free and is pre-installed on most of the Android devices.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Dark Sky


Dark Sky as the name suggests predicts imminent local weather conditions. Using data and algorithms it provides long term forecasts for a range of geographic areas.


Dark Sky - weather forecast apps


It is a straightforward app giving daily and weekly forecast, temperatures, and wind levels. In addition to this, the app also allows exploring weather conditions at specific points in time, in the past or future.


Dark Sky excels in its short term weather predictions and its alerts about the storms approaching. It features better radar and has up to the minute forecasts.


Dark Sky - rating - weather forecast apps


The next shower and the duration of the shower are shown with accuracy. Weather widgets are also available. Dark Sky is charged $3 per year for Android and $4 for iOS. The free premium version offers fewer features.

Google PlayApp Store



11) MyRadar Weather Radar


MyRadar is a simple weather app that shows a weather radar. In addition to the wide range of features, the app includes a hurricane tracker and other features.


MyRadar - weather forecast apps


The app has the ability to play animations to see if the rain is coming or going. The app works best in combination with a normal weather app.


MyRadar - rating - weather forecast apps


It is free to download with the option to buy additional feature.

Google PlayApp Store




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With global warming and the nature playing truant these weather forecast apps have become more of a necessity than a simple phone app. The minute by minute forecasts allows the common man to plan his day.


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The detailed in-depth predictions help in dealing with extreme weather conditions which turn severe like storms, tornadoes and floods. Meteorology and weather departments can access a wide range of data, which are accurate and precise, for their perusal.


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