Top 10 Kids Learning Apps in UK 2021

Tuesday March 12, 2019

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Technology’s influence on the education system today, is undeniable. Whether it is a certification, a degree or to study new subject, kids are nowadays using learning apps to make learning in and out of the classroom easier and also a lot more fun.


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Toddlers these days are more in tune with technology and interactive software that makes learning easier. Schools around the world are investing a lot in technology to make sure that every child is up to speed with using smart tools for learning.


E-learning apps and presentations makes learning and retention better as students can recall information and facts much faster.


Technology also improves hand eye co-ordination, boosts reaction times, and attention to details. Beyond programs for students, there are a lot of programs and resources available to teachers as well.


E-textbooks, learning platforms, lesson planning tools, lessons, age appropriate materials, activities, etc. are changing the way a classroom is run.


Thanks to the apps format, learning is possible anywhere, at any time.


Here is a list of the top 10 Kids Learning Apps in the UK for 2021.


Endless Wordplay The Human Body
DragonBox Series Duolingo
Artie’s Magic Pencil Hopscotch Kids
Quick Maths Flow Free
ClassDojo My Molecularium


1. Endless Wordplay


Developed by the creators of the “Endless” series of apps, the Originator team works hard to bring the best “education + entertainment” apps to the market.


Children can use this to learn how to spell, build new words and even write rhymes. English for many, may still be a confusing language which is made easy for learning via Endless Wordplay app. Learning is reinforced with fun as an important element.


endless play - kids learning apps


  • Designed with young learners in mind
  • A child can learn at his-or her own pace
  • First 3 lessons are free and additional lessons can be purchased
  • The Alphabot reinforces learning with phonetics with interactive lessons
  • Animation makes rhyming words come alive and helps in learning different words with the same spelling but different meanings


Just ensure there is enough space on the smart phone so that all the words, based on level, can be downloaded for learning.


The app has been highly rated too and is available for download on iOS and Google play stores.


Download : Android, iOS


2. The Human Body


Want to fire your child’s imagination and get them interested in STEM subjects? Then Tinybop’s ‘The Human Body’ app is the one to get. Download the trial version for a week before getting the complete version.


All a user has to do is install the Tinybop pass. Learn all about the human body in this interactive and animated version.

human body - kids learning apps

  • 8 interactive systems which describe the skeletal, nervous, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, immune, muscular and integumentary systems in detail
  • Check out interactive models of the heart, eyes, stomach, brain and more
  • See how the body works as a complete unit
  • Vocabulary in 57 languages in label form for all body parts
  • Intuitive and kid friendly design


Download : Android, iOS


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3. DragonBox Series


This app is just perfect for helping every child get over their fear of mathematics and making it fun. A child will learn how numbers work with colourful and relatable characters.


With four different activities, a kid can explore and master mathematics quite easily.


Whether it is the sandbox, puzzle, ladder or run section, this app uses pedagogical principles to make the child understand and have a great foundation in mathematics.


The DragonBox Big numbers app builds on the foundation and lets your child develop their skills naturally.

dragon box - kids learning apps

  • Learn without much reading
  • Access many tests to cement learning in different areas
  • Learn how regular and big numbers work by playing and exploring
  • Learn how to do long additions and other functions


This highly rated app is a hit with most kids as learning is a lot more fun.


Download : Android, iOS


4. Duolingo


Thanks to the internet, countries with bordersare meaningless. Knowing another language makes it infinitely easier to communicate.


The Duolingo app is the perfect way to learn a new language, whether it is Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Swedish or something else. This app is free and can be used on the go too.


It was even nominated as one of the best kids learning apps two years in a row.


Duolingo - kids learning apps


  • Bite-sized lessons for free
  • 30+ hours which is equivalent to having done a semester at a University
  • Painless and peppy lessons which make it easy to progress to the next level
  • Definitely addictive


Download : Android, iOS


5. Artie’s Magic Pencil


This fun app is a great adventure for a child as hero she learns the fundamentals of drawing. Work can be done on and off screen.Start the process by learning how to see shapes come to life.


Either choose to follow a story line and draw monsters and other exotic creatures or do it on a piece of paper.

arties magic - kids learning apps

  • An understanding of the basics of art and drawing
  • Good way to develop fine motor skills
  • Colorful and child-friendly world
  • Ideal for children ages 3 – 6
  • Encourages creativity


A paid app which offers hours of enjoyment and learning and a must have for the art lovers.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. Hopscotch Kids


Designed for kids over 10 years and above, this is one of the kid s learning apps that helps those children who want to learn coding- in a systematic manner.


Young coders have access to a community who can help and guide in case of errors and also demonstrate easier ways to -get around coding problems.


This is a free app up to a point but getting a monthly subscription offers access to many other features, including the option of customizing a profile or even adding an image.


hopscoth - kids learning apps


  • Learning to code creatively, eventually using MIT’s app development tool Scratch.
  • Step by step logic
  • Learning how to create new programs by combining knowledge from different sources


All in all, a useful tool for kids to understand and learn the coding process from an early age.


Download :  iOS


7. Quick Maths


This app can be used by kids between the ages of 6 and 16. A great app to help in improving mathematical calculations, it fosters self-confidence by creating a foolproof base.


Exercises are divided into multiple categories, ranging from easy to difficult. It ensures that kids can learn different parts of the subject without getting bored or frustrated while they practice the same tasks.

quick maths

  • Exercises on Addition and Subtraction
  • Tasks on Multiplication
  • Prep sheets on Division and Mixed math questions


Download : Android, iOS


8. Flow Free


This deceptively simple puzzle is addictive and helps kids spend hours improving their spatial and motor skills. There are several levels to choose from or play against the clock.


It is colorful and fun – how relaxed or fast the game is, depends on what the user wants at a specific time.


flow free


  • More than 2500 free puzzles
  • Free playing or against the clock modes to choose from
  • Colorful and clean graphics
  • Fun sound effects


Download : Android, iOS


9. ClassDojo


Designed for the Android platform, ClassDojo is one of the kids learning apps which connects students, parents and teachers. The main aim is to garner and foster a positive culture in the classroom and also keep communication channels open for everyone.


The app can be downloaded for use on all devices – laptops, phones, tablets and even smartboards. The app is -free for use in every school and all grades (K-12).


class dojo


  • Messaging by teachers and parents (both ways)
  • Updates to a child’s calendar, along with videos, photos and progress reports
  • Students can do their homework and update their portfolios


Download : Android, iOS


10. My Molecularium


Described as “Angry Bird meets Nano science” this fun app is totally worth downloading to learn science.


In this challenging and fun game, users launch atoms at targets to assemble “essential molecules” which are increasingly complex in structure.


This is the best way to learn about molecule structures and essential chemistry concepts.


  • Laser guided gyroscopic aiming
  • Variable launch speed control
  • Visual learning of chemical structures and formulas
  • Innovative and inspiring games
  • Good animation for in-depth understanding


Download : Android, iOS


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Closing Thought


These are the free kids learning apps which helps users to learn more and have fun while doing it.

It is wonderful that technology is making learning easy thanks to the efforts of programmers and subject matter experts to explain simple and progressively complex concepts of any subject one can think of.


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Sometimes, seeing animated clips can help kids to remember better, so why not use these kids learning apps to make learning easy and fun?


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