Must-Have Features in Real Estate App Development

Thursday January 31, 2019

Home sweet home is the ultimate wish of every human being living in a civilized setting. But finding a proper accommodation that incorporate all your needs gets a little tricky. In the era of digital transformation, you can now easily navigate through dedicate mobile apps that take away your headache of finding a home. In fact, the number of people opting for real estate mobile apps for property searching is ascending as the use of Smartphones is becoming infectious.

There are already a handful of apps in real estate that are doing great, including Zillow, Trulia,, Apartment Guide, LoopNet. Zillow has emerged as a leader in online real estate service providers in USA with 36 million monthly visitors. If you are planning make your real estate mobile app to reach global customers, you need distinctive features.

Here is the round-up of those must-have features to develop real estate app.

For users’ panel

1) Register and Login

The primary requirement of any service-based mobile app is registration and login process done using verified email and personal phone number. Alternatively, a valid social media account on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ also confirms access to real estate app.

2) The User Profile

Once getting registered, users will be able to create their profile using a secured code code sent to your email or phone number. Then complete the profile by adding details including your age, name, address, seller/buyer interests, etc.

3) Filter Search

Refinement increases speed of search. Let customers discover what they want through advanced search options that filter and refine property search to clients’ needs.

4) Favorites list

This feature, like most ecommerce apps, is where you can add selected properties to later compare and pick the best features out of it which else needs to be changed

5) View options

For making property viewing more organized and user-friendly, real estate app presents the options of list view and map view using which users can mark their favorites.

6) Property information

Adding property Videos and images are effective, but you need strong information content to convince the customers through undeniable value propositions. Your app should contain info section to describe various aspects of listed properties including total square area, amenities, number of rooms, bath space and other decisive details.

7) Real-time messaging

Offering real-time message facility is a trend fanatically instigated by service and on-demand apps. The direct and fast conversation right inside the app with property dealers and owners liberates you from asking for contact numbers. It is important, however, to ensure the message service works as usually expected by inquirers.

8) Interest rate calculation

Property dealing apps come with inherent features that enable customers to calculate interest in real time. With this feature, customers can easily count estimate figure of installments with interest, tax and insurance premium.

9) Property listing

If it is a marketplace app, users should be able to conveniently list the property when they decide to rent or sell it at a fixed price.

10) AR/VR showcase in 3D

If you want to make the app more compelling and distinctive in real estate market, why not build a feature that showcases 3D design of properties for enhanced viewing? You may use rising innovations such as AR/VR to exhibit a three dimensional structure of homes. Clients will get a lucid, thorough idea of how property actually looks and feels. This not only makes the search easier but more precise, where property agents also seize a high profit margin.

11) Adding Maps and Geo-location

A feature that can’t be skipped, Maps and geo-location are an integral feature especially for real estate business. By means of geolocation, users, especially those who are unfamiliar with city geography, can locate the property exactly and also search property in the neighborhood of their choice. This feature significantly benefits sellers equally, and therefore developers must develop it meticulously.

12) Loan Facility

This could be your winning advantage among other competitors as the feature of loan facility helps property buyers learn about and sign up for loan services right in your app.

13) Currency Converter

Users can view the real price of the favorite property in the currency they usually use in their country. Also, it allows them to see the price in any currency they wish.

14) The Brokers info

The app lets customers get in touch with the broker of their choice with ease using their contact details and quickly settle the deal.

15) Discounts and Offers

Service apps would be incomplete if it does not offer riveting discounts to customers. The mobile app should give users an access to best available offers and exclusive discounts in place so that they can select the ideal residential property that best matches their budget.

16) Social Media Platforms

Acquiring more users means adding what they want most in service apps. Add social media sharing platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc) to your app to target a huge spectrum of customers.

For Admin panel

1) User management

The app should be governed by the central system of admin that takes over managing both buyers and owners or brokers.

2) Property Details updates

Apart from user management, it is essential to update property details correctly in the app which includes approving and disapproving properties to be listed. The admin can control whether to add or remove a property from the list.

3) Adding Discounts and Offers

The admin can decide what offers, discounts and loyalty rewards can go inside the app, and when.

4) Revenue management

This feature helps admins manage the revenues earned through all property deals, subscriptions and commissions from time to time.

5) Addition and removal of subscriptions

Admin has the sole right to add, remove and manage offered subscriptions on the property list.


The real estate marketing is booming globally. It is therefore the right time to dive into the market with a beautifully designed, high-quality mobile app to dominate the industry. Filled with a promise of scalability and usability, the real estate app enables customers to get all the information regarding properties in one single place.

However, to make it grand, the app must have dazzling features from searching ideal home and listing to renting and contacting brokers. You may fancy the idea of partnering with an expert real estate mobile app development company who has exceptional grasp on developing advanced features and capabilities and how real estate business works.


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