10 Best Free Shopping Apps UK 2021

Thursday February 21, 2019

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In UK Online free shopping apps have been on a roll ever since digital marketing and technology has started making rounds around consumer requirements.


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One can grab everything from online platforms at present day, from fashion and lifestyle accessories to departmental store and grocery items, to technology and related products.


However, it is not as easy as it seems to navigate around the world of online shopping.



Several factors have to be born in mind, from the quality of the goods to prices and best deals, discounts and latest trends.

This article will help you decide on the best websites among free online shopping apps where you can be able to grab the best deals for your needs in UK.


Here is a list of 10 best free online shopping apps for UK.


Amazon eBay
ASOS Urban Outfitters
AliExpress Zavvi
Marks and Spencer Prezzybox
Very.co.uk Debenhams


1. Amazon


In Amazon, you can pretty much get anything you need. From books to toys, technology to accessories, fashion and beauty to sports and daily departmental needs, Amazon has it all. You can see it as one-stop destination for all your needs.


amazon -shopping apps uk


  • Through its own payment system, Amazon is also known for its secure
  • It also delivers the best prices and delivers competitive deals among its range of products.
  • The competitive prices, discounts and brand value adds advantage to shopping in this platform
  • The global brand value it has cannot be compared with other sites. It is based on trust and user satisfaction.Check in their website here


Download : Android, iOS


2. eBay


eBay is another global marketing platform which helps sellers connect to buyers. It is a popular platform for buying second hand goods.


eBay - shopping apps uk


  • It is well known for its individual sellers having their second-hand goods placed for consumers.
  • Variety of the range of goods from electronics to technology is available in this source
  • It is known to be serving several consumers with the different budget criterion.
  • The second hand goods are verified and checked before keeping in the online platform.

You can find more details and the website here


Download : Android, iOS


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ASOS is well-known fashion and lifestyle website in the world. It is based in the UK and is one of the favorite online free shopping apps for the fashion-savvy consumers around the world. Check it out here


ASOS -shopping apps uk


  • With over 80,000 high-quality products it sells everything from women and men’s wear to footwear, accessories, jewelry and other range of beauty products.
  • It also ships worldwide.
  • It also shows in house fashion brands which are added advantage.
  • ASOS is also well known for its fast shipping feature.


Download : Android, iOS




4. Urban Outfitters


With around a hundred stores worldwide, it is well-known shopping platform which is up to date with the fashion trends around the globe. Link to the website.


urban -shopping apps uk


  • The special feature of this website is one can return and exchange the items of the store through post or through walking into the store.
  • It is one of the favorites for students as they can avail student discount of 10%.
  • Trends are up-to-date in Urban Outfitters.


Download : Android, iOS


5. AliExpress


AliExpress is popular all around the globe with its shipping feature to anywhere around the world. It is online retail business started off in china and later got popular in many parts of the world which is offering budget and competitive prices to the international consumers.


Ali Express -shopping apps uk


  • It is known for its competitive prices with international shipping feature.
  • It is well known for its secure platform which protects and safeguards buyers from fraudulent and cheap products through their buyer protection program.
  • They also give extra warranty for most of their products which helps most of the consumers to build their trust in the brand.
  • The added advantage with this website is that it has five languages with its shipping available to over 200 countries. Head over to the website.


Download : Android, iOS


6. Zavvi


Zavvi is well known among technology It is known for its gaming and DVD merchandise, movies and related technology. Link to Zavvi.




  • The specialty of this website is it subscribes option available for gaming freaks for 3/6/12 months.
  • They also come with gaming shoes and clothes which are major in the wish list of gaming lovers.
  • It also offers VIP club service which can add points and help earn rewards too.


Download : Android, iOS


7. Marks and Spencer


Known for its popularity in the British land, it is said that there is nothing you can’t buy in Marks and Spencer. Everything from beauty and lifestyle to food and wine, departmental items and homewares are available, both for kids and adults in this platform.


mark spencer


  • Online and store options are available on the same.
  • It also has M&S bank for enthusiasts of this brand which delivers several deals and options for buyers of this brand.

For further details, click here.


Download : Android, iOS



8. Prezzybox


Prezzybox is one of the well known free online shopping apps for personalized gifts and gadgets in UK. It does all the hard work for your purpose and comes up with amazing gifts which fit your requirement for your loved ones. Go to the website here.




  • This platform covers gifts and presents for all your occasions.
  • They are known to customize the same according to your directions which adds a personal feel to the gifts.
  • One can be able to find gifts for every occasion and purpose.


Download : Android, iOS


9. Very.co.uk


Popular among enthusiasts of fashion, gifts,and toys, very.co.uk has a range of products from brands such as Ted Baker and UGG.


MyVery - shopping apps uk


  • They are also well known for products from their own line with quality and style.
  • They also come up with protection for the purchases of consumers in case of any damage or cheap products.
  • Another special feature of them is their buy now pay later option which can help you delay your payment up to a year.

Go to the website.


Download : Android, iOS


10. Debenhams


Debenhams is known to be a popular and classic destination for shoppers from 200 years. Consumers from around 27 countries believe in this platform for quality goods.




  • It is well known for its fashion merchandise along with its other range of products available.
  • The specialty of this platform is the option of click and collect for free.

You can go to the website by clicking here.


Download : Android, iOS


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Given the best free apps for online shopping in UK, there is nothing such of a special time to shop. With availability and discounts all round the clock, you have no boundaries if you are shopping freak.


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However, in case you are a shopaholic, then best deals and offers are generally available and grabbed during periods of black Friday sales, Boxing Day and Cyber Monday.


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