10 Best Android Games Popular in the UK

Gaming has become a new passion for several individuals. While games are good to relieve from stress and help to have a fun time for a while, it is loved by several groups of individuals, from kids to adults for a variety of reasons.


Be it on a tablet or phone; playing games may range from few minutes to hours exercise something which many love. Hence gaming developers have also tremendously increased in the last decade to meet the huge demand in the market.


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While most of us used to love iOS games before, now android is no less in providing a variety of games which every gamer ever wanted. Every game would come to the Android interface within a fraction of time.


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This article will help you give the best,and most liked android games popular in the UK.

Infinity OPS Major Mayhem 2
PUBG Marvel Strike Force
Hitman Sniper Minecraft Game
Franz Kafka Framed 2
Stranger Things Game Goat Stimulator


They range from free to play ones to paid games which are loved by the vast majority of gamers. Here we go.


1. Infinity OPS


This is also was known as Destiny Warfare which is a well known multiplayer shooter game. Developed by Azur Interactive games, it is Sci-Fi in nature which is successful because of giving the real-time experience of being in frantic action. This game makes us feel like playing within space settings with good graphics and mechanics.


  • Has optimization settings which arean advantage for lower spec phones. It can help to play just as well.
  • The depth of the game is high for a mobile shooter
  • Three multiplayer options and character customization options
  • Colorful interface with sci-fi scapes and jetpacks. Loaded with different class types.
  • Free of cost.


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2. Major Mayhem 2


Finally, the long-awaited sequel to the original arcade shooter has arrived. This game has set standards on havoc-wrecking and ninja killing in another level.


The game will make you stick on to it with the control of titular Major. All you would do is run your way to wipe out the enemy and their vehicle which stands amidst your way.


  • Several improvements in the sequel which is developed by Rocket Jump
  • A significant boost to graphics and size of the game
  • Free to play


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3. PUBG ( Player Unknown Battlegrounds mobile)


Battle Royale game for android is here brought to you by Lightspeed Quantum Studios. It needs heavy speed internet network as the interface of this game is quite huge and gives us a quick and real-time interface.


One of the most popular games for android in UK, this game comes up with colorful and quality experience with a high range of speed making us addicted.


  • Free of cost
  • Hundred player warzones present in the game
  • Great graphics and intuitive interface; easy to use
  • Need to pay for character customization and similar features in the premium


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4. Marvel Strike Force


Strike Force is mobile addition to their cinematic universe. This game is developed by FoxNet gives you combat-likea scenario where players can control a team of heroes from the Marvel universe franchise to battle the evil forces. This game has got immense popularity as one would feel the similar experience of star wars.




  • Cool graphics boards and fight animations
  • Can unlock and use favorite Marvel characters and fight missions
  • Must play for die hard marvel plan
  • Character building and training the crew of superhero teams


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5. Hitman Sniper


This game is set in the Hitman game series where you can play the game from the shoes of agent 47 who is the deadliest marksman ever born.


There are several missions and locations which you need to cross going across fulfilling targets and snipe them.


  • Several variations in the simple concept of assassination ranging from accident kill to lure kills and so on
  • Paid game for £ 0.79.
  • Can extend more to death valley and other lands which make you hooked and addicted to a series of events


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6. Minecraft game


This game which was called Minecraft: Pocket Edition is well known worldwide phenomenon for creating a crafting experience on android mobile.


The app version is considerably well versed with 3D buildings and improvements with huge graphics.


  • Regular updates
  • The paid game, from £6.99
  • Massive in size due to huge graphics and sound animations
  • Keeps us hooked for at least half a day due to the fantasy reality which is nonexistent yet addictive


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7. Franz Kafka


Developed by Daedalic Entertainment, this game is the most popular puzzle-centric adventure games for android users in UK. It is based on writings of author Franz Kafka. It is creative with several puzzles as interactions between talking animals and others.


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  • Several difficulty levels with puzzles all around to crack
  • Rich in art and design
  • Impressive soundscapes and audio tones
  • The paid game costs £3.49.


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8. Framed 2


Although this is not among the list of celebrated android games, Framed 2 is known to be keeping the gamers hooked on their seats for creating thriller mystery puzzler series from Loveshack games.


It is follow up the sequel to multi award-winning game Framed.


  • The paid game, at £ 4.49
  • Action plays out with comic animation style which looks like a cartoon
  • Order of frames should be kept on rearranged to progress ahead
  • Solve the puzzle to survive


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9. Stranger Things Game


Those who are addicted to the series would know what this game is all about. It would not only tell new stories of the town of Hawkins in a colorful and mysterious way but also brings in addictive action puzzler which makes us feel living real in the year of 1984.


  • Players can swap between Hawkins inhabitants from a top-down perspective
  • Clue hunting, solving puzzles and overcoming dangerous environments will make you stick on it for hours
  • Simple yet fun controls
  • Authentic and addictive


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10. Goat Stimulator


This game is known to break all records in the goat stimulator technology. This is not a serious game yet gives the feeling of what it is like being a goat to control the nature and environment around you with power.


This may look unpractical yet fun game which makes you think creative and applauds the whole superficial yetthe marvelous idea of the game.


  • Free to download but can avail full game at £ 4.99
  • Not realistic and serious game yet addictive with the fantasy
  • Great user face and experience.


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The above are the list of top and best android games popular in the UK. Although all the above may not very well know, they are for sure going to make you keep hooked and involved with them due to the great experience, interface, graphics, and concept.

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