10 Best Calculator Apps For 2023

Calculator Apps perform tasks beyond the basic four fundamental arithmetic operations. The apps, developed for mobile and other hand-held devices, can be used by a wide cross-section of people ranging from students to professional, traders to housewives.



The apps come with mind-boggling features which can be applied to any field like education, business, trade, finance, health, etc.


The user’s needs determine the features required and the app to be downloaded. The commonly used calculator apps are suggested here.


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1) Calculator (by Google)


This app is a well-designed app that can handle basic math tasks.  It cannot perform complex functions. But it is the simplest and safest app.


Calculator Google - calculator apps


The only major function it can do is change decimal to fractions. It does not provide history or graphing.


Calculator Google - rating - calculator apps


The app is totally free and is dependable.

Google PlayApp Store



2) ClevCalc


This app allows one to handle all calculations necessary for everyday life. The general calculator function supports the four fundamental arithmetic operations.


ClevCalc - calculator apps


The app automatically converts units, currency, time and decimals. The app helps calculate prices and discounts; VAT and savings; loan installments.


ClevCalc - rating - calculator apps


Expenses like fuel costs and efficiency can be calculated. Health indexes, college GPAs can also be tabulated. It is the most convenient app covering all facets of daily life.

Google PlayApp Store



3) All-in-One Calculator


This app serves as a multi-calculator and converter. It has 75 calculators and unit converters, scientific calculator and 40 themes packed in and can be used by students, professionals and the common persons.


All in One - calculator apps


The app performs algebraic operations, solves equations and tabulates statistics. Geometrical functions relating to area, perimeter and volume can be done with ease.


All in One - rating - calculator apps


The unit converter helps in conversion of various parameters like length, speed, area, volume, power, time, currency. Financial calculations can be done.  It is a free app that comes in handy throughout the day for multiple uses.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Calculator Plus Free


This app on the phone with its intuitive design and simplicity eliminates the need for a hand-held calculator. The app memorizes the calculations and can be reviewed at any time later.


calculator Plus Free - calculator apps


It pin points the stages in a calculation indicating the different functions performed. The backspace key help in erasing an error and the swipe keys lead you to advanced math functions.


calculator Plus Free - rating - calculator apps


This app saves time and effort. The app is ideal for activities like shopping, calculating bank balances and taxes, and doing homework. The calculator retains the information even when there is a pause in operation doing away with the need to key in details again.

Google PlayApp Store




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5) RealCalc Scientific Calculator


This calculator is the most popular scientific calculator in use. It is designed to look exactly like the real hand-held instrument. The app supports, in addition to the standard scientific functions, binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations.


RealCalc - calculator apps


The app also provides memories, result history and unit conversions. Traditional algebraic, geometric and trigonometric functions are included.


RealCalc - rating - calculator apps


Extra features including fractions, degrees, constants, minutes, seconds and a home screen widget in present. A 12 digit display with an extended internal precision of 32 digits can be operated on landscape mode.

Google PlayApp Store





6) Calc


Calc is a popular app for Android. It is not a scientific calculator app but can perform functions beyond the ones in basic calculators. The features include the basic functions of arithmetic operations.


Calc - calculator apps


The app features calculation history, memory keys and gesture controls. The customization features and themes make it a recommendable app.


Calc - rating


The app is suggested to be a good stock calculator app. The app has a free and paid version, both of which are similar. The paid version eliminates the ads.

Google PlayApp Store



7) Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus


The app is a scientific graphing calculator integrated with algebra. This app was developed for educational purposes. The app replaces bulky calculator since it can work on any Android phone or tablet.


Graphing calculator - calculator apps


The app provides access to nine work spaces to do different problems. 3D graphics represent the data in a detailed and better manner. Functions and expressions can be used for future use.


Graphing calculator - rating - calculator apps


This app is student specific.  There is a free version and a paid version with extra features.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Desmos Graphing Calculator


This app is the best alternative to a graphing calculator. It suits the requirements of academics. The calculator performs all the basic functions of a calculator like all other apps.


Desmos Graphing Calculator - calculator apps


It has a whole gamut of scientific calculator options also. In addition to this, the app can do graphs, statistics and tables. Graphs are interactive and allow sharing of data.


Desmos Graphing Calculator - rating - calculator apps


Tables and statistics can be customized. The app is completely free and is an excellent mobile graphing app.

Google PlayApp Store



9) HiPER Calc Pro


This app is one of the best calculator apps suited for educational purposes. The app, along with the built-in scientific calculator, has features like a random number generator.


Hiper Calc Pro - calculator apps


The built-in converter aids in conversion of over 200 units. The app soles permutations and combinations.


Hiper Calc Pro - rating - calculator apps


The app is free to download from Google play store. The paid version offers approximation up to 100 decimals and 9 digits of exponents.

Google PlayApp Store



 10) MyScript Calculator 2


This app turns handwriting into digital and numerical text. This is a To-go application when one is in a hurry. By writing on the screen of the mobile, equations, long divisions or square roots can be solved instantly which might take longer on a scientific calculator.


Myscript - calculator apps


The digital results will be displayed on the screen. A range to mathematical operations can be performed by this app.


Myscript - rating - calculator apps


The app is free to download. It is very convenient and simple to use and the handwriting aspect makes it interesting.

Google PlayApp Store




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The calculator apps are supported by both Android and iOS platforms. Most of the mobile devices come with an in-built calculator which is suitable for basic operations.



Extra features and functions will require the user to download app suited to his needs.


Most of the calculator apps are available to download from Google Play Store. Free versions do provide ample functions. Paid versions help to avoid ads and procure more features.

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