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OTT (Over the top) platforms have been on the rise since the pandemic hit. With new movies and shows being released immediately on the platforms, there has been a plethora of free and legal streaming content  available in the Internet, much to people’s interest. This has been a global phenomenon and UK is one of the countries with a multitude of movie apps with movies and TV shows to entertain the users. In this blog, we list out the 13 best free movie apps in the UK.


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Many of these apps do not have the content stored in the device in which you watch the movie. Instead, they just stream the content over the Internet, which simply means having an internet connection, be it data pack, hot spot or Wi-Fi – whatever fits your bill is mandatory.


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Some of the best free movie streaming apps in UK are here to check out.



Crackle Freeflix HQ
Pluto TV Popcornflix
Channel 4 Films BBC iPlayer Films
Yidio IMDb TV
UK Mortages Vudu
Streamio Viewster
Bigstar Movies Plex


1) Crackle


Crackle is a free movie app that comes with a variety of hit TV shows and movies for you to choose from. The content is sorted into different categories in the app. Whether it is free movies, old classic or the latest hits, you can watch it all in this app.


Sony Crackle - free movie apps


The free content in Crackle app has ads. However, it is not even an issue when you consider the smooth and easy-to-use service it offers. The vast library of content in the app- many of which are from major production houses around the globe, make it worth exploring. You can download Crackle app from Google Play Store as well as App Store.


Sony Crackle - rating - free movie apps


The app allows you to watch TV series for free online. The large library from Sony production house and the trust in Sony makes this app recommendable.

Google PlayApp Store




2) Freeflix HQ


Free movies, anime, TV shows, you name it – all these content are available for free in the Freeflix HQ app. It also has a network of live TV channels and Sports channels that makes the app more interesting.


FreeFlix - free movie apps


The content in the app is absolutely free, but it contains ads. Some of the best features of the app is its easy navigation, built-in video player, great video quality  and  subtitle support that gives you the power to go beyond language barriers to view some of the best entertainment content. You can download Freeflix HQ app from Google Play Store.


Google PlayApp Store




3) Pluto TV


Pluto TV is another free movie app that comes with hundreds of free TV channels, on-demand TV shows and a multitude of movies. It is similar to other apps that provide free video content with ad support.


Pluto - free movie apps


The 17 curated movie stations for a variety of genre – horror, romance, comedy, and more makes it popular among users. The best part is despite the many number of features, the app is really simple to use.


Pluto - rating - free movie apps


The free movies also come with subtitles that allow you to stream your favourite movies in any language – even the ones you are not familiar with. Pluto TV is available for download in Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

Google PlayApp Store




4) Popcornflix


 Popcornflix is an app that mainly streams movies. It has a big movie library of over 700 movies and new movies being added to the collection with time. You can also stream TV series and original shows in the app for free. There is also a content section meant for children.


Popcornflix - free movie apps


The movies in the app are free, of good quality and are ad supported. You can download the app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Popcornflix - rating - free movie apps


While the streaming quality is just average there are issues related to buffering. The app works to the satisfaction of the user.

Google PlayApp Store




5) Channel 4 Films


Channel 4, the popular free commercial broadcaster in the UK also comes with a great collection of movies. The collection also consists of films from their in-house Film4 production company.

Channel 4 Films App

Channel 4 is accessible via Freeview – the live streaming app. You can also avail the on-demand “All4” service. The streaming service is absolutely free. All you have to do is to register and browse to choose the movie you want to watch.

Snagfilms - rating - free movie apps

Hence the new releases cannot be expected.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) BBC iPlayer Films


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has its own on-demand player – BBC iPlayer that is rich in entertainment-based content. You can catch up on the recently aired movies and TV shows on BBC. There is also a large on-demand library with lots of interesting content.


Apart from paying the annual TV license, you can access all the content for free and without ads. All you have to do is to register an account. You can use your browser of BBC iPlayer app to watch the movies of your choice.

BBC iPlayer AppTubi - rating - free movie apps


Tubi TV maintains a catalogue of free movies and TV shows sorted by genre and are difficult to find elsewhere. Movies are of high quality and all films have subtitles. It is an excellent upcoming app and is highly recommended.

The free movies keep changing often. But the list definitely includes classics as well as not-so-recent Hollywood blockbusters.


Google PlayApp Store


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7) Yidio


Yidio is a free movie app available in the UK where you can stream content from other sources. The app does not contain any content. You can look for movies in Amazon Prime, Netflix, Showtime and 300+ other services to watch.


Yidio - free movie apps


Apart from streaming content for free, the app also has many paid services. The app is great for managing your watch list as well as finding new movies.


Yidio - rating - free movie apps


The catalogue is huge and includes a lot of paid services. Yidio is an efficient app in managing the movies and finding free movies.

Google PlayApp Store



8) The Internet Archive – Feature Films


The Internet Archive – just like its name is a huge collection of free content, including movies, games, digital books and old websites. You can stream many of the oldest movies in the app for free. The collection consists of some of the real classics as well as movies you have never heard of.


Roku - free movie apps


The app features over 6500 free movies that include feature-length and short films, that are sorted into different categories, such as Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Film Noir and more. This app is really a treasure trove of some of the best movies ever that you can watch online for free or download to watch later.


Roku - rating - free movie apps


These free movie apps do not exist on Google Play and can be always explored for free streaming content.

Google PlayApp Store



9) IMDb TV


Owned by Amazon, this app was previously available only in the US. However, it launched in the UK in 2021, giving the British people another great source of awesome movies.




The app features plenty of licensed content from many popular studios and production houses, many of which are original productions. You can find many movies you are familiar with in the app. All the content is free to watch, but is ad supported.


Kodi - rating - free movie apps


You can use IMDb TV as a Prime Video channel that you can access directly through your browser and also as a standalone app in you Amazon Fire TV device. All you need is an Amazon account; you need not have a Prime subscription account.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Vudu


Vudu app is one of the apps with the biggest collection of free movies. You need to sign in to browse through the catalogue and watch movies. The registration process is free. You can even watch fee content, but with ad breaks. Since the app is geo-restricted outside the US, you will need a VPN to access the content.


Vudu - free movie apps


Vudu app has a simple interface and offers Dolby-backed HD streaming. You might have to pay an amount to view the content in 4K quality.


Vudu - rating - free movie apps


You can see the content in the app divided into different categories, mainly based on genre. There is also content for children.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Streamio


Streamio is a free streaming platform that offers streaming services from other platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, etc. You can also sync the app with video-on-demand services.




You can get your hands on a wide variety of entertainment content in the app – an advantage it has over other free movie apps.

Stremio - rating


Streamio is available for free. However, whether the content you stream is free or not depends on the platform you are streaming it from.

Google PlayApp Store



12) Viewster


Viewster is a free movie app that is similar to YouTube. You can easily find movies based on genres in the app. The media player in the app is of good quality and also provides subtitles.




You can drop a comment after watching a free movie in the comment section of Viewster. There is also space for movie reactions and movie blog within the app.


Viewster - rating


You can personalize all these features once you sign into the app based on your preferences and interests. The app also has options to password protect the content and parental control.

Google PlayApp Store



13) Bigstar Movies


You can watch a wide variety of independent movies, art movies, foreign films, short films, documentaries and award winning movies in Bigstar Movies app. However, you cannot view mainstream movies in the app.




The app is simple to use and there are tabs in the app that sorts movies by genre and help you create a playlist. The only drawback is the plenty of video and banner ads that appear too often.


Bigstar - rating

Google PlayApp Store



14) Plex


Plex is a media player app where users can organise and watch their own media, on-demand Movies and TV shows. The app also has a Live TV section. The app consists of a great list of movies that you can watch for free with ad breaks. You can also stream the on-demand and live free movies through the Plex website.Plex Movi App

Google PlayApp Store


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15) Filmzie


Filmzie is yet another app that provides free movies and TV shows with ad breaks. What makes it different from other movie apps is that it has a great collection of indie movies. The app pays the filmmakers for the views; which means while you are watching the movie, you will be supporting the people behind it. The app has a collection of movies and TV shows you can browse through.FilmzieThere are plenty of free movie apps in the UK that has some of the greatest collection of movies – classics, indie, blockbusters and recent releases that is enough to satisfy the movie lover that you are. The free content often come with ad support. The best part about these apps is that you get to choose the movies you want to watch – a privilege you do not often get in normal television channels.


Google PlayApp Store




There are innumerable free movie apps available in UK to access the free and real mix of content online. Most of the free content is ad-supported.


Free movies can be viewed similar to a television, sitting through limited commercials. However, the movies are of good quality and the content original.

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A word of caution though – “free movie or streaming” apps are notorious for cyber data pilfering and the onus is always on the user to check for proper security and privacy concerns first.


Make sure to as certain that the sites you are visiting are not breaking any copyright laws. In case of any doubt, use a certified and known VPN service prior to entering such dicey sites.

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