Top 10 GPS Mobile Phone Tracking apps in the UK

GPS technology has revolutionised the way many industries, such as aviation, farming, surveying, geo-mapping and land marking, financial services, transportation, etc. work. The technology was originally developed for military use in the 1960s; however, it was made available to the general public around the mid-1990s. Now, the technology is mainly available in the form of GPS tracking apps – one of the best companions especially when we are on a trip.



Today, GPS tracking apps is being widely used for different purposes – law enforcement agencies, locating lost pets and children, navigation, finding misplaced phones, keys, luggage tracking, emergency road assistance, disaster relief , to name a few.


gps tracking apps

Consumers are very individualistic and have their specific preferences. Therefore, the GPS tracking apps we have today is the result of the effort of mobile app development companies in incorporating the user needs apart from the app serving its purpose.


Whether GPS apps are run on an Android or Apple operating systems,


In this blog, we discuss the best 10 GPS mobile phone tracking apps available in the UK.


TomTom Go Mobile CoPilot GPS Navigation
Google Maps Go Directions iTrack
Life360 GPS Smartsole
Trakzee Glympse
GPS Phone Tracker Where’s My Droid


1. TomTom Go Mobile


TomTom Go Navigation is a paid navigation and tracking app that comes handy when you are traveling. The app comes with a useful interface that conveys lots of useful information that will help you when you drive on an unfamiliar road.

The app is available in over 150 countries and users have to subscribe the app at a rate of £15 per annum to use it. TomTom Go Navigation app is available for download in Google Play

tom tom - gps tracking apps

You get to experience the following features in TomTom Go Navigation app:

  • Offline access to navigation maps from the 150+ countries where the app is available
  • Intelligent Routing feature – ensures that the user is on the best possible route
  • Accurate traffic information from data collected from millions of drivers
  • Alerts on fixed, mobile and average speed cameras


No matter the destination, TomTom Go Mobile app always makes user feel that he or she is on the right lane.


Download : Android, iOS


2. CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic


CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic app makes navigating the roads extremely easy. Over the years, the app has earned the trust of millions of drivers worldwide and is also being used by some the leading delivery chains around the globe.


The app is available for free on a 14-day trial period after which you have to pay £25 in annual fees to use it. You can download the app from ogle Play Store & App Store.

There is also a Windows version of the app.


co pilot - gps tracking apps


You get to experience the following features in CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic app:

  • Automotive grade offline maps that allow drivers to navigate routes confidently even in areas without mobile network signal
  • Shows up to three best routes to navigate roads with heavy traffic by helping users avoid delays with traffic updates in real time, automatic re-routing around congested routes.
  • Information on avoiding low bridges and truck-restricted roads for heavy duty vehicles such as trucks,
  • Lane indicator arrows and information on exit signs that help users navigate roads safely


Download : Android, iOS


3. Google Maps Go Directions, Traffic & Transit


Google Maps Go Directions, Traffic & Transit app is an advanced version of the original Google Maps. The app is simple, but progressive and has a world-class navigation support built it. It lets users discover places like restaurants, stores and residential addresses and the accurate map information covers over 200 countries.

One of the notable features of Google Maps Go Directions, Traffic & Transit app is that it works even with the network signal interrupted, which means you do not have to compromise on the speed to receive with location information and traffic updates in real time along with directions. It even works perfectly in devices with limited memory space. You can download the app from Google Play Store as well as App Store


google maps - gps tracking apps


You get to experience the following features in Google Maps Go Directions, Traffic & Transit app:

  • Know travel time based on traffic congestion for multiple modes of travel including two-wheelers, metro, buses, taxi, walking and ferries.
  • Step by step direction and route preview features that allow users to plan trips in advance
  • Offers directions through voice guidance


Offers good directions via voice guidance and available in 70+ languages, this is a free app that enables the user to discover places like restaurants, stores and residential addresses. The map information is extremely accurate covering over 200+ countries.


Download : Android, iOS


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4. iTrack


iTrack is a popular GPS vehicle monitoring and management platform that lets users know the condition of their vehicle. You get a whole lot of information about your vehicle as you use the app.


iTrack App


iTrack app is available for download both in Google Play Store & App Store.


You get to experience the following features in iTrack app:

  • View the list of vehicles
  • Track bicycle in real time
  • Multi-vehicle monitoring,
  • Information about road conditions
  • Reverse address inquiries


Download : Android, iOS


5. Life360’s Family Locator


Life360’s Family Locator is a family tracker app that you can use to ensure the safety of your family. The app allows you to create private groups, named ‘Circles.’ You will be able to be in constant touch with the members of the ‘Circle’ via the free chat feature of the app. You can also make use of the app to track your phone.

You can download the Life360’s Family Locator app from Google Play Store & App Store.


life 360 - gps tracking apps


You get to experience the following features in Life360’s Family Locator app:

  • Private Family Map – allows users to keep track of real-time location of all Circle Members.
  • Alerts shared with users in real time regarding the location of Circle Members
  • Chat feature to stay connected with family members round the clock


Download : Android, iOS


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6. GPS SmartSole®


GPS SmartSole® allows you to track elderly people, especially those with memory issues by inserting the tracking device in their shoe insole. The device requires a subscription plan for users to be able to use it. GPS SmartSole® uses GPS and cellular technology – just like a smartphone.


The best part of the app is the real-time syncing allowing you to receive updates in your smart phone. You can download the app from Google Play Store & App Store.


smart sole


  • You get to experience the following features in GPS SmartSole® app:
  • Detailed location history generated as tracker automatically logs in the location
  • GPS tracker that helps users keep an eye on their loved ones




Download : Android, iOS


7. Trakzee


Trakzee is an object tracking app that uses GPS technology to help users track their vehicle. You can also keep track of your route as you travel. You get all the routes and maps with location through a GPS Navigator in the app.

You also get the estimated time to reach a destination and will be able to save the routes for your next trip. Trakzee app is available for download in Google Play Store  & App Store.


Trakzee App


You get to experience the following features in Trakzee app:

  • Access fuel consumption report
  • Track vehicles in real time on computer or smartphone
  • Receive driving and stoppage report on a monthly basis
  • Updated ETAs that allow users to avoid traffic and reach the destination on time

Download : Android, iOS


8. Glympse – Share GPS location


Glympse is a fast, free and simple app that allows users to share their locations with family and friends in real time using GPS tracking apps. You can also send requests to your loved ones to track their location.

The app does not require signing up for users to access its features. Also, it works in the background, in any location with GPS and data connectivity. You can download Glympse app from Google Play Store & Apps Store.




You get to experience the following features in Glympse app:

  • Share a ‘Glympse’ to alert family or friends that they are on their way to the selected destination
  • Request a ‘Glympse’ from a family or friend to track their location
  • Set up a ‘Gympse Group’ for easier communication
  • Dynamic map with real time location updates


Download : Android, iOS


9. GPS Phone Tracker


GPS Phone Tracker is one of the oldest location tracking apps available. You can use the app as a navigation device to reach a specific destination or to get to know the exact location of your loved ones. You can also use the app to track your misplaced Android phone.


One of the best features of GPS Phone Tracker is its dashboard, where users can access the location history of their device. You can download the app from App Store


phone tracker


You get to experience the following features in GPS Phone Tracker app:

  • Connectivity features that provide accurate results through seamless usage
  • Accurately locate anyone
  • Select time frame movements of the ones you are tracking
  • Satellite maps or street maps

Download : iOS


10. Where’s My Droid


Wheres My Droid is a very popular GPS-based phone tracking app that is already in use among majority of smartphone users in the UK. It allows users to locate their phones remotely.


The app has both free and premium versions. The free version gives users access to basic features, while with a premium account, you can access advanced features in the app. Wheres My Droid app is available for download in Google Play Store




You get to experience the following features in Wheres My Droid app:

  • Anti-theft feature that provides passive location updates
  • Geo-fencing and geo flare features that help track a phone even if it is switched off or des not have a network signal
  • Remotely lock phone
  • Erase data through web-based dashboard
  • Receive notifications in case of a change in the SIM card


Download : Android


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GPS tracking apps have become an integral part of our smart phones today. From navigation to finding your mobile devices, GPS technology has proved to be a boon for all.





Like any other technology, GPS technology has also advanced with time. Many of the GPS tracking apps available today are even compatible with wearables. They have definitely changed the way we live. Most likely, we will get to see the better versions of these apps with time.

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